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A Few Men Who Wished They Were The "Lesser" Woman

I have never really met a man who wants to be a woman. I have never heard a man say it aloud. And therein lies all the distinction in the world, I realised in a recent stint I experienced. Of … Continue reading

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A Year and A Day….

I’m an obsessed, self-centered and self-serving individual in most of the moments in my life but there are times I even manage to surprise myself with golden moments of selflessness. And that’s not an easy feat, surprising myself in light … Continue reading

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Saving the Tiger…

….is one of the most dumb ideas one could come up with. Disclaimer: This is a sarcastic (and rude) post about us. Whoever has been finding some notions of Save Our Tigers Project ridiculous, please do not proceed, as you … Continue reading

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Naked Truth?

No one cares. No one gives a damn. You die, you live, who cares? People are already fighting for space to live, air to breathe, resources to exploit. One down and your chances become so much better. Back-stabbing, double-crossing, double … Continue reading

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Thinking out Loud…

…and nothing more. Just some haphazard thoughts that were there in my mind, ricocheting about, where better than my own blog to give them a form. If you (the reader) are too incensed, or offended (trust me, You are the … Continue reading

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Catharsis Part-III: I Have an Addiction. Finally!

I am trying to keep the pace but working from home has become tough, as blogging has become very addicting to me. To top that I follow and read so many good bloggers/writers (much better than me… almost :P) that … Continue reading

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Catharsis Part-II : I Think After I Speak!

Have you ever tried writing with a runny nose, reaching for the kerchief every five words? I personally end up cussing, something a lady wouldn’t ever do, and I so want to be a lady! My literary talents are on … Continue reading

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