I need no gifts, no new words,
No assurances you can’t give
I need no tomorrow-
No promises of no sorrow
I don’t need you to be here-
A warmth, arms to enfold
And shoulders to rest,
Or a thought, I’m cared.
I need nothing to fall back
Upon, when I’m tired
Or to wipe my tears-
When the world’s mis-wired.
I need nobody, want not a thing
I can live on, like it’s nothing.

I lie.

N.B. It’s so easy to keep writing, fabricating emotions, back and forth, like a game. Not my best, never my best, but at least I am writing… ❤ G.

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Shadow dancing


One look here, and another glance there
Gauge, measure that soaring intensity,
Is it just me, or is it you as well?
Trepidations hope, heartbeats in sync
Or, do they beat out of tandem?
A soft brush there, a warm breath here,
Too close, or not close enough?
Eyes don’t match words we speak;
In the charade, we talk, we laugh
Pretend ignorance, as we sense, not hear;
And we keep moving in unspoken synchrony-
An unpracticed choreography lasting eternity;
Tiptoe, tread carefully, delicately-
We circle in our minds, and, we dance.

N.B. Romances are fun! G.

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At the end of the long, tiring road,
Waited for me, the wide, open arms.
Hastily hidden salty tears mingled
With glowing, spontaneous laughter,
As your arms encircled and enveloped
I close my eyes, peaceful; home, at last.

N.B. It’s so simple to define, and so difficult to reach. 🙂

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1Through the mire, she dragged
On her elbows and knees,
Her battered, bruised self
Bleeding, ragged and ravaged.

Scathing words dealt blame,
Told her, to dress better
Entice and allure lesser-
Be less human, less female.

Cast down eyes cast her out
Refuted her right to survive;
Neither balked nor backed down,
Refused to be refuse, less alive,
For a crime, an onus, not her own,
Relentless, she trudged and journeyed on.

N.B. Some things don’t get said often enough. Though it does seem obvious, we often are oblivious.

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endurance in silence

Little did she know, the fire that she poured
Burned and razed, heavens and hells galore;
It never paused, it consumed and gnawed-
Till ’twas all that lived, raged and breathed in him.

N.B. Contrary to what we think (or, believe), we never suffer alone.

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After this one


Is there a heaven? Where I can find you again?
An afterlife? With redefined rules, renewed ties?
For you, I will believe, I will try-
To chance tomorrow, rearrange my life;
For if it is not now, it is not not ever-
For I can wait, and wait, hope forever;
For you, I believe, it cannot be the end,
Maybe if not this life, maybe after death.

N.B. Amidst sadness, there’s happiness too. The silver lining maybe… Sometimes that shines gold? I’ll find that one day. And I’ll leave pragmatism for another day and give in to absurd day dreaming today.

P.S. I never really believed in afterlife. G.

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long nights

as you slept lightly, on your side
breathing softly, deeply next to me,
I looked and looked, unbelieving
incredulous, that this was really true;
almost like I wished you into form
after nights and more nights
of imagining, dreaming (and praying?),
and then there you were, really there-
a manifestation of hopes, and yearning
a glimpse into a world, alternate,
a moment in an universe of wishes fulfilled,
before it all dissolved in the bright daylight.

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the fire of being

in moments of languish, and slowly bokeh lights
hailing loss of sanity, and fading, waning life-
suddenly derailed momentum, in a burst of fire
that brings forth revival, in a quest for survival,
the zeal flares incandescent, burning hot-
show me the ways the universe knows not,
you breath into my soul, touch, heal, attain,
you whisper me into being, and I am alive, again!

N.B. happiness takes many forms. poetry is also one of them. poetry as tribute, and for keepsakes, is another. love, G.

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একলা সন্ধ্যের বিষণ্ণতা, যেমন ভীড় মহলেও কাটে না
তোমায় পাওয়ার উগ্র নেশা, আগুনেতেও পোড়ে না।
তুমি যেমন আগন্তুক, অন্যকারুর কাছের লোক,
আমিও তেমন খেলনা-পুতুল; দম-দেওয়া বিদূষক।
তুমি যেমন সত্যি নও- জাদুবিদ্যায় চমৎকার
আমিও তেমন মায়ার মত, ক্ষণস্থায়ী ভ্রান্তি তার।
সূর্য উঠেও অন্ধকার, নিঃশ্বাস নিতে লাগছে ভার
বিচ্ছিন্ন পৃথিবী, যাবজ্জীবন কারাগার-
শেষে কল্পনাতেই বিসর্জন, সেই অবাস্তবে থমকে মন;
অশেষ রাতের ঘুমের ডাক- রুখতে পারব? আরেকবার?

P.S. Best emotions, favorite language, least command 😐 as usual. Still. ~G.

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এমন একটা গল্প আছে, তোমার জীবনেও
অল্প বয়সের খেলার মত, কিংবা মতিভ্রম|

আমি চললাম, এই কথাটা
তোমাকে গুছিয়ে বলতে চাই,
যদি পারি, চেনা আঘাতটা
বেদনা নয়, মুক্তি হয়ে যায়|

তাই খাতা-কলম হাতে বসেছি,
তোমায় চিঠি লিখব বলে-
এমন চিঠি, যার শেষ আমার স্বাক্ষরে নয়-
তার ইতি-লেখা হবে তোমার শক্ত-মুঠোয়|

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