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The Broken India

Once upon a time there was a little girl who thought her country was the greatest in the world. She would argue and preen and proudly proclaim that she was proud to be born into that country. The country that … Continue reading

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Back Home – First Look

Calcutta. India. Home. And the lure of the Soil. Nothing’s changed but the fourth dimension. And everything’s changed!  Red has given way to green. The traffic still bursts open at bottlenecks, screaming and loud. People still throng the roads in … Continue reading

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Love, Marriages & Love-Marriages

The sights and sounds, the words and cheers of marriages and weddings have made me contemplate this phenomenon more often than I usually would. It has just started to sink in that in a few years time (quite a few … Continue reading

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Our National Anthem

There is a thing about that melody, the words, those uplifting notes that flow with your blood, seep into your bones and sinew and carry you with it that never fails to run a shiver done my torso… And the … Continue reading

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This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 14; the fourteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following … Continue reading

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Ahh, the Smell, Mmm, the Taste: Foods of Calcutta (Kolkata)

On a wet, lonely and hungry evening, I find nothing more fascinating than dreaming about the wonderful food of my city, Calcutta (or Kolkata). The city only always thought to be a haven for sweets is, of course a perfect … Continue reading

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Away in India

DISCLAIMER: My opinions and observations are presented here. No one has to agree, disagree, this is not personal to anyone and not meant to offend either. If you are an Indian (ex-, once upon a time, right now, always, Never … Continue reading

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Draupadi: The Blame

The war of Kurukshestra, the clash of the mighty Kauravas and invincible Pandavas creating the epic called Mahabharata happened because of a woman called Draupadi.   Wife to the Panadavas, daughter of Draupad, twin to Dhristadyumna, Draupadi was the leading … Continue reading

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Football and Calcutta!

If you are in Bengal, you cannot help but be swept away by the Football Frenzy! Even the non-enthusiasts also are perfectly aware of what goes on, the finer details of the game, the latest news etc, so you can … Continue reading

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Saving the Tiger…

….is one of the most dumb ideas one could come up with. Disclaimer: This is a sarcastic (and rude) post about us. Whoever has been finding some notions of Save Our Tigers Project ridiculous, please do not proceed, as you … Continue reading

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