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For one from the lush green tropics,The bare white cold was oddly familiar-Like a remembrance of the old and faintA wisp of a thing, fleeting yet realLike a memory of the immortal soulAnd not of young mind, not from this … Continue reading

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এ কি বৃষ্টি! গোটা সৃষ্টি দেখ কাঁপে থর-থর; ধরণী কাঁদে, বসে একাকী গোটা গোটা চোখে ফোঁটা বড় বড়। একটু সাবেকি, একটু আধুনিক লুকোনো মানেটা তুই জানিস কি? হাসির ছটায় চোখের জল, মেঘের দেশে আমরা পরীর দল! নিঝুম রাতের ভালোবাসা, সূর্য্য উঠলে … Continue reading

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A Rainy Day

The rain was a fine mist, incessant and untiring. The morning looked no different from the late afternoon – it was always the same stark grey till the lazy evening cast her shroud of darkness over the bleak day. It’s … Continue reading

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সমুদ্রের ঢেউ যেন সে, আছড়ে পড়ে বুকে   চ্ছিনিয়ে নেয় সকল সপ্ন     মথিযে যায় দুখে |   যায় সে হারায়-     ভাসায়ে দুকূল,   শুধু নিশানা রেখে যায়     করে প্রাণকে আকুল;   ক্ষদ্র সেই বলুকনা … Continue reading

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Lions: My Pet Fascination

Lions and tigers are my favourite animals, I wish I could have one of either (I am not choosy) as a pet. Recently I went to Assam. In a certain tea garden, the manager, his wife and son had rescued … Continue reading

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A Matter of "Pride"

I had killed him unnecessarily.  It was not needed. I was at a loss about what to do. Hide it? Or tell her the truth?Before I could decide, or even think, I heard the soft, lithe footsteps of my wife. … Continue reading

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By the Sea

Have you ever been to the sea, just standing on the warm sand watching the endless waves shining under the shroud of the dark evening sky? This poem was inspired by such a fascinating and solitary evening. Enjoy! ***** Sparkles … Continue reading

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The Maverick Misfit: Love the Rain

Anyone who says sunshine alone brings happiness has never danced in the rain.

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