Lions: My Pet Fascination

Lions and tigers are my favourite animals, I wish I could have one of either (I am not choosy) as a pet. Recently I went to Assam. In a certain tea garden, the manager, his wife and son had rescued a dying five-days-old leopard cub who had been forsaken by her mother, nursed her, trained her and had her for several months (with the Forest Division’s permission). Next time they get one I will surely make it my pet.

I was sad that very few people understood the last fiction easily. I realise, not every one shares my craze for tigers and lions. For me, what is common knowledge, it might not be for several. So here are a few snippets I have written in a hurry to share. Because these animals are the most fascinating creatures to walk the earth. Here are the lions as I saw the, as I know them.

This is a snap of the lion’s den or hideout, where the family was having an afternoon siesta. There were in all about four lions, and twelve lionesses along with several cubs frolicking about in the den. These many numbers we could see, there may have been more around, hidden among the long grasses. The hill is known as “Lion’s Hill” because of the huge pride staying there. Lions are also very territorial, though relatively much less than tigers.

The lioness had got on the alert the moment she smelled zebras in the vicinity, the smell carried by the light breeze. Since the breeze was towards the lions’ den, away from the zebras, the zebras had come very near the foothills of the den while grazing, unaware.

The lionesses usually hunt in pairs or small groups at breaking dawn or very early morning. A single lioness may also be the lone hunter when she is hunting to feed her cubs but usually most lionesses of a pride (lions living together, or the family) hunt together. 

Lions are usually very lazy. They only hunt by themselves, when they are hungry and the wives (a lion usually has 3-4 partners) haven’t or did not hunt. Or may be simply because the lion doesn’t want to share. The lionesses are the ones who procure food for the family. However, for taking down the big animals, like buffaloes, the lions often accompany the hunting groups.

My observation was, as much the lions are beautiful with their golden mane of hair, the lionesses look much more stronger, muscular and aptly look like a hunting carnivore. The lionesses are much more regal, and it shows in their walk. The lions really move majestically but watching the lioness’ stately prowl in their slow pace is most fascinating.

In the above picture, the lioness came down from the top of the hillock, and sat next to our Jeep, waiting for another lioness who was coming. The lionesses usually stay within a few kilometres radius around the lion in all directions, and usually keep a look out.A lion/lioness can see seven times the distance than a normal human eye.

This is another picture I took, that of a lioness and her cubs having a meal. The lioness had just killed the zebra all by herself for the family, especially her cubs.

A zebra lasts for the family for about three days, so it can be estimated that this lioness did not hunt till the fourth day. The lioness uses her sharp canines to cut out the stomach, and then the cubs can feed on it. They mainly feed on the stomach and some surrounding muscles. A deer lasts for only a day or so for the lions, and the rare buffaloes longer.

Here’s another snap of a lion and lioness, at 6 o’clock in the morning who crossed in front of our Jeep, possibly tired after a whole night’s work. They went behind a large bush and sat down in the shade. The lions with their yellow-brown coat colour are barely discernible when they stalk in the grass. The lion went to sleep at once and the lioness kept a vigil for some time before lying down next to him.

We saw them get up from their slumber and prowl back into the darkness at around half past six in the evening of the same day. Just check out their gait, and the grand bearing. No wonder lions are called the King of the Jungle.

I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I do, and hopefully, now you know a bit more about these wondrous creatures, the lions. For me, they are simply amazing!

N.B. All the photographs were taken by us (my sister and I) in Masai Mara, Kenya, October 2008. G.

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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22 Responses to Lions: My Pet Fascination

  1. Harini says:

    Its good to know ki even u think the same abt lions. I love these animals. I always wondered that why is a lion the head when lioness does all the job but then again its upto the male to protect the whole group from other males nd u cant write down his strength you know. He is so very powerful and is a great hunter with heights :). Tigers I think are the most beautiful of all cats. I wish I had them as a pet too. I used to dream that I did nd its name was guess guess Tiggy =)).


  2. RSV says:

    honestly speaking I didn't know many of the things that you detailed here…
    but as much as I can surely assure you that I would be more vigilant while watching or reading NGC or discovery from now on….

    I think this is the saem reason you call yourself maverick eh??


  3. It is like an irani chai for a geek of animal planet and NGC admirer.
    Your topics is like the narration in NGC.
    Yea. the pics did complement the topic.
    Enjoyed the reading 🙂
    A refresher too 🙂


  4. Neha says:

    ah kya mast life hai lion ki…3-4 partners at a time…cool 😉

    jokes apart, very informative post…my husband knows this and much more about all these animals…I am not too fascinated by them…ask him about animals, history, ancient stuff, etc…his favourite pass time? he will ask me questions like – a female horse is called what? what is a group of wolves called? etc etc…I guess I will ask him to mail u his trivia…


  5. Shankar says:

    Hey a very nice informative post.. seriously I too didn't understand your last post until you gave me the explanation… because I dont know much about the animals…

    thanks for the info.. at-least I learnt something here..


  6. Shruti says:

    whoa very informative post sreya! Loved those pictures. 'A lion/lioness can see seven times the distance than a normal human eye.'
    They have greater visions!


  7. Guria says:

    Hey Harini,

    We are kindred spirits then. Awesome. Really! 🙂
    Even I am most crazy about Tigers, and I want one too. 😛

    Hiya Rahul,

    Yeah, maverick I could be 'cause I'd love these as pets 😀

    Hi Mahesh,

    You caught me! 😛
    I am indeed a geek, a stylish one, no doubt but a geek nevertheless 😀

    bHey Neha,

    Whoa! I WANT that email… would love it, really 🙂

    Hi Shankar,

    Yeah, I should have known that people may really not know about these animals as much as I do. My mistake there. 😛
    But still, you DID get it, so I am happy 🙂

    Hey dear Shruti,

    Did you really like the pictures, no one said anything about them. I took all the snaps myself. So, your comment made me very happy 🙂

    Lotsa love, Guria 🙂


  8. am not really an animal person

    but u sure do look enthu about them !


  9. Guria says:

    Hey Naveen

    You are right. I love wildlife but I am completely crazy about tigers and lions… 🙂


  10. Hey girl.. a very nice post.. hope now everyone understands your previous post.. I LOVE animals.. all kinds of them.. I am a total animal lover.. And you took these pics in Kenya? Africa you mean? have you taken the african safari? woww girl.. I have been dreaming about african safari for a long time.. I did not know that lioness hunts.. I had the notion that she just sits and takes care and lion hunts.. nice information 🙂


  11. Aditya says:

    Ah except dogs, I dont like any animals much 😦

    Forgive my resistance to share your passion 🙂


  12. Jaunty anima says:

    Hoodibaba!!now that was one post!!!
    I simply love these creatures too…their majesticity..elegance..N I'm so jealous re..U were actually so near to them ya photography tricks???coz whatever it is…it's awesome!!


  13. Chatterbox says:

    I have been a great admirer of all animal series books as well as TV series. I try not to miss any documentary on The African wildlife ( in particular).

    Excellent post!!

    I was delighted to come across someone who aspires to actually have one of those magnificent animals as pets (just like me). Good work at those pics!



  14. vEnKy says:

    i know the lions like the back of my hand after watching so much of them. The lions both male and female are lazy they rest throughout the day and hunt mostly during the night. Though they hunt in pride their success rate is much less. The males usually stay and edge the territory and guard from nomad males.Yes males in the pride once they are grown they are chased out. They then form groups and take over their own pride and extend their genes. That is the primary duty. What you said is right when the boss is here everyone backs off.

    I personally feel the Males with the mane looks so good. And the African counterparts are much more good looking than the Indian lions. They usually say the length of the mane say how health and strong the lion is.

    Petting is the last thing these majestic beings want. Confining them in a cage or whatever cramps. They are born hunters. Not only the lions all wild animals. A animal once domestic can never go back to the wild. It is a case similar to an Urban if he is lost in a jungle he wont survive for long.

    The funniest part of the saying “Lion is the King of the jungle” is Lions dont live in jungle but they live tropical grassland, Savannah. The tigers lives in a jungle. The Tiger and lion can never meet simply because they cannot survive in each others habitat due to reasons like camouflaging to catch prey.

    Hey excuse me yaar i am so excited because there is another person who likes lions like me. And u could have taken much better camera yaar, very rare opportunity 😦


  15. Shruti says:

    Noone said about pictures?
    Hey You took them? Unbelievable sreya! I loved especially, the lioness with her cubs near zebra! It can send shivers down the spine..Cos i was empathizing that poor zebra!


  16. Guria says:

    Hi Venky

    I am glad there are so many who loves animals as I do.
    I know a lot about lions too, but I just didn't write all and every in here, so, thanks for the info, a lot. 🙂

    Lions are called the King of Jungle correctly because, a forest and a jungle are not same. A tropical grassland is called a jungle, whereas trees make up a forest. Africa is covered with jungles.

    The lions most definitely look good, but they look different to the naked eye than what we see on television. At least that was our experience.

    And who said I want them in a cage? I'll have them playing about 😀

    Actually I do have better photographs, just not on this laptop 😛
    But yeah, we didn't have better lens. But we have most of it on video.

    I am glad some one is as excited as I'd be about lions 🙂

    Thanks for the comment, buddy! 🙂


  17. Guria says:



    You love lions too, I am glad 😀
    You surely will go for an African safari, and it's tremendous fun too. 🙂

    Jaunty anima

    Welcome to MM! I am glad you liked my pics. I was really near them, and no tricks! 😀


    Welcome to MM! Now it makes three of us who would love to have a lion for themselves 🙂
    Thanks for liking the snaps! 🙂


    You are forgiven because I don't like dogs 😛


    Thanks, dear 🙂


  18. BK Chowla says:

    I may like everything of them,but I am simply scared.


  19. hey..i too heard abt this one..and u have explored it very nicelyy..:)

    Good one guria..:) u know, pics were too grt..:)


  20. Guria says:

    Hi Mr. Chowla

    Thank you, Sir.
    We were also very scared. Hoping that the lions won't jump on to our open-hooded jeep! 🙂
    But this is a secret 😛

    Hey Pramoda

    Thanks so much! 🙂
    Glad you like the pics 🙂


  21. rocksea says:

    happy to see these photographs and first hand information 🙂 envy you for your opportunities in spending time with them!


  22. vEnKy says:

    No jungle habitat is very different from the Savannah. Jungles have many dense trees and usually wet area with heavy rainfall. Lions with brownish color fair better in savannah in the long grass and tiger with its stripes in thick vegetation to that of swamps like sunderbans.

    Usually people associate Africa to jungles but Africa is not all jungles. Let me tell savannah is not a jungle it is a dry place.

    the king of the jungle is just a saying to mean it is at the top of the food chain.


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