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Found & Lost

Some wonders are etchedIn tears and laughsCounted in joysOf unparalleled love.Separation comes, and it goesThe torment growsUnhappiness, now an old allyYet a forgotten thoughtWhen you remember-The happiness that roseLived, and grewBeyond compare.Thank you for the giftThe gift of you,And the chance discoveryOf … Continue reading

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To the Musician of my Life

The Bassist You never thought about ‘Greatness’You only ever thought about the ‘Music’And that’s when I found the ‘Greatness’ in you…Nothing needs to change…Let your love and faith inMusic play onAnd let my conviction in your‘Greatness’ achieve its heights…You don’t have … Continue reading

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Image Courtesy Distance is a bitter pill to swallow, especially when time too refuses to co-operate. Gifts are too mundane and wishes, too commonplace but the love needs to transcend all. And words are all that I have… and then, … Continue reading

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Back to You

It’s been a while since I wrote in here,I was too worried about heartbreakTo remember to care,That the heart was breaking elsewhere.Never occurred to the gitSubmerged in her own selfish despairAll the while, while the happinessBlinked, breathed and stuck through.Right … Continue reading

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Walking in the rains…

I was walking in the rain.  With the little drops of water  Pinpricks of salvation  On my upturned face  The wind roared and raged  Like a lover’s hand  Through my hair, caressing.  And inexplicably, or naturally?  I thought of you, … Continue reading

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Hold me tight, All through the night Tucked under your face, Warm in your embrace Keep the monsters away And hold the fears at bay. Sail in distant waters, Hike the tallest mountains, Lost in deep forests Or with crowds … Continue reading

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To the Musician of My Life

You never thought about GreatnessIt never mattered…You only ever thought about the MusicThat was the only thing real, the only thing that was.And that’s when I discovered the Greatness. In you. Nothing needs to change… Let your love for and the … Continue reading

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It’s Just Another Day For You

How many times do we have just another day? Daily chores, old habits, monotonous tasks, forgotten jobs, procrastinated regrets, bitter minds, irritated mood, wake the mornings, sleep the nights, meals in between, for another tomorrow, another ‘just another day‘…. Whilst … Continue reading

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My Freedom © Maverick Misfit by Guria

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His Best Man

There are two actually.  Meeting them, separately for the first time was almost as worse as meeting the in-laws. Oh, and I haven’t actually met the in-laws in the official capacity. That is probably because in our society, we meet officially … Continue reading

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