The Misfit Girl™

An Artist. A Writer. A Scientist. A Woman.

An Artist in Science

I believe in inherent human goodness, ideal gas laws, India, globalization, good food, saving Nature, Kolkata Knight Riders and Atleticó de Kolkata, love, hygiene, perfection, magic, God and the fact that melted dark chocolates are heaven.

I dig on progressive, alternative rock and classical music, football aka soccer, chess, Harry Potter, new discoveries, potato chips with spicy sauces, adda, good, senseless and sensible conversations, new gadgets, books, old and new.

I enjoy watching the snow fall (the regularity, a novelty), working in the lab, the wind in my face while driving, walking in the rain, reading voraciously, discussing books, movies and their characters, making people happy, feeding my friends, delving into strange psychology, dancing without a care in the world, talking to myself, holding onto my pillow, watching India win match after match.

I hope to see India play in Football World Cup, own an Aston Martin, travel everywhere, witness religions become extinct, Indians call themselves ‘Indians’ (no religion, no caste, no language), see the moon up close, live till I want to.

I love my family, learning new things, Calcutta, India, history, home.

I miss being a kid.

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