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Found & Lost

Some wonders are etchedIn tears and laughsCounted in joysOf unparalleled love.Separation comes, and it goesThe torment growsUnhappiness, now an old allyYet a forgotten thoughtWhen you remember-The happiness that roseLived, and grewBeyond compare.Thank you for the giftThe gift of you,And the chance discoveryOf … Continue reading

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Washed Ashore

I waited in the ankle-deep water,With drenched skin wrinklingFeet beginning to numb, indifferentTo the fire-tipped nerves, that wailedDeadened to lulling worldly antidotes While the heralds thundered aboutThe impending storm on its way.I waited. For you, to keep a truth. When … Continue reading

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My feet slipped a little; the heels slidIn the little nooks on the cobbled pathThe fresh snow quick and nimble,Covered my steps: I was never here!The passerby barely glanced back, With the merest of double-takesAlmost indiscernible to myopic eyesAlmost. Except … Continue reading

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Catharsis XX: Changes!

I haven’t been cathartic in a while now, and a non-sappy, non-complaining, definitely non-melodramatic, less-attempt-to-rhyme, down-to-earth, realistic, therapeutic yet sarcastic post is long over due. Of course, I may not deliver on any of them or manage to get them … Continue reading

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At the end of the long, tiring road, Waited for me, the wide, open arms. Hastily hidden salty tears mingled With glowing, spontaneous laughter, As your arms encircled and enveloped I close my eyes, peaceful; home, at last. N.B. It’s … Continue reading

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Through the mire, she dragged On her elbows and knees, Her battered, bruised self Bleeding, ragged and ravaged. Scathing words dealt blame, Told her, to dress better Entice and allure lesser- Be less human, less female. Cast down eyes cast … Continue reading

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endurance in silence

Little did she know, the fire that she poured Burned and razed, heavens and hells galore; It never paused, it consumed and gnawed- Till ’twas all that lived, raged and breathed in him. N.B. Contrary to what we think (or, … Continue reading

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long nights

as you slept lightly, on your side breathing softly, deeply next to me, I looked and looked, unbelieving incredulous, that this was really true; almost like I wished you into form after nights and more nights of imagining, dreaming (and … Continue reading

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winding down

I won’t ask, I shan’t want I will not let my mind wander Trick the heart into believing That happiness lurked right around the corner. Image courtesy

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কোথায় কোথায় খুঁজেছি তোমায়; আনাচে-কানাচে, কোনায়-কোনায়- এ-ঘর থেকে ছুটে ও-ঘর করলাম, ধুধু করে মন, গেলে তুমি কোথায়! এখন-ওখান, সব-খান দেখলাম- শুধু পকেট-টাই দেখিনি, হায়! মেসেজ করেছ যে কেটে পড়েছ; ‘দেখি, যদি কাল দেখা হয়।’

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