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winding down

I won’t ask, I shan’t want I will not let my mind wander Trick the heart into believing That happiness lurked right around the corner. Image courtesy

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অন্য ছেলেমেয়েদের মতন করলি আমায়, নতুন নতুন নখরা সবার মতন আমিও শেষে, হলাম সোশ্যাল-মিডিয়া বকরা। ফোনটা খুলে check করি আমি status বারংবার- নতুন কোনো ‘like’ বা ‘comment’ পেলাম কি আবার? ‘Groupfie’ তুলি, ‘Selfie’ তুলি, প্রচুর ছবির ভান্ডার- Online প্রমাণ থাকলে পরেই … Continue reading

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Catharsis XVI: Of friendships and expectations

Disclaimer: Yet again, sarcastic post ahead! You don’t have to read. Turn back now. There may be several resemblances to people alive or dead, which is purely coincidental, or is it? But I am not telling. If you are offended, … Continue reading

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Catharsis XV: Overthinking is a type of dementia

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental, or sadly circumstantial, or simply may be due to a continued growth in my popularity. No living creature with a heart has been harmed during the making of … Continue reading

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Away in India

DISCLAIMER: My opinions and observations are presented here. No one has to agree, disagree, this is not personal to anyone and not meant to offend either. If you are an Indian (ex-, once upon a time, right now, always, Never … Continue reading

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SAGS: My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

10 things I have done that my gender is not supposed to do….. I am not married even though I am on the wrong side of 21 (or is it 18?) I have pursued higher studies even after passing school … Continue reading

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Why I Like being a Woman in a Patriarchal Society

All we talk about are the drawbacks. Always. All the time. Of everything.   But I am an optimist who thought, thank God, cows don’t fly! And a woman who really enjoys her own wiles, appeal and different thinking while … Continue reading

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A Few Men Who Wished They Were The "Lesser" Woman

I have never really met a man who wants to be a woman. I have never heard a man say it aloud. And therein lies all the distinction in the world, I realised in a recent stint I experienced. Of … Continue reading

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A Year and A Day….

I’m an obsessed, self-centered and self-serving individual in most of the moments in my life but there are times I even manage to surprise myself with golden moments of selflessness. And that’s not an easy feat, surprising myself in light … Continue reading

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Saving the Tiger…

….is one of the most dumb ideas one could come up with. Disclaimer: This is a sarcastic (and rude) post about us. Whoever has been finding some notions of Save Our Tigers Project ridiculous, please do not proceed, as you … Continue reading

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