A Few Men Who Wished They Were The "Lesser" Woman

I have never really met a man who wants to be a woman. I have never heard a man say it aloud. And therein lies all the distinction in the world, I realised in a recent stint I experienced. Of course, we call that experience which we have hated doing, on hindsight or have failed at.
In my career, I work with the biological and chemical aspects of the human body but the human mind is terrain solely for the amateur me. Biologically I know about the highly debated concept of how no man is 100% male and no woman is 100% female. But I didn’t know this distinction was so profound and active in certain human male brains.
There are tomboys, usually girls who have grown up with boys; there are women in different societies wishing they were not born girls; there are boys with a range of feminine characteristics; and there are homosexuals… But those who I want to talk about are neither. They are actually the ‘superior’ men who have a fond longing to show the world about the ‘inferior’ woman… And how? By being one, what else? 
You can think of it as an otherwise rare case of alternate personality.
It is as if there are two parts to the same man, one is the man for the world to see and the other very active, very sane and very aware part is the illusive woman who cannot be seen only. Do not think of it as  an ailment. There are no black-outs, loss of memory or anything similar but it is the way to have a conversation with self, prove himself right when he’s sure he can’t do it to others. Meaning, the man is very aware of the woman in him and makes sure that the lesser attributes of him is what the woman is made of, and that the reason for the woman’s existence is to make him look great!
A simple case of inferiority complex hidden behind a barrel of a superior feeling about self, this way out is for the rare smarter men to prove to the world his greatness. Think about it. I am shouting from the top of a multi-storied I am great. Would you believe me? No, even I wouldn’t myself. Instead if I have someone I control who will look at me all sappy face, misty-eyed, jaws dropping in wonder, hands folded in reverence… and you just might pause in your stride and think, okay, is there something I missed? At least, you’ll look twice. And you are foolish, if you still stick to your first impression and assessment. Or just plain thick-skinned.

When you come across such men, you will find you know both of them. Him and her. Somehow or the other. You will surely do. Because that was the purpose of it. She was created so that you learn about all those wonderful aspects of Him, that you may not have noticed otherwise. If and when you are enlightened, do a comparative study, I promise you, you will find Her to be worst at those very things which you know Him to be good at, and very blatantly so. It is probably a very obvious undertaking in upholding the reason why she was created.

If you are wondering, “what the heck is she talking about?” “Is this effing possible?!“… Let me tell you, you also may have come across such people and just don’t know it yet. 

Now why be the “lesser” woman? This could have been easily achieved with a simple alter ego, without bringing the gender into play! This is because men of this high stature, with high IQs in Facebook IQ Tests can think ahead. Since he is a man, people will never in their wildest dreams will relate that woman to him.  Again, if he is an example of how men are, it is obvious that men are born intelligent and smart. To portray the less-intelligent, less-smart and less-talented blind worshipper, how can it be anyone but a woman? Of course, the very visible and the very eloquent man in him is the first to stand up for woman rights and scream equality for the poor ignored pretty things. Plus you win over the other men faster, when they see him being fawned over by the woman with a fancy name and stars in her eyes. Like the quick and guilty mind, especially when covering tracks, they know to plan ahead, and plan well.
Of course, like all real cases, there’s no such thing as the perfect plan. Loopholes are abundant, mostly if one is looking and otherwise if you are the ‘prepared’ mind that has been taught to observe even the most obvious.
It is funny, most of the times. Sometimes, disheartening. And sometimes bewildering.

But I wonder what it does to your impression, the idea of them you had, your faith in them? You laugh at it and forget, or you nod your understanding at the stupid but profound duplicity?

For myself, I am not smart enough to be happy in the blissful ignorance forever. Pity.

This is the only thing, a quote that comes to my mind right now…

A woman should be an illusion. 

~Ian Fleming

N.B. On the up-side, most men (who do justice to the word ‘man’) are not like this. Real men don’t need to prove themselves.

P.S. Thank you Neha for being the friend you are. This post was born out of your confidence in me.

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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