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A Stone

I am tired of being broken-hearted From searching for a piece of soft in shell of hard and stone that demands prayer at the altar, yet unmoving their vacant stare- it chastises, it rejects humiliates and berates, unmindful of mercy or turmoil … Continue reading

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Catharsis XVIII: Rants, philosophically

Sometimes you come across someone, start a casual conversation, pass some idle time. Sometimes that meeting, that conversation is the end of it. Sometimes it just spirals out and forth into something new as certain pieces seem to fall into place … Continue reading

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Frequent struggles of a headstrong heart

There’s a lump in my throat… a real, tangible thing with proper dimensions in the physical world, blocking my airway, suffocating me. Once it used to be just the leaden weight in the pit of my stomach. Now it has spread … Continue reading

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Not meant to be

Some things are not meant to be… You ache, you pain, you beg and pray You wish that you’ll be guided Down that righteous way- Into the light, and a brighter day. You rise in happiness, tears of joy Of … Continue reading

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A picture hides a thousand emotions

In hindsight, all it had taken was one blurry, spur-of-the-moment, one dimensional photograph. Though that one glance taking in the obvious could barely ring warning bells in your mind about the looming crevice in the not-so-distant future, simply put, it … Continue reading

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