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Madness & Mayhem

Inside my head, there lives a resident madness That some ignore and others snicker, PMS. Most of them don’t really know what it can do, Wildfires that break out or tsunami that follow. The ones that do know, with the first-hand … Continue reading

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Catharsis XIX: I am NOT a klutz!

People are unkind. All of them. The best of them, the worst of them- every last one of them, given the slightest provocation, the merest leeway always end up being merciless and brutal. It’s that dratted, messed up, so-called human … Continue reading

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Shubho Bijoya! শুভ বিজয়া!

তুমি কবে এলে, কবে এসে ফিরে গেলে… কলকাতাতে পড়ে আছে মন, তবু তুমি আমার জন্য এলে বস্টন- জানিনা ফিরব কবে, কবে দেখব তোমায় নিজের ঘরে- তাও, আমি জানি, এই প্রান্তেও, তুমি আসবে ফিরে ফিরে- আসছে বছর আবার হবে!

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A dilemma when there is none

A little while back… Things were moving back to normal, that is if you could call the aberrant, the unlikely that kept occurring on a habitual basis ‘normal’. But they were indeed moving back to what they were. Somewhat. There … Continue reading

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Catharsis XVII

February 22, 2011An old entry from an older diary I have been thinking so much about you. You know that, don’t you. And I forgot what day it was. It is the day, two years ago, when you left us. I … Continue reading

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To the Musician of my Life

The Bassist You never thought about ‘Greatness’You only ever thought about the ‘Music’And that’s when I found the ‘Greatness’ in you…Nothing needs to change…Let your love and faith inMusic play onAnd let my conviction in your‘Greatness’ achieve its heights…You don’t have … Continue reading

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The Puppeteer

The thoughts get jumbled, wired and mixed up with the emotions of the moment. How could you ask me to be objective? Happiness spurred me on, bitterness deterred me while anger rushed me towards retribution. It was the lies, the … Continue reading

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Soulmates: A Choice

Like riding a tide during the full moon, on a night the meteorologists have been saying that this when the moon gets closest to its earth… that is how it might be like, helpless and vulnerable, where there is no … Continue reading

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Battle scars

Losing you wasn’t an option, it was predestined. Like the gleaming sand that slowly seeps through the clenched fingers in a tight fist gone numb, I knew that I would never be ready for it, not now, not today, not … Continue reading

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Football: A Religion

It’s been a while I have been ensconced in the Americas, but I haven’t still transitioned completely.  For instance, I am yet to comfortably lapse into the word “soccer”, it is still “football” for me in a country where that … Continue reading

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