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10-to-1 Funny Questions Tag

One of my dear friends who happens to be a blogger too, tagged me for this! Though she sounds like a death curse, she is a breath of fresh air in my life…. Thanks Avada Kedavra for tagging me. And … Continue reading

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SAGS: My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

10 things I have done that my gender is not supposed to do….. I am not married even though I am on the wrong side of 21 (or is it 18?) I have pursued higher studies even after passing school … Continue reading

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Seven Secrets

I am suddenly found doing tags, and enjoying them as they happen to be pretty interesting. This one comes from Tavish Chadha who is much more sensible than he lets on and I was really happy to be tagged specifically… Feels cool! … Continue reading

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65 Things

This is one To-Do-and-Have-Done List aka Tag that I have been seeing in many favourite blogs who have been tagging ‘anyone who reads it’ (thankfully!) and I found it soo interesting that I am actually doing a tag after eons! … Continue reading

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Crammed in One Post: First Part

Procrastinating is a hobby. Almost. Of course, I always rue it later. So this one long is a dedication to my favourite form of activity “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow for sure”, full of all the tags and the tagged … Continue reading

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Another Tail Trail : Eight of Me

This is not my first tag. This is the second and the easier one, so this is being posted first. (Kaka, I’ll be getting back to yours Thanks a lot Sid aka Rav (sorry I shortened it!) for tagging me. … Continue reading

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