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winding down

I won’t ask, I shan’t want I will not let my mind wander Trick the heart into believing That happiness lurked right around the corner. Image courtesy

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কখনো খুঁজেছ কি আমাকে বাদলা দিনে না পেয়ে কাছে, একলা মরেছ তিলে-তিলে? এক ঘর ভর্তি মানুষ, আড্ডা হাসির ছটায়- একবারও কি উথলে ওঠে মন, জোয়ার-ভাটা; আমি কি পড়ি মনে, তোমার ব্যস্ত সময়ে মনের ফাঁকে বাসা বেঁধে থাকি এক কোনায়? বিকেলের … Continue reading

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Frequent struggles of a headstrong heart

There’s a lump in my throat… a real, tangible thing with proper dimensions in the physical world, blocking my airway, suffocating me. Once it used to be just the leaden weight in the pit of my stomach. Now it has spread … Continue reading

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"Take no prisoners"

Do you believe in the “divide and rule” adage in making friends? Is that what makes one more likable, worthy and dependable? The ability to whisper some harmless snippets of their “other” friends, putting in that little seed of doubt, … Continue reading

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Catharsis XVII

February 22, 2011An old entry from an older diary I have been thinking so much about you. You know that, don’t you. And I forgot what day it was. It is the day, two years ago, when you left us. I … Continue reading

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Out of my Teens!

I was going through some old posts of mine, and thinking of the times and inspirations which had brought forth the words that I had penned down. This post is almost exactly five years old, that I had written for … Continue reading

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Battle scars

Losing you wasn’t an option, it was predestined. Like the gleaming sand that slowly seeps through the clenched fingers in a tight fist gone numb, I knew that I would never be ready for it, not now, not today, not … Continue reading

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