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Walking in the rains…

I was walking in the rain.  With the little drops of water  Pinpricks of salvation  On my upturned face  The wind roared and raged  Like a lover’s hand  Through my hair, caressing.  And inexplicably, or naturally?  I thought of you, … Continue reading

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You aren’t happy. Neither are you sad. You are just stuck in a limbo, With hands tied behind your back. You want to smile But the effort’s too much; You wish you could cry But the time has all gone … Continue reading

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I mean I have always imagined being in an entirely separate continent as the same as being in different cities. In its simplicity, time zones notwithstanding, you just don’t get to see the person everyday. And in its all simplicity, … Continue reading

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Life is funny, we say; we are funnier, if you contemplate. We pine for what we thought we had, but never really did. We miss that thing that never was in our life. And do we really have what we … Continue reading

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This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 12; the twelfth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following … Continue reading

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Cruel, cries the Mind As it struggles with the pain, Inflicted so mercilessly, Thinks the Mind, In its moment of respite In mindless bitter gain. The Body screams in protest, When the mind bends again Cruel, it cries in agony … Continue reading

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It starts somewhere in the deep pit of your stomach, the only natural place for the heaviness to accumulate. It accumulates so hard, so fast that you grope around blindly for that support. The feet give away and you really … Continue reading

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The Most Special Gift

My anger and my hurt, resulting from an idle mind, mostly are always directed towards the individuals I love. Them, who will listen to me rant and rage without so much as a tweep, but even they burst out sometimes, … Continue reading

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I am vacillating between extremes at the prospect of the imminent transition…  Sometimes happy that I will be sprouting wings and be flying out into my world…  Sometimes sad that I have to leave the unconditionally warm and loving nest … Continue reading

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You and Little Thoughts

_________ Crude yet simpleNo complications, no strifeA new page, a new leafA newly discovered life…_________A little of a lot Or a lot of a little Wanting never ceases Nor the need goes Can feel the shivers spreading From my heart … Continue reading

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