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Catharsis XIV: the cynic’s love

It’s strange how far we have grown apart. We talk, for we have to, being scared of the silence that looms so loud. Yet while we talk, we check ourselves, our words, turning them over in our minds and praying … Continue reading

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It will hurt, it will acheAnd you’ll think, that you will break.It will smart, it will mock,Like your world is balanced on a rock.You’ll think, and will think againThinking what could be doneTo make it all undone-And start it all … Continue reading

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To My Cherished

I would love you unto death,Like I have loved you in life. I loved,Breathing, asphyxiated or barely gaspingThe life within of my soul, with its beating frantic heartThere was no end, nor a beginning to the tale of circlesIt went … Continue reading

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Walking in the rains…

I was walking in the rain.  With the little drops of water  Pinpricks of salvation  On my upturned face  The wind roared and raged  Like a lover’s hand  Through my hair, caressing.  And inexplicably, or naturally?  I thought of you, … Continue reading

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You aren’t happy. Neither are you sad. You are just stuck in a limbo, With hands tied behind your back. You want to smile But the effort’s too much; You wish you could cry But the time has all gone … Continue reading

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I mean I have always imagined being in an entirely separate continent as the same as being in different cities. In its simplicity, time zones notwithstanding, you just don’t get to see the person everyday. And in its all simplicity, … Continue reading

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Life is funny, we say; we are funnier, if you contemplate. We pine for what we thought we had, but never really did. We miss that thing that never was in our life. And do we really have what we … Continue reading

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