It starts somewhere in the deep pit of your stomach, the only natural place for the heaviness to accumulate. It accumulates so hard, so fast that you grope around blindly for that support. The feet give away and you really need to sit down. The muscles in your stomach clench, not that nice, anticipatory kind, but the kind that comes before the eyes start wanting to tear and the throat gets clogged with them, unshed
And then the weight of it starts spreading, and you hope, now, it will abate, but it is hoping too soon, wishing to soon, misjudging the strength of it all. The weight never loosens, the lead of it still hold you down but it spreads, moving with its slow yet unstoppable and purposeful pace towards the guarded and sacred fortress, the heart. And the protected, innocent heart is startled. Unware and unprepared, it shudders, and then wails soundlessly, tearless but in all its glory with every inexplicable, unuttered, invaluable feeling that only the heart will ever be honest enough to own up to.
Loving can be a pain. Missing proves it every time.
The world is an illusion, people, just mere pawns, no one ever belongs to anybody, there is only you and your God, or your Conscience, if that’s your term… But you are always ever alone. Your entrance into the huge Stage is alone, as is your exit, however much celebrated or not. Then how knowing all the truths of life, of living, of souls, of worlds, of illusions, of untruths, can we still manage to get wrapped up in the intricately webbed net of love, longing, and pain? In our attempts to prove that we are indeed smarter, we end up proving what fools we are, every time.
I guess, finally, at the end of day, with all our choices, all our preferences, all our ideologies breaking down into a thousand and one minute slivers of glasses, we all are only Human. Mere mortals, who need those unreal ties, those illusionary attachments to the very world where one only ever will be a guest.

I am going to miss my friends, all of them, every thing bitter and not-so-sweet forgotten, I will miss them, knowing we may never see each other again, and nothing will ever be the same. The journey starts now. This is Real. And I’m so pathetically Human.

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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12 Responses to Missing

  1. Bikram says:

    hmmm I understand what you are saying .. well not exaclty the same But When i came to UK for the firt time .. it did not bother me I stayed here for 11 months and then when to india for a holiday for 3 weeks
    and when i was to come back that wehn i felt it and since then to this day I have this feeling .. I miss my friends
    but hey dont say you will not meet them or anything you will for sure … so dont loose heart .. friends are for life dear and they stay with you all the time … you just have to think fo them and they make you smile

    All the best …


  2. Loving can be a pain. Missing proves it every time

    very well said. i was in such a kinda situation a while ago. i am, infact, even now.came online to get outta it. wanted to stop the tears. n i read this… well, got an impact on me. cant explain how. thanks for the article. felt somethin readin it.


  3. Harini says:

    Loving can be a pain. Missing proves it every time…Exactly!

    Missing someone can be so hard sometimes, that you end up wondering why were is so in love with them sometimes. Its tough to love someone with your complete heart and then miss them. Sometimes distance plays a spoil sport, sometimes destiny, sometimes stupidity and fights. But in the end u miss them and it causes unbearable pain.


  4. i hope u arent abadoning us!

    at least that will be a killer!

    as for “The world is an illusion, people, just mere pawns, no one ever belongs to anybody, there is only you and your God, or your Conscience,” well I still know and believe that no human with no matter how much love can be the best companion other than Almighty! that love is real- that love is only real!


  5. Rajlakshmi says:

    Love is painful… we realize it only when we are in love…
    i could so relate to your articles… everytime I come back from home, I feel a hollow in my heart…


  6. sm says:

    friends are forever


  7. Roshmi Sinha says:

    I'm speechless… you are so eloquent…


  8. Yeah..we miss them much.. even i'm in the sam stage as of now..:).. wonderful subject and good work. keep it up..:)i could relate this..


  9. Quiet a heavy metal thought… but we have to somehow cope up with the feeling of missing/loss and to my observation most of us do fairly manage it to an extend.

    Though you have not mentioned the situation, I hope you do manage to handle the turbulent feelings.

    God bless!


  10. Raji U says:

    Quite right!!! I am experiencing this now.. I can completely relate to you!! :):)


  11. Can relate to what you have written. “we may never see each other again” -> this is however not true. You will see them and true friends are always there for you, no matter where you are. Life just goes on. You cant hold onto someone. you meet new people, lose touch with some people. It is just inevitable girl.


  12. NesQuarX says:

    The world is too small to lose friends.
    Life is too small to have the time to miss friends.
    Our minds are too small to feel the full brunt of missing friends.
    Most friends are too small to be really missed.

    And yet…


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