You aren’t happy.
Neither are you sad.
You are just stuck in a limbo,
With hands tied behind your back.
You want to smile
But the effort’s too much;
You wish you could cry
But the time has all gone by.  
You wish someone would turn back 
And not need words- 
Someone who could understand, 
What the world would not.

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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3 Responses to Broken

  1. Bikramjit says:

    well I know what you mean but if that person is not there then you got to go and find one ..

    Take care and long time, how are you doing

    Open letter to all -Bikram's


  2. nikhy says:

    Simple. . . Yet tacit. . .


  3. Chetan says:

    true….i think many if not all, gp through this..but when one gets bac to the normal life again…becomes very strong, bold and unchallengable……:):)..thanks your post has given me a topic to write on….


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