Soulmates: A Choice

Like riding a tide during the full moon, on a night the meteorologists have been saying that this when the moon gets closest to its earth… that is how it might be like, helpless and vulnerable, where there is no free will… that is how it may be like to find a soulmate – to know it, to realize it and be unable to do anything about it. 
The cogs of the society pull you down, the rules of the world that tie you to it, the norms of living that dictate your being- all meld into wisps of futility when it unfolds as a story of two souls that unwittingly found each other, unmindful and unaware of the repercussions or the ripples it creates in their lives.
Like something that you chance upon, and can never explain- the pull, the need, the want, all that defy logic and common sense, and yet it is something that you cannot live without, as if it was a part of you all along but it is only now that you learned that it always existed, and breathed with you as well. You choose, you un-choose, you decide, you renegade but suddenly you find that one being that is inseparable from who you are, whether you hate or you love but can not deny. You may never belong, but you are each other’s in ways inexplicable, ineffable, flouting all rules of life and living as we know it.
One is lucky when the person they love, is the one that holds the gateway to their souls… but the keepers of our souls are never always the ones we choose… Are they chosen for us? Were we destined as each others’? The human mind can fathom only that much, the rest is lost, lost in the invisible strings tying two seemingly dissimilar spirits together and maybe in the dawning knowledge that one is nothing without the other. It is truly for better or for worse… except the words are never uttered aloud.
You never knew you didn’t have a choice… You never even knew you were looking for it, till you found yours. And then you wished, wished badly that you hadn’t.
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2 Responses to Soulmates: A Choice

  1. Saru Singhal says:

    You have said it beautifully and it sounds so true. The quote is lovely.


  2. Guria says:

    Thanks Saru! So, so great to see you here… Very honestly, I just wanted to get back into writing and being philosophical and introspective is easier for me.


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