Handing Over the Pen…

I am good! I mean, there’s little chance of being otherwise when you are the only contender in the category! But still, I have been led to believe I am good. No, you have no part in the deception, but then one can rarely deceive with the truth. So I have laid down the groundwork that I am good. No lurking doubts, uncertainties in your sweet little creaking, almost-regularly oiled brain? Great! Then allow me to introduce to a handful of ladies who are even better!

Nopes, I am not bluffing… there are actually women/girls better than the marvellous-me. Oh, they may disagree, they know how to be modest. Some may agree, those are my competitor for the Sarcasm-Queen crown. But all of them are just are flabbergasting, splendid, unbelievable and simply striking! And for the next few days, they hold the pen, figuratively of course, to my page!

These amazing ladies, few you already know, and few you may not, have actually agreed to bestow my blog with their esteemed presence and essence (I’m still the reigning Butter Quuen… Amul should ask me to endorse them)!!

For all those crackpots who cannot do without me writing (does that species really exist?!!), do not mourn, there are awesome posts coming up. And after the blogger-writers have had enough with the madness here, they will be found at their respective blogs, with me functional back here. And then, don’t you dare forsake this place for theirs.

Enough advertising?? Have I?? I think I went off a tangent somewhere back there. (I’m sure people will be thinking, “what the heck?!!” at what I have been spouting off my mouth, and whether it is advisable to return)

This was meant to be kind of an introductory post.  A few posts that will follow will be guest posts by brilliant bloggers, all women! No specific topic, just them, a sparkle of their personalties reflecting off this blog’s page… each one writing on their own, and out of generosity and may I add, love for this poor blogger. 

So for the next few posts, it will be my saviours, the beautiful ladies, seasoned bloggers and of course, my friends reigning in here. The floor is all theirs. Ain’t I lucky?!!
P.S. I assure you I tried to keep this as short as possible, but I had to write this as the nonsense refused to be contained. And then you won’t have to put with me much, as I make way for the girls. G. 🙂
Is it my imagination or am I upholding deterioration with every post??? 😦

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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8 Responses to Handing Over the Pen…

  1. Sorcerer says:

    well , if the target was to throw the reader off the tangent..well..i am..lost between words.

    *men usually are lost and need directions.(they say)

    keep em comming


  2. pawan says:

    Guest posts only by women?
    That's very derogatory for the male species!


  3. Neha says:

    hope u come back soon…till then, i will act modest..:P


  4. Gal, thank you thank you thank you for the honor 😀


  5. If you have any posts to spare throw it my way ! LOL 🙂


  6. pRiYaN...! says:

    like the saying 'well planned is half finished' this introductory post creates the most needed heck , expectation…we are awaiting for the GUEST POST !!


  7. Guria says:

    Hey Madhu

    Sure… I am always so nice after all.. of course, there won't be any to spare 😉
    But the next time, when I am going to reel the men in write in here, you'll be topping my list with a few others you know? So, beware! 😀

    Hi Priyan

    Expectation? Really? From this psot?? I must be better than I thought?? Or anything is better than reading me, hence the expectation?? 😀
    By the way, there won't be ONE but SEVERAL guest posts! 🙂

    Hi Sorcerer

    Good, since you didn't understand a thing, you won't know if I'm bad… 😛 😀

    Hey Ash

    Oye girl, may I know why you are thanking me, when I should be the one doing it??? 😛 😛

    Hey Neha

    Yeah, you keep acting modest! Did anyone tell you that you're TOO modest?!! 😀
    Just wait for the reactions to your you-know-what! 😛 🙂

    Hiya Pawan

    Yes, I'm being completely sexist, discriminatory, chauvinist etc etc! Sue me! 😉
    And make sure you know that I have an awesome lawyer, who can sway the jury, judge just by entering the courtroom… don't believe me? Check the pic of the commentator above yours! 😉 😀

    Pardon my lunacy, actually it is very freeing! 😀
    P.S. You may understand my frame of mind, I am actually apologizing for my sarcasm!
    *sigh* What is my world coming to *sigh*

    Love, G.


  8. Maverick,
    I wouldn't mistake you for old school, but guess you are huh ? A segregationist to boot ? Keeping the men and women segregated 🙂 ..

    Jokes apart, sure. I have meant it when I have said I owe you one ..


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