Champagne, Anyone?

I am celebrating my 50th post here! I started blogging here as Maverick Misfit back in March of this year, reading other blogs but never commentating or following religiously. But in a journey of barely two months I have made a loyal reader (if not fan) base and best of all, I have several blogging buddies. It’ no wonder that I wrote 20 post in five months and 30 posts in little more than one month!

This award is from the Maverick Misfit to all those who encourage, and bolster me with the courage to keep moving, and show support with their regular visits and comments. How can I know You and what You think if you don’t comment? So this award is for all those special people who can always be found here-

[my first follower and friend, ’cause of whom I had to add the gadget!:P]

[the first member of my audience, an awesome friend and blogger]

[MM wouldn’t have existed without you! And that chapter unfinished]

There are several more who comment but wouldn’t you agree these dear people should deserve special mention and hence the award? :~)

I have four awards pending, I will be doing honours soon, when I can do them a justice.

Always keep smiling, and of course, keep blogging! 🙂

Here’s to all the patrons of, ahem, my art, the members of MM Coven, the readers and the just-passing-through!

N.B. Hey, olive oyl you are my 50th follower! 

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About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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28 Responses to Champagne, Anyone?

  1. Samadrita says:

    I'm a straight-edge kid.So no thanks..I'll do without the champagne! 😛
    But cheers anyway!
    Your blog posts make my day too! 🙂
    Keep writing!
    Congoz for being BlogAdda's Spicy Saturday pick of the day…your story was great.

    And thanks! 🙂


  2. Yellow Tulip says:

    hmmm thank u dear:)…i'm jus thinkin..its a double treat!!…first i come here jus cos i enjoy wat u do here:)…tat is an award by it self which showers with lots of smile:)…now:)..ur award is double the scope of ice:)..he he:)..thank u dear:)..

    keep smiling :)..n u too keep blogging:)


  3. hey congrats on crossing 50th mark…
    and thanks a very much for the generous award…good to know…that…:D


  4. Hahahahahah…..a Puja Gift for me right????????

    i will make my blog “wear” it soon.

    Thank u
    Thank u
    Thank u
    Thank u
    Thank u
    Thank u
    i go on and on and on till the last day of my life


  5. Congrats for the 50th post.


  6. Sourav !!! says:

    Thanks you ! 🙂

    This ss the best award I've got !

    I'll be a friend and a person who'll read (or will try to) even if you write it in a language unknown to me !

    Take care Guria ! 🙂


  7. Shas says:

    Congo!! gal on completing half a century and for the award. Wish you all the best for blogging and hope you add more zeros to your existing number i.e. 5000000000…..


  8. Yankee Girl says:

    Congratulations on 50 posts and the awards!!!!


  9. Hey congrats girl for completing half-a-century!!! May you hit a century soon 🙂 and thanks sooooo much for the award!! 🙂 and yeah I want you to complete the brands tag.. consider yourself tagged 😉


  10. Congratulations dearie.. you hit a century – 50 posts and 50 followers. Cool!!

    Thank you so much! You make my day too 😀


  11. Neha says:

    hey congrats for the milestone and I am sure there will be many more, and next time the list will also be much longer 🙂

    see, give me an award and such sweet wishes and comments will come your way all the time 😀

    just kidding babe…thanks a tonne for this…I am honoured…

    and i love all who commented didn't accept the champagne and left it for me…so award n champagne both, wow…you have made my day 🙂


  12. Karthik[:)] says:

    congrats on the 50th one 🙂
    cool blog u got..n a special congrats for the spicy pick for yr story..loved that as well


  13. rimz says:

    Congo dearie….hope u make several centuries…:)
    Nd thanku fr bestowing the award..:)
    kip writing..



  14. Aditya says:

    oh god You are too good for my ego 😀

    Thank you so much 🙂


  15. Paritosh says:

    Congratulations and Celebrations!!


  16. Maverick says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

    Though I don't attach much importance to quantity as much as i do to quality…but still, to be able to churn out posts at dis rate (good posts) is admirable!

    so cheers to dat! 🙂


  17. R S V says:

    what a cute award,………
    thank you:)


  18. Samadrita says:

    Remember to check my last post! 😀


  19. Shilpa Garg says:

    Congratulations!! And yes Celebrations too, on this milestone achievement!!

    Great going!! 🙂


  20. Singh Amit says:

    Congrats for ur 5oth post… 🙂

    Congrats for ur story too.. 🙂
    Read the story..
    it's awesome… 🙂
    really loved it so much…. 🙂


  21. Shruti says:

    Thanks thanks and many thanks!!
    Trumpet blowing…
    Yippeee….whoa whoa whoa!!
    Congrats on reaching this milestone!!
    Thanks a ton dear!!


  22. HaRy!! says:

    wow! congrats…milestone indeed..and thanks a ton :)!!



  23. Happybirdie says:

    hey congrats dear…I am sure you will go miles.
    take care


  24. Sourav !!! says:

    I need to be blog-rolled .. hmpph :l


  25. Hey Guria..Its very nice to meet u on ur 50th makes me realize that i have missed 49 posts ..but any way wil not miss urs frm now ..:)

    Keep expressing and congratulations on the award 🙂


  26. pra says:

    Congrats !! and THANKS a lot!!


  27. Srivatsan says:

    Your blog has totally changed in a month!cool!


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