A Matter of "Pride"

I had killed him unnecessarily. 
It was not needed.

I was at a loss about what to do. Hide it? Or tell her the truth?
Before I could decide, or even think, I heard the soft, lithe footsteps of my wife. She appeared out of the darkness. She always knows where to find me.
She looked puzzled for a moment on seeing the blood on me. Then she looked at the body at my feet, and paled visibly. She looked back at me with her big, dark eyes, full of reproach.
“I didn’t know, you had so little faith in me.”
I tried to tell her, I didn’t kill him because I lacked faith in her. I tried to nuzzle her and  tell her, it was just an act in the heat of the moment.
She just shook her head and stepped back.
I didn’t know what to do or say. I knew I had hurt her terribly.
She sighed, and started dragging the body towards our hideout without looking at me. I followed her at a distance, reprimanded by her silence, her loyalty and ashamed by my own loss of control.
After all I wasn’t hungry, and in our prides, the females hunt. 
It’s a matter of honour.

N.B.  I need to stay away from the blog to get my work done but dammit, I just don’t seem to be able to do that. I’ll be here off and on, just to stay sane, with occasional snippets. Do tell me, did you understand this one???  G.

Addendum: May be I am too intelligent for my own good, or utterly hopeless… ever heard of the phrase (or the collective noun) “a pride of lions”… the lioness is the one who hunts animals for the lion family, to eat! The ‘faith’ talked about here is the lion’s faith in her hunting abilities…see here… better now? G. 🙂

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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31 Responses to A Matter of "Pride"

  1. Neha says:

    if i am not wrong, did he kill an animal or a rat maybe…which she was supposed to do, she must have gone to get something, n this fella killed it…whatever…


  2. SiMbA tAgO says:

    i think i got it somewhere ….

    r u trying to refer to the lion and the lioness ???

    cuz lioness loves to hunt . but the lion cudnt stop his thirst and killed the pray … may be .. ?? 😛

    i jus got this fascinating piece of tale form ur tale ..

    wt eva .. e1 m busy unable to blog a lot .. but yah its too addicting …

    c ya


  3. Hi buddy,

    😦 honestly speaking, i didnt get your point here. May be I can guess and do some interpretation work with my small brain…may be i am new to such fiction 😦


  4. Shankar says:

    I guess I understood this.. but not sure….

    I guess the husband had a doubt that her wife had an illegal affair with another guy… and the husband killed the guy without any faith.. Correct me if i am wrong..


  5. I guess this is the story of some wild animal? Usually the females hunt but the male hunted himself, because he got tempted? Am I right?


  6. RSV says:

    I understood every bit of it..
    but hey, that's too feminist….

    and why did u delete your last post…

    and what is your area of study btw, if its not bio…


  7. 'It’s a matter of honour'

    heh heh heh…thats a super thought…


    Saw lion king recently???


  8. hey guria,

    to be frank, i didnt understand it before opening the link..hehe i was imagining acouple while reading it and was wondering what woul dhave been killed..:)..)

    thanks for link and fr the info..

    and finish ur work, and do come here whenevr u find some time..


  9. How dumb of me! I read your addendum now 😛


  10. Omg……how could u think like that……….hahahaha

    Speechless i am…….truly awesome post.

    Cheers…..intellectually stimulating , scientifically thought provoking Sreya ROCKS


  11. Guria says:

    Hey Neha 🙂

    Yeah he did kill an animal, after all you don't expect me to kill people in this short fiction do you? 😀
    But I had thought the last line would be subtly revealing, as in a lion's pride, where the lioness always hunts. 🙂
    Now did you get it? 😛

    Hey Simba!

    Yeah, you should get it, after all it's in your name! 😀
    You are the first person to undestand and that too, without the addendum! lol…

    Hi, Mahesh

    Actually there isn't ant “such fiction”… the narrator here is a lion… see the link I have added… I wanted to reveal it subtly… see the changes I've made, and now does it help? 🙂

    Hi Shankar

    Yeah, you are right about the part what I wanted the readers to think but, read the last two lines, does that plot still make sense?:)
    This was actually between a lion and a lioness, where it is the duty of the lioness to hunt (kill) food… 😛

    I am soo not at my creative best!! 😀


  12. Shankar says:

    Hey.. I read the addendum.. Omg.. it was truly amazing. it really makes good sense…

    you are at your creative best… but I am such a dumb fellow.. I couldn't understand these things at first go…

    Good one..


  13. Guria says:

    Hi Ashwini

    Sweetheart, you got it right in the first go only, just didn't think it's a lion! 🙂
    Please you can;t be dumb, I am a super-genius! 😀

    Hi RSV

    Buddy, I am having trouble with people understanding the story and you are thinking this is feminist, of all things!!! 😀
    Yaar, go and tell it to the lion family, I didn't ask the lioness to be the hunter! 😛
    By the way, did you really understand? Or I was god-awful… lol…

    Hiya Sid!

    Not see Lion King, but have been listening to its music while working so, “Bang On!” 😀
    And is it a super thought?
    Well, what can I say I am a super-genius… 😀


  14. Guria says:

    Hi Pramoda

    At least you did get it!! 😀
    I have been soo subtle that I'm leaving my dear readers confused! 😛
    What a twist in my creativity!! 😀

    Hey IP

    Good to see you as always 🙂
    And as always your opinion boosts my already inflated ego! 😀
    So did you really understand or, said it just like that! lol… 🙂


  15. Guria says:

    Hey again, Shankar 🙂

    The LAST thing I want you to think is that you are dumb!! 😛
    Honestly, I am such a genius that, I am too good for my own self… lol…
    But I am glad you got it…
    Your last comment really made me happy… thanks! 🙂


  16. RSV says:

    call me dumb….but honestly I couldn't get it even after reading the addendum….


  17. Guria says:


    Now I am beginning to think I am the one who's dumb… 😦

    Did you read the replies above, or the link? The lioness is supposed to hunt for its family and not the lion. It's an exchange between the two, where the lioness thinks the lion has no faith in her hunting abilities! Lion's family is called a pride… Does really the penultimate line make no sense at all?? 🙂

    Whew! Another post to be removed, I guess!
    Damn I am lousy… lol…


  18. Sreya,

    “So did you really understand or, said it just like that! lol.”

    You have made a monumental error of judgment….you underestimated the Indian Pundit. Dont ever do it girl.

    “”Whew! Another post to be removed, I guess!””

    Why do you remove your posts?crazy or what? …..if nobody understands ur post…..then publish a clarification to make them understand.

    You are a habitual post remover.



  19. Guria says:

    Whoa IP 🙂
    I was just kidding man! How can I ever underestimate YOU!! 😀
    And don't worry, I won't be removing posts, after all this IS my blog! lol…
    I do remove sometimes, because some I don't feel like making people read, for different reasons! 😛
    Okay, will stop doing that!
    And the surname… Cool! 🙂
    And the WordPress one is for my original work (fiction and poetry) only, just as a collection, some are on MM too, and some published there alone. 🙂
    Take care…


  20. Shruti says:

    Good one! But still am confused!


  21. Srivatsan says:

    at first,i thought it was about couple killing a rat or cockroach…but at last line confirmed it as lions


  22. HaRy!! says:

    that he killed an animal?well written..but err.. sorry i fail to see what its abt..or maybe my brain has become numb to follow :(.


  23. Guria says:

    I don't know what to say except people, you should watch Discovery or NatGeo or Animal Planet a bit more often! 😀


    Thanks! For understanding! 😉

    Shruti, Hary…

    I guess it's not very common knowledge what I have used in the story, so not understanding is not your fault… 🙂

    Take care. 🙂


  24. Harini says:

    So what did the lions have for dinner? Deer or Zebra :P. Good one! At 1st i thought they were humans them i was sure they are lions :P. Btw why did u delete the last poem. I liked that. People say poems can have various interpretations by different people. Its just the way u see a poem. In my interpretation the was a trophy for the guy… I might be wrong :P. Anyways if u have some time do visit ma blog :).


  25. Wow, well written, superb….
    Thanks for introducing me a new type of genre in writing….I wil try it

    I wish I could be a Lion so that I dont need to work to feed myself, instead, I can just read , write and blog (Wowie), along with my share in the hunt 🙂 🙂 🙂


  26. Yellow Tulip says:

    k truth…this time i was completely not following u dear…i was thinkin of a guy killin his wife's best frien doubting his wife and wife disappointed with his attitude left with the body!!..he he…thanks to the link :)…finally reading twice and the link i got it!!…

    hmmm i mean i think i got wat u meant!!:)…not sure…


  27. Srivatsan says:

    I forgot to congratulate on your blog-a-ton award…congrats!

    Actually,I was not able to access net while blog-a-ton voting was in progress..so couldnt read posts and vote..anyway,keep rocking!


  28. Rajlakshmi says:

    talking about lions i guess because its the lioness that do the hunting…
    very well penned indeed… guess im quite late to comment on this 😛


  29. Samadrita says:

    Pardon me but I don't get why this story has appeared so incomprehensible to everyone.
    It becomes clear that the one narrating the whole thing is not human in the sentence-'I tried to nuzzle her and tell her, it was just an act in the heat of the moment.'
    Human husbands know better than to nuzzle their angry wives. 😛

    Nice write Guria!


  30. Guria says:

    Hey Sammy!!

    This comment of yours simply made my Day!! 😀
    You are absolutely SO right!!
    I did use the word “nuzzle” keeping the lions in mind… lol…


  31. Karthik says:

    Yo! This was fabulous. 🙂
    But the title “Pride,” the tags 'Animals,' and 'Lion' made me guess easily (after reading a few lines of course).
    Funny I saw 'The Lion King,' (again) yesterday and now this story! 😛
    A Marvelous read!:-)


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