The Multi-Talented Maverick!!!

Owe this to Pawan first and obviously to Blogadda, that the showcasing of my sketches  became a Tangy Tuesday Pick! If not with the pen, I might as well use the pencil!! The review over at Blogadda can be found here. 

This is not much of a news, but I cannot write anything. And this affects me very much! Writing is a passion that either burns the paper, scorch marks all over or else, burns me….
To put it simply, I write to stay sane. So I’m inviting anyone who happens to read this post, please if you are leaving a comment, leave a topic, not too difficult (you wouldn’t torture the poor me, would you?)
Hopefully, I should get enough topics to last me at least a few weeks. So please help!!

Now there is one more passion I have something I could have been good at, if I had something like I have weblog for my writing. And I am not being modest! As those who know well the Blogger-me, they know that I may be the Sarcasm Queen or even the Butter Queen, but no one has ever called me Modesty anything! (about the first two epithets, those who don’t know, trust me you don’t want to know either)

So to continue what I was saying, there is one thing I do, on and off, sadly like my writing of the pre-Maverick Misfit-period (sounds like Stone Age), it greatly depends on my mood! And my mood strikes about once in six months (in a manner of speaking) and lasts at least the whole day when I may forget even to eat (I usually try not to forgo other, ahem, sensitive chores). So you may already know the writer, and heard about me as the almost-scientist, now, may I introduce you to the crazy artist.

Sketching and Painting are my other passion. Probably the first thing I knew I can do.  Sometimes I feel more alive creating than doing anything else in this world! How I wish I would be more diligent at it.

So here are a few sketches I have done. I completely owe this idea of showcasing my drawings on my blog to Avada Kedavra, an amazing artist herself.

Here goes!

These are three portraits I sketched. Rather than scanning them I used a camera to take the pictures, the white of the paper is a bit off. But I think you get the essence. All the three took only a few hours each, though I spent a lot of time doing the first one’s curls. The last one, that of a cobbler toiling, is my favourite. Maybe some other time I will also post a few of my paintings; the mediums are usually pastel or water or oil.

Do tell me how you like these.
And I will be waiting for those topics-to-write-on suggestions.

P.S. I am calling myself Maverick for a change ’cause a few people actually think of me as such rather than the usual Misfit. Though, honestly, I love both 😉  G.:)

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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43 Responses to The Multi-Talented Maverick!!!

  1. Those are some great sketches. Is the second one Barrymore ? Looks a lot like her. The cobbler(?) was my favorite..


  2. Roshmi Sinha says:

    Well, well, well, you are a closet artist too!

    Wonderful sketches… look forward to more…


  3. Paritosh says:

    WOW!! These sketches are simply amazing. U got talent, gal. BTW who's that gal with the curls;).


  4. The sketches are simply too good. I am lost for words.
    i love sketching I am not very good though. You truly are the multi talented. Looking fwd to your paintings.


  5. HaRy!! says:

    in one word…spellbound..and as i cannot refrain from one word…ooosommmeee :D….good work …and btw..still awaiting yur comments for a couple of posts!


  6. Bloody hell woman! Those are awesome drawings! (Sorry for the language…) I always envy people that can paint/draw well…it's a talent I do not possess. They are just amazing. Waiting for more. I must say the cobbler is my fav too. You've caught his emotions through that drawing. I can almost see the story of his life through it…if that makes any sense.


  7. Maverick says:

    wow….nw ders a talent!

    all da 3 r breathtakingly dun! beautiful!

    bt the 3rd's a favourite! da depiction of a human hard at work, going about his livelihood, nt caring for age, season, vanity etc…! dats life “in ur face”!

    The face with his eyes closed somehow depict a inert sadness at having done da job for long but also knowing that this is what will b his job for life!

    Bare sketch capturing da essence of emotions! wonderfully dun! <3 it

    PS: ders no reason why u shldnt call urself a “maverick”! ders no patent or a copyright on it nyways! 😛


  8. Miss_Nobody says:

    I have learnt two things a)You ARE multitalented and b)I met a bengali blogger!!!!!!!

    Awesome sketches,the cobbler was the best.
    About topic suggestions,how about children of the nineties?This was something I was meaning to write on and love to see a post on this from you!


  9. WOW girl.. beautiful!!!!!! love it love it love it 🙂 🙂 You are too good at sketching 🙂 My favourite is the cobbler too, out of the three. But I looove the way you have made the curls on the first one.. Put some paintings too.. make it the next post.. that is my topic suggestion for next post 🙂 plzzzz sreya 😀


  10. hi Guria..

    wonderful re..The sketches were awesome..and i dont know how many minutes i stared at them ..:)..Thanks for the pleasure…and i loved the curls in the first pic..>:)

    keep doing and posting such beautiful ones..:)

    regardng the topics…mm…

    1. Short story about a soldier
    2. Significance of being different
    3. Strength of imagination ..

    You may take them if you like to..:)

    🙂 >>Once again..the skethces were awesome dear..keep up the good work..


  11. pawan says:

    I always admired artists (who draw) because I can never draw 🙂
    The second one is beautiful and mystifying, and it's the best of the lot!

    Good work 🙂


  12. Guria says:

    Hey Madhu

    Thanks so much!! 🙂
    Actually I have no idea if she is Drew Barrymore!
    I usually don't do movie celebrities.. this was just another sketch! 😛
    The old cobbler was done from aphotograph, the composition of which, I felt, was awesome! 🙂

    Hi Roshmi

    Thanks girl! To be honest, I was more of a closet-writer! (And I still am, given most people around me don't know of my blog :P) But I have never have been a closet artist in real life 😀 😀

    Heyy Paritosh

    That girl with curls is no one! 😀
    And talent is truly talent only when you cultivate it! Sadly I do it so irregularly nowadays! 😛
    Thanks! 🙂

    Hi Harsha

    Haa! The multi-talented header was sarcastically done!! 😛
    Thanks so much! I have to unearth my paintings actually, though a few recent ones may be at hand… also I give away many! 😛 🙂

    Hiya HaRy

    Commented! I'm so sorry for being such a lazy bum! 😛 😀
    Half the time I don't know what I miss! 😛
    And thanks… 🙂

    Hi Psych Babbler

    Yeah, the cobbler is after all not an imaginary picture but a real one!
    well, sketching/painting is something as I said I have been able to do! It's one thing I am good at, at times…of course, there are people way better than me… but still… 😛 🙂
    Thank you so much! 🙂


  13. Guria says:

    Hey Maverick

    Thank you so much!! The third one was a challenge as that picture needed to show the past, present and future! You are absolutely right! And as for calling myself a Maverick, till before recently, people would insist on calling me a Misfit! 😀

    Hi Miss_Nobody

    I kinda guessed before that you are a Bengali blogger too 🙂
    The 'Multi-talented' header- I was trying to be sarcastic! 😛
    Thanks so much!
    And for the topic… it is something I have talked about, but never thought of writing! Great idea! Thanks! 🙂
    But mine won't be as good as yours! 😛 (disclaimer, so as not to dash ur hopes :D)

    Heyy Avada Kedavra

    Girl, I am so happy that you saw these! I will try to post a few of my paintings! I am doubly happy that you liked them! Thanks a tonne!!! :))

    Hiya Pramoda

    firstly, love those topics!! Am going to crash on them, soon! Hopefully, I will d justice to them! 🙂
    That you enjoyed the pictures so thoroughly, I can ask for nothing else! 🙂
    thank you so much!! :))

    Hey Pawan

    Thanks once again buddy!
    Doubly, for the secret you told me!! 😀
    Yeah, the second one was supposed to be enigmatic, glad you saw that! Thanks again! 🙂


  14. Neha says:

    i see an amazing talent here….read all the praises above…i wanna say the same…n i took ur reply the same way too 😛

    topics I have already suggested you…

    y dont u write something on blogger's atyachaar…it can be about bad posts, bad comments, bad blogs in short…don't use names ok…or i may see myself there…ok ok, i know I can't be modest too 😛


  15. OMG!!! sreya you are quite an artist, girlie.. I dint know you were so good at this one too!! the multi talented GURIA :):P

    And abt the topic:
    I'm out of them too.. I am filled with exams till 27th this month.. Planning to steal all the ideas which you get on your comments:P


  16. Harini says:

    They are brilliant really. No wonder the curls took so long… The last one is my favorite. The wrinkles on his face and neck and everything about the picture screams perfect. Awesome!


  17. BK Chowla says:

    I can never draw,so I admire those who can so well as you have done.
    Hope to see some more of such drawings.


  18. Insignia says:

    Sketches are beautiful; esp the last one. The man is pensive; beautifully etched.


  19. Shruti says:

    The misfit girl became buttering queen, then she became sarcastic-buttering queen! Now she is an artist too!
    U are truly a multi-talented, multi-faceted personality!!
    Truly awesome.. Even I like sketching! But seriously can't match with yours!
    Amazing writer, good artist, talented sarcastic-buttering misfit girl!
    What not!
    U are amazing! Teach me some more adjectives please… Am stuck for words!!



  20. Bharathi says:

    Very nice ones. I equally liked your post too. I tried drawing once, but when some one said its a nice cartoon, I stopped drawing 😦


  21. Bharathi says:

    This is my fourth comment. and you would receive more from now. I only blogrolled you a week before. Sorry I procrastinate very often.


  22. I think i will always respect anyone who can do such brilliant sketches…majorly because i am hopeless in drawing myself…but these are some of the best sketches i have seen in a long long time….

    Send u a gtalk request…n i hope ur search is on..i replied to ur comment on my blog 🙂



  23. m ur fan re…superb sketches… 🙂
    god bless ….my sketches r todha naive


  24. Neha says:

    @ Shruti dear, :O, our Maverick girl does not have multi faces re…she is very nice…

    this is a truth and butter too ok.. content of the comment – true; posting such a comment – butter 😛


  25. Shilpa Garg says:

    Awesome sketches!! You got talent, lady!!
    The last one is amazing!! And the expressions in the first one are beautifully captured too!!

    Topics for posts…well, I need some ideas too! 😛


  26. Bharathi says:

    hey pal, why cant you try the topic 'Mask' as I plan to write a post on it.


  27. Shruti says:

    No cross questions your honor!

    Will i butter the buttering queen?!


  28. Am standing and clapping for you…..
    Fantabulously marvesplendid Awetiful


  29. Makk says:

    Nice work!

    Keep it up!!



  30. Guria says:

    Hey Neha

    You do know all the replies 😀
    So let me not repeat them, except for a word of thanks 😛
    Yup, I know a topic is already suggested, that is the prime one in my list, and no mentioning names, you and I both might be included there otherwise!! 😀
    As to your comment to Shruti: Ahem! Ahem! 😀 😀
    You are cruel!!! 😀 😀

    Hi Raji

    Thanks so much! But the 'multi-talented' thing was a pun! 😛
    And so for the ideas, steal away, there will be a lot of fun in writing them together!! 😀 😀

    Hi Harini

    Perfect?! Well, that's saying a lot!! Thanks so much! I, too, like the third most among the three, because it does succeed in expressing the history, the toil- his life. 🙂

    Hello BK Chowla- ji

    Thank you so much, Sir! 🙂
    I sure will try showcase some more of my art, some time in the future.

    Hey Insignia

    Thanks so much! Pensive is the exact word! I am glad you liked them! :))

    Hiya Shruti

    You got some chronological mix-up in your summary of my qualifications but more or less, this sums it all up!! 😉 😀
    And that disclaimer won't work!! It's a dud! So, “Shruti, stop buttering!!” 😀 😀
    Thanks so much, dear Lamb-y!!
    And as to your reply to Neha: It seems you want to be the Next Butter Queen!!! 😀

    Hey Bharathi

    Good to have you here as always! Procrastination is something that I understand very well! After all, of all the sayings I only remember “Hard work pays later, laziness pays now”… 😀 😀
    If you can make people into cartoons, you have an innate ability, don't leave it! 😀 😀
    I am glad you like the post too, actually obviously people won't notice me being bitingly sarcastic when they are distracted by the sketches! 😛
    I can write on the topic 'Mask”, but before that I want to see what's your article on it, that is, which sense of the word you are using!! And then I'll write on the same! 😛 🙂
    And finally, thanks a lot!
    P.S. Is it a coincidence, or I always write such long comments to you! 😀


  31. Guria says:

    Hey Amit

    Thanks for the add! And the generous praises! 😛 🙂
    Yeah, my search is on… and I have no clue! 😦

    Howdy Solli

    U m fan… m ur fan, too! 😛
    And is i know right, you're pretty good too… in a different kind of drawing! 😉
    Thanks re! 🙂

    Hi Shilpa-ji

    Thank you!! As I always say, it makes my day to see your words in here! 🙂
    And if you are out of ideas… woe betide us!! 😀
    Thank you again!! 🙂

    Hey Mahesh

    Was the last adjective 'awesome' or 'awful'?? 😀
    Thanks for your erm, enthused reaction, my sketches seem to have interfered with your err, talking ability! 😀 🙂

    Hiya Makk

    Thanks! A lot!:)


  32. Gyanban says:

    If I were the opposite sex…


  33. Guria says:

    Hey Gyanban

    Should I wait for you to complete the thought?


  34. Bharathi says:

    Only after seeing your other comments I believed you can also write small comments :D.

    But I never mind long comments. Indeed I welcome that. How can I not respect someone spending time and ideas giving feedbacks on my sometimes sh** posts.

    If you decided to write “mask” after me writing it, then you need to wait a little long. Thought I know what to write, I havnt yet figured out how to write it without boring you people.

    And now, Ive written a long comment. It seems its contagious. 🙂


  35. lostworld says:

    I stumbled here from Shruti's blog!

    I'm bowled over by your paintings. I love the cobbler the most too. Please do put up your other works too. Beautiful stuff 🙂 I envy you!!



  36. stardust says:

    Hey :)) loved all your sketches !!
    thay'r simply amaaaazing !!

    you can also start a business you know…. i'm serious… :))

    I too feel that the second one looks like Drew…

    keep up the good work !!


  37. debosmita says:

    Wonderful sketches 🙂 Really loved them…
    I also have a passion for sketching, though I have not indulged in them for a long time…I am thoroughly inspired to start once again….

    As for topics – what about compiling your wishlist? or may be about lost friends? My latest post is about that – breakups in friendships…


  38. rocksea says:

    love the hairdo of the first one!


  39. I really liked the old man.The detailing was good.

    In the first portrait, I like the expression.

    I wait to see your paintings as well.


  40. Hey girl..why have you disabled comments for the new fiction 55 post? I wanted to say it was too good 😦


  41. Maverick,
    The comments on your 55F are disabled ? Guessing it's by design and will hold my thought 🙂


  42. Guria says:

    Hey Ash, I am sorry about disabling the comments. But a heartfelt “Thank You” for your words! 🙂

    Hey Madhu, yeah, it is by design! But I have enabled it again! Temporarily! 😛 🙂


  43. Raksha Raman says:

    Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Simply amazing sketches!! I loved the 'curl' effect in the first pic..all of them are the way you've paid attention to minute details! As for the topic, I'm totally blank 😛 it's a 'Writer's Block' phase that I'm in currently!! Perhaps that explains why I couldn't come up with anything 😦


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