Our National Anthem

There is a thing about that melody, the words, those uplifting notes that flow with your blood, seep into your bones and sinew and carry you with it that never fails to run a shiver done my torso… And the pride, the love, the sense of belonging, of being that I experience every time that I listen or take part in the wonder of our national anthem.

It made sense to me to stand up in my bedroom, or in front my desk at my workplace when I played the anthem. It felt that at those small moments in my own humble way I do tell that country of my birth, the country I love, the country I cherish more now as I am away.. I tell my country “thank you” for teaching me what no other place in the world could. I feel that in those small stolen moments I pay her the due respects. She has given us, and the world, so much… And me a home, a destiny, the roots and traditions to be proud of and at the same time taught me, never to be spiteful or boastful and never to stop learning.
It was always wonderful to listen to the tune play at home. Whether it was at the beginning of a movie, or impromptu, unaware in the screenplay of one, or whether it was at the flag-hoisting ceremony or at the end of a programme in school, it always created a deep-seated, wondrous sensation in the pit of my stomach that spread all over… something that the anthem could do every time without failing.
In this cold country, it was a warmth, besides the wonder that seeped through reached my numbed fingers and toes and comforted the chilling bones. As much as it made me yearn for my homeland, for my people, it made me stronger.
It strengthened my will to achieve, not as my parents’ daughter, not as my family’s pride, not as a Bengali but as a Indian to how the world that We Can. Amongst all the diversity that I’m learning of, all the different traditions, cultures, religions and languages, we stand with same set of principles, morals and pride of belonging.
As I wait to be, for all of us away from home, to Be… as we yearn for the home, the land like no other, like the irreplaceable mother… We strive to succeed, to achieve, to accomplish… As the Children of My Land. For all that we have been given that we forgot to be grateful for, we hope that one day we can make up for it and give something back to that country that is our real identity.
Being away taught us what we couldn’t learn the easy way. Being away showed us what India really is. Being away taught us that we are Indians.
Like the national anthem that plays its silent melody in our hearts, it is the country that has made the words, the music, the feel timeless and far-reaching and that speaks to you always… only if you listen closely enough.

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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5 Responses to Our National Anthem

  1. aativas says:

    Yes, the National Anthem always makes me feel connected to the land .. it reminds me that so many people gave life for my freedom..


  2. PriPat says:

    when I 1st saw this silent nation anthem on the television… I really couldn't stop tear rolling in my eyes!!


  3. Love the video.
    And the national anthem can give goosebumps to anyone, anywhere… I don't know if it's just the briliantness of the song or whether we associate it with the pride of a nation that we believe is OURS when we listen to it


  4. Vaish says:

    First time in your blog!
    Yes, I've seen this video in Facebook. It definitely brings goosebumps every time I listen to this song, and for this one, I was dumb-struck! Especially when the children wave their hand to mean “jaya hey”! oh that was so touchy!


  5. Such videos not only connect people to nation but people to people of various backgrounds . Thanks for sharing


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