To the "Greats" of my time

Couldn’t wait today to sit down and write! That’s sayin’ a lot for a person who likes nothin’ better than to get a thing over and done with! Well, very surprisingly (for you and definitely for me), i jus’ can’t wait to write about people around us rather than the great and mighty Me (after all i’m soul-searchin’ and i tend to be preoccupied with myself)! This is for all those people who believe (not think) that they actually do us and the world a favour simply by existing! Maybe it is because i’m a good-for-nothing who loves that tag or maybe because they are truly irritating to one and all alike, that i personally find them so unbearable. Of course, it can’t be one and all (should be changed to ‘most’) for there are so many who would suck up to ’em… i guess they hope to acquire part of the “divinity” by brushing shoulders (more like, lickin’ feet… i love bein’ crude!).
All these important people who has the status that comes after V.I.P., or even after that, believe that the world moves in their pace. If they are in a hurry, every thing is hastened. But if no appointments afterwards, see them redefine leisure. You can always find them creatin’ new rules according to what they need, their word is the law and they should always be credited and praised. For what? Why, for just being them! The world should conform according to what they decide, what they need and what they believe should be done along with the when and how, after all we should be grateful to be even sharing the same air that they breathe!
These great men, however, are always found in packs (tho’ any pack believes they are the unique in the world… after all there can be only one great, isn’t it, otherwise you are talkin’ about competition…and we can’t have that, can we!) because there is threat in isolation. I mean, you do need someone to continuously tell you that you are “so good” (oh, the fragile egos) and in return he continuously will be telling you how good you are… it’s a simple butterin’, sorry, barterin’ process. They are the ones who think everyone is below them (you need a few hundred lives to even get to near them) and treat them as such. Everything will stand-still for them until they think it should proceed. Who are elders and superiors? Are you talkin’ about age and respect in context with ’em, the omniscient? They have the power to “manage” everything under the sun, with the sun included. We, the lesser humans, are all equivalent to ants in their world and if they are glad with you, they might shower you the privilege of bein’ a part of their world. Of course, you can’t be them but you can have the wonderful chance of waitin’ on ’em and of strokin’ their egos! Thank god they don’t know what the “ants” think of ’em, otherwise “ants” will lose their oh-so-favourite form of recreation!
I jus’ hope that these omnipotent people are always able to move in packs, all along assuring each other of their inflated, misplaced ideas about themselves, otherwise their next destination… Oblivion! Time to wake up people! Welcome to the Real World!

P.S. the title is a pun, if the thickheads to whom this is dedicated did not understand.

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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2 Responses to To the "Greats" of my time

  1. shibarjun says:

    just one question…..why did u not blog for all these days………..bring on more…

    ur blogs are a great read..really like ur unapologetic and unabashed approach….i am waiting for more.


  2. Neha says:

    Sreya, I dunno whether u ve noticed this or not, but our initial few posts, our language and topics are selected for our own self…we just sit and pen down whatsoever is going on in mind at that time, not bothered about language, or narration…my initial posts I wrote in hardly few minutes…for few days I didn't even know that I had 3-4 comments on my posts…I checked them later on…then when I started receiving comments, I became conscious and started thinking 10 times before writing anything…n again I stopped doing that after looking at the quality of my earlier posts and the posts written for comments…now again, I am back to writing for myself…but guess I ve lost that quality…

    sorry for the long and boring comment…

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