"I do"…Do you really!

I’m tryin‘ to keep the pace of my writin‘, as advised but i just hope that it does not run away with me! This one is for all those people out there who has watched too many Hindi movies and think that gettin‘ a girl to say ‘yes’ is the end of the story… meaning, if she has said yes, “happily ever after” can’t be far behind, can it… after all the rest of it is supposed to work itself out! And the girls, hats off to ’em… half of ’em use commitment as a rope (to tie respective boyfriends to them) and the remainin‘ think gettin‘ a guy to say yes, means she has got a follower for life! If you like so much to wield a leash and be followed around, why don’t you buy a dog, girls? But, i guess, the dogs can only bark and one doesn’t understand whether it’s meekly sayin‘, “yes, baby, i love you, tooo“. As for the guys, you have lassoed one girl… good, work done… let’s get back to our ‘single-hood’ behaviour… i’ll always say i have a girlfriend whenever you ask me, i’ll call her like clockwork everyday at the stipulated time, i give her chocolates on Valentine’s day and her birthday (when i manage to remember)… what else do you want me to do… a guy needs his ‘space’! I sometimes really wonder whether the boys themselves know what they mean by “space”. The girls go for the other extreme, if the guy is not following her around, she is the one following him around… ‘i mean i love him and i trust him more than anything, but i’ll believe the first rumour i hear about him’….so it’s better to make sure that she knows beforehand where he’s goin‘, what he’s doin‘ and who he is doin‘ it with. Reach home by this time and call me when you do so, don’t go out with this friend of yours…i don’t like the way he sneezes, why are you goin‘ to this restaurant with your rowdy friends… i thought this was just for you and meeee, and who is this girl you’re talkin‘ to, do you find her prettier than Me!!!! (I know what you are thinkin‘, reader, jus‘ don’t throw up!) No wonder the guys tag every girl they talk to, ‘arre, she’s like my sister, yaar‘… i guess the concept of incest hasn’t yet entered their minds and once it does, woe betide the ‘happy couple’! Well, i don’t know whether it’s rebellion or simply machismo, the boys find fidelity very tough. It seems they think that stickin‘ to one girl actually offends their manhood, i mean, one should be talkin‘ in numbers when talkin‘ about girls… that’s like a man! No wonder, they are such a wet cat with their girlfriends… it’s a lot to keep from ’em, and since they are havin‘ fun eying other girls (up, down and sideways) with the guy gang, they don’t mind bein‘ meek to their girls as long as they are there for showin’ off (and of course, for lamenting to).

The girl hopes the guy to give up everything and refocus the centre of his life on to her and only her, followin‘ her around, listenin‘ to her every whims and fancies, and lettin’ her coddle and pamper him, makin‘ all his choices for him…. mainly convert him into somethin‘ that has a lot of similarities to puppets! And the guy believes his girl is goin‘ to sit back at home waitin‘ for him till he returns from his frolickin‘, after all he’s has promised to marry her one day…what more could she want… she will be bestowed with the greatest gift of all, she shouldn’t want more… she’ll be havinlegal rights over him as his wife! But everythinis fine and dandy in this sweet little world, after all “we are soooo much in loooove, we are goin‘ to get married and have kids!!! Yipeeee!!” And what happens after that, may i ask. If these are the fools that end up together (simply forcin‘ it to happen)… no wonder, the divorce rates are so high.

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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