Catharsis Part-V: The Luxury of Being Angry!

I get angry fast and often, and one of my biggest regrets is that I can never hold on to my righteous anger for more than a few moments. It always happens that somebody has to say something funny just then! For heaven’s sake, couldn’t you hold it in for few more minutes?!

I have never found it easy to swallow back the tickle in my throat. I actually tried pushing down my laughter down my food pipe, because it sure doesn’t go down the wind-pipe without choking me, but my stomach doesn’t seem to be able to handle it any better than my throat can, it tickles too, and I have never pushed it further down, scared about the consequences. So, just imagine, I feel a good anger building on… Yeah! I can feel it coming, I am getting ready, starting to breath heavy like a bull, almost giving in to the tendency to paw the floor and CHARGE! But no, people have to make stupid faces, say something utterly nonsensical right then… And I have the world’s worst time keeping a straight and grave face.

I mean, Why me?!! If I try to crack a joke when someone else is angry, I think I should run for my life… Most swell like a bull-frog, all red in the face and seem like they are going to burst with the force of their anger. Their blessed anger not only increases on being laughed at, but erupts with good meaningful impact too. And mine always goes “Phooosh!“.. yes, I can almost always hear that.

Once I had made up my mind that I will use a piece of the new stationery (I collect) to list down the reasons, occasion with date when I got angry, with whom etc etc…  But I had to discard the idea when I sat down all prepared, wrote my name calligraphically, painstakingly on the top, wrote the date, poised my good pen and found that I don’t remember a single incident!

That brings me to my second problem: I forget why I got irritated and enraged in the first place! Just when people start erupting in laughter all around me, and are looking at me knowing I am going to crack within the next two seconds, and I feel my lips twitching, and my will is almost near giving-up, I make up my mind very fast. “I’ll get back to this. Just remember why I got angry.. and we’ll sure get back to it. Watch out!“, I think. And then my belligerence gives away with the pressure of the bubbling laughter getting accumulated behind my tightly closed lips… It always starts with the corners of your lips, I personally believe, they leak, and I smile first, then my teeth seem too many to hold in my mouth, they glare… and then a gurgle comes out, combated choked laughter to you… finally when my brain sees no point in wasting electrical circuits and chemicals in fighting the laughter it wants too… and I’m rolling with the others too! At the end I am with them, chuckling, and teasing each other, including self… and see, even here I forgot to remember, I was supposed to be angry, for God’s sake!

Well, I know I turn thick-headed, refuse to listen to reason or accept that I may be wrong when I am irate… But surely that doesn’t give my family the license to undermine and take away my birthright (or, may be even constitutional right) to get angry every time I manage to cook up a nice and hearty rage! Hmmph!

N.B. Boy, I do feel stupid after being angry for no reason. G.

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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27 Responses to Catharsis Part-V: The Luxury of Being Angry!

  1. Aditya says:

    lol Be angry. Be very Angry so that you will loads of moments to laugh about in future 🙂


  2. Neha says:

    next time gussa aaye na; to call won't be able to see my stupid expression and i will try not to talk crap ok 😛

    the problem with me that I don't forget for a long time the reason behind my anger..queen size ego I have got..I forgive but i don't forget..



  3. Samadrita says:

    Lol how sweet.Holding on to your anger for too long isn't good anyway :))
    This reminds me I am kind of like you…I lose my anger fast as well.
    Cute pic btw. 😛


  4. Rashmi says:

    LOL this is so sweet a post…me too can't hold my anger for long and then i forget as well that i am supposed to be angry.
    Cheers dear 🙂


  5. Gyanban says:

    Getting angry sometimes is a good thing..and having a laugh about it later is even better.


  6. we all blow hot and cold…but are warm and cool most of the time!!!…that's the important time!


  7. Anu says:

    Haha! I was nodding all the way through this post 🙂 I think it's cute to be able to manage a giggle depite being very angry..




  8. Bikram says:

    Hmmmm I am opposite.. I dont get angry but if i do .. god help the person.. and I am one of those people who won't forget ..

    I do move away from situations now a days but I dont forget..

    A few years ago I use to be a volcano, anything in my hand DHAM…

    But I have learnt to avoid now, you will be happy and surprosed to know that IF you avoid and not react it makes the other MORE FRUSTRATED 🙂 …

    Psst:- dont get angry but..
    I dont know but when i come to your blog, its trying to run some scripts 🙂 dont know what though.. 🙂


  9. Chatterbox says:

    Your post made me smile and feel real good. The fact that I am not the only silly soul who tends to forget what she was angry about within moments of actually getting angry, had made me feel real good :D:D

    It was a fantastic fun read 😀


  10. Phoenixritu says:

    Me too! Sigh – even when the sons demolish the car …. they managed to get off lightly because of my weakness. I hate it


  11. Harini says:

    A similarity between you and me :P. I melt like butter when it comes to be angry for long. I just cant be angry for long… the advantage which most of the people seem to take.


  12. Shilpa says:

    gr8 u dont get angry…. getting angry is injurious to health 🙂


  13. Hahahahaha…..your boyfriend is really lucky.He wont have to deal with ur anger 4 long….lol

    By the way , everytime i visit ur blog…i find a new template….doing a lot of experiments with “looks”,right??



  14. LOL 🙂 I can so pictures this … my kids can make me laugh when I am irritated about something 🙂

    But I think anger can be a very positive and motivating emotion, so long as we don't lose control 🙂


  15. BK Chowla, says:

    Anger is part of life of all of us and is very natural for one to get angry.
    Nut, please dont carry it on you for long.


  16. Guria says:

    @Adi: Yeah, yeah I know! But what about my good valid points of arguments?? 😀

    @Neha: Babes, I'm a forgiver, and only because it makes me feel superior! 😉
    And when I start holding grudges, I never get angry, I go at -20˚C… but still I try not to! 😀

    @Sammy: Yeah, sweet indeed! Laugh away!! 😀

    @Rashmi: Really glad to find a kindred spirit who also forgets!! 😀

    @Gyanban: I can always laugh about getting angry and throwing tantrums, but why just then? Can't let me enjoy a good rage ever! 😀

    @Nalini: That's a great piece of philosophy… will remember it, in fact! Added to my data bank, thanks! :))

    @Anu: Manage a giggle? Girl, they smother me!! Can ytou understand my pain?! 😀
    Oh, first time on this dratted page, eh? A hearty Welcome!! :))

    @Bikram: These are the usual breed, the ones that swell like a bullfrog as I said… 😉
    Okay, don't hit me!! 😀 😀

    @Chatterbox: Another kindred spirit! Who forgets… I'm honoured to know that I'm not the only silly soul too! 😀

    @Phoenixritu: I understand. But just let them get well, and let that formidable female power come down on them! 😀

    @Harini: Neither can I be angry for long. And I console myself, anger is injurious to health anyway! 😀 😀

    @Shilpa: Ahaa, some one empathizes!! 😀

    @IP: Now don't say boyfriend, if he reads this post, he'll call me a LIAR!!! 😀
    Yeah, I'm trying to find that perfect look for my blog. 😛

    @Indianhomemaker: Someday, some wonderful day I am going to be happy that I start laughing wthn seconds of getting angry, but not yet! 😀
    Anger as motivating? Hmm, food for thought.

    @BK Chowla-ji: Right, Sir! But forget long, I'm not allowed to
    even the short-span anger either! :))


  17. Nethra says:

    Be glad that your anger ends up with a laughter because when I'm angry I end up with tears and curses. 😛


  18. savvy says:

    Well i can relate to that to some extent. . I get angry quite quickly and it cools down within minutes. . While reading the post i was smiling kinda it “leaked from the corners”. . My first comment on ur Blog and my first appearance too. . But looks like i'll be one of the regulars of this Blog. . Take care


  19. Roshmi Sinha says:


    Enjoyed reading this post immensely 🙂

    Well, good for you… no BP problems later on…


  20. sagar V says:

    hehe ha you can't be angry.. ok no offence.. but must control angry mood it is good shade of life too..
    have fun with anger too.. grt superb..


  21. lol heeehehee enjoyed the lines “And mine always goes “Phooosh!” 😀 😛

    Anger is your birth right. So indulge in it 😉 😛


  22. Rajlakshmi says:

    lolzzzz i am short tempered… but my anger is for short interval too 😀
    sometimes its better to let go then to build it up 😀 … specially when the consequence is going to be what you mentioned hehehe 🙂


  23. Raj says:

    its actually irritating. specially when you think later. why the f did i laugh? bt then thats life. chaotic and outta control.


  24. Shit man! I too have the same problem! 😛 I pretend that I am angry (I actually am angry!) – but, because of some stupidity of my friends/family, I end up laughing on it! Though, I regret laughing later! 😛


  25. Guria says:

    @Nethra: Well, I guess, there is bound to be some positive sides for both of us! 😛

    @savvy: welcome to MM, and Congratulations on your debut in here!! 😀
    Thanks, and hope to see you around.
    Laughter really leaks, trust me.

    @Roshmi: Hi girl! i knew there should be some advantages of being fooled in your anger! Glad you laughed! 😀

    @sagar V: Fun with anger? I think others have all the fun with my anger! 😀 😛
    Oh, and welcome to MM! 🙂

    @Lakshmi: Gee, you are so nice! 😛
    well, it is indeed trhe sound it makes while running away! 😀

    @Rajlakshmi: Sigh! If only that practicality would make a place in my head too… 😀

    @Raj: Welcome to MM! You got it exactly… 😀

    @Arjit: Waah, waah! I'm the a very selfish individual, happy that so many share the similar symptoms! 😀
    Oh, and Welcome. 😉

    @rsv: Yaaayyyy! 😀


  26. Had read this post long back but cudnt comment since I was in a hurry. I am the opposite girl. It takes a while for me to cool down 😦 No matter how much people try to crack jokes and make me calm, I keep sulking for sometime. Good thing that you forget soon 🙂


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