Catharsis Part-I

I am jobless and hopeless!
Well, the first is not exactly true and the second will get me killed by those who always keep up a flow of encouragement so that I do not think it! They won’t like knowing that they are doing a very lousy job! (You aren’t, but then my moods are legendary)
Honestly, setbacks are not my cup of tea. I need to be moving forward constantly. People have been telling me (well-wishers of course) to enjoy this time that I have because I won’t be getting a time like this back in uhhh… about another 15 years at least! Even if I take time off for honeymoon during that time! No relaxing!!
But I can’t F***ing RELAX!!
I need to get off my a** and work!
My idle mind works overtime and dredges up the most improbable and impossible catastrophes to inflict torment on self! How more pathetic can you get than that!
Oh, by the way, to top it all, we are on Tsunami Alert!!! Would you believe it!
Last night I was on my bed, yet to sleep, when suddenly my bed started shaking and just wouldn’t stop! It slowed down for a bit and again resumed for a few more seconds while I was vacillating between jumping off the bed or not! I was more baffled than scared as to what was happening, but whatever I thought, I didn’t think of an earthquake! Well, yes sirree, that exactly what it was, an earthquake. It originated on the Bay of Bengal near the Andaman Islands and it scored a whopping 7.8 on Richter scale and this morning I got it from the papers that India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand all have been warned- there may be a damn Tsunami!
They are saying there are no reports for anymore tremors, the alert may be on its way to cancellation! Thank god for small blessings!
But I have decided to campaign (don’t ask how but there must be a way and with help, we will find it) for saving and expanding the mangrove forests in the Sunderbans! It is all that protects Calcutta and West Bengal from being flooded and being hit by tsunami. It was proved when the massive tsunami had hit a few years back, we were protected and saved from the worst effects of the crazed ocean only as a result of the deflecting the biggie! Even the low pressure emanating from the Bay of Bengal creating cyclones and hurricanes have bypassed our city, Calcutta and our State only because they have been routed my the mangrove forests at the mouth of Ganges and Bay of Bengal. Have anyone ever thought about it!
So, I was thinking it was high time we did something to preserve the Sunderbans. It is those forests that have saved lives and properties over and again. And God forbid, if we are indeed severely hit by this lack of protection, I doubt we’ll be able to recuperate. Aila itself has left us crippled when it didn’t even hit us completely.
So my catharsis goes, and I’m championing causes (it is an important one!). It does give me direction and purpose. I am an idealist and do want to do good in this world, not matter how small, in my own way.
Anyways, writing in my blog is always cleansing! I am really feeling good about myself and am not feeling hopeless anymore! Victory!!!
P.S. I am going swimming today after a long time and so, I’m off to find my skimpiest swimsuit!!
Just kidding! 😉

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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