Catharsis Part-III: I Have an Addiction. Finally!

I am trying to keep the pace but working from home has become tough, as blogging has become very addicting to me. To top that I follow and read so many good bloggers/writers (much better than me… almost :P) that even if they don’t write regularly there are at least 3-4 new posts everyday that begs reading and commands commentating!

Add to the mix, awards or more aptly recognition by fellow bloggers. This has been my lucky week. First an overwhelming response (if you don’t believe me, see the comments below the post) from co-bloggers to my Blog-a-Ton contest post. Being commended by writers, who could very well be on their way to write their first best-sellers, was a heady feeling. Then the blogging awards, incentive to thicken your glasses, poring over the computer; my first ever by V (thank god, I posted it already!), then Shruti (that girl is a step ahead of everybody, gave me two, just imagine!) and my very dear Rohini (she’s the better part of blogging-me!). A post dedicated to them is still pending.

Okay next in the equation are words. No, not the comments type. But the openly praising, making me blush, out-for-everyone to read types. I didn’t win the Blog-a-Ton, really! There was no chance (if you have read the others, I was at best a spark compared to others’ fire, at least, that’s what I thought). But why does it feel that I am also a winner? Vipul’s words at the Blog-a-Ton’s result post.

In a transitory stage between the student-she-was and the teacher-she-will-be, Guria is clear about one thing that its way past the time to bring back the true spirit and glory of the teachers. (You’ll definitely make a great teacher).

Then Shruti’s in her award post. If you read Hits and Misses, you would obviously understand the value her words have.

And finally what upended all my maturity and had me behaving like the kid I try not to be, was Indian Pundit, one of the joint winners of Blog-a-Ton. That crazy, demented and brilliant guy not only had voted for me but wrote about me in his post! Embarassed, shy, teeny-weeny bit of pride all rolled-in-one, I’m not sure what my reactions should be… confused, confused!! (i’m not going to copy-paste what he wrote, let me maintain at least a modicum of modesty)

Oh, and I also have tags pending! I rue the day when I wished people would tag me! Whew!

So, all in all I am unable keep away from the Blogosphere when i need to be researching universities and their faculties, not to mention prepare for classes. Applications are huddled in the corner. Me, a refined blogger having trouble with writing my SOPs (Just imagine I am having trouble praising myself! May be I’ll ask Indian Pundit to do it for me!). I am not able to comment as often as I’d like to, my farm in Facebook is withering (keep forgetting the harvest time) and not going to work at Yoville. But try as I may I couldn’t take a page out of Sid aka Ravan’s book and abstain. I’m too much in love with writing here and reading and comments. Finally I have an addiction (or several).

P.S. My To-Do list is completely crammed. And I cannot stay away from blogging. No wonder I am bawling my heart out.

And others think I am jobless, having a great time sitting at home! Hah! If this is no work, God, please give me work!

N.B. A very honest post after a long time. it is not prohibited, is it?

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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22 Responses to Catharsis Part-III: I Have an Addiction. Finally!

  1. Dhiman says:

    'Blogging' is one heady addiction and all of us are bit by it :D… so Welcome to the club !!!


  2. Neha says:

    oh blogging is an addiction…the moment i post my write up, i start thinking about the next one…in between the work, i keep going on my blogger's home page to check for the latest posts…once i am done reading them, I go to my farm and work there…god, i have so many agreements pending…but, I have my own company, so i can afford to do all these things n work whn i become totally vella 🙂

    I mentioned it thr, ur teacher's day post was indeed very nice…i tried to write one, but it turned out to be a disaster 😦

    u write well…good luck 🙂


  3. Yellow Tulip says:

    blogging is an addiction..totally true..n hey u farm too!!..he he…tats one more addiction which i hav currently:)..

    keep bloggin :) to read ur posts:)


  4. Yellow Tulip says:

    hey i do exactlly hw neha does!!…totally addicted to blogs and my farm!!..he he..

    keep bloggin:)


  5. R S V says:

    Now I think am also suffering from the same disease….an addiction…
    and truly speaking I am very much impressed by your way of writing…


  6. pra says:

    Hearty congrats on all your awards and rewarda and praises. It is good to have them! They work wonders!! Blogging is addiction.But you will be able to tone it down by a bit of a practice!! I used to read and write from 11:00 PM upto 3:00 AM in the morning! I still sometimes do that!!But I have cut it down remarkably!!


  7. Kay says:

    it's all about doing what you love, there are so many other addictions you could have, so glad you picked a good one! 🙂


  8. pawan says:

    I have seen an excerpt from your post on IP's blog!
    You write really well, and I must accept that!
    And as Kay said, you took the right form of addiction!


  9. Shilpa says:

    Hey there! First time on this blog and i must say, it is one beautiful blog..Will read your other posts soon!!!
    and one more thing, thanks for your encouraging words and joining me at 'my wandering thoughts'



  10. Shruti says:

    But see the way 'The misfit girl' describes it!!
    Hey Guria (a) Sreya (a) Misfit girl, this is what makes me addicted to your blog!

    EVEN AM ADDICTED TO BLOGING!! you can see that from my presence 😛


  11. Can I Tag along with your addiction.. pretty too me too.

    Thanks for all those sweet words.

    And you deserve every word of praise being said for you. cherish them.. they are the stepping stones to your success ..

    All the best dear..


  12. Kaka says:

    i get a feeling this is a new template…nice one…:)…u deserve the awards…and talking about blog addiction the first thing i do in the morning when i wake up and after every 5 min is the blogger dashboard….checking for new posts and comments…:P…


  13. hahahahaha…….great post yaar.

    “…had me behaving like the kid I try not to be….”

    Its good to be children again…even if momentarily……

    “…That crazy, demented and brilliant guy not only had voted for me but wrote about me in his post!…”

    Simply because “Embarassed, shy, teeny-weeny bit of pride all rolled-in-one” Sreya deserved it……..

    and yeah blogging is an addiction……me for example. Maa gets really angry if i stay online for hours…lol


  14. “Just imagine I am having trouble praising myself! May be I'll ask Indian Pundit to do it for me!”

    hahahahaha.sure sure..anytime.



    You have an award waiting for u in my blog.

    You know i got 4 awards in a row….hahahaha……

    Cheers and collect it.


  16. Hmmmm……..changing of blog templates repeatedly is a sure shot sign of a Blog-addict!!!!



  17. Hey…….thats awesome yaar.

    Now i am blushing.




  18. Ok…i did not understand a word!!!


  19. ok…understood…u also are addicted to blog…awesome..


  20. Yeah baby!! Blogging is something like watching Friends series back to back. Once you start, you are addicted like you said. all I do everyday is blog even if I don't have the time to study!! LOL


  21. Aditya says:

    Welcome aboard girl. Glad you chose the best addiction in this world 😉


  22. Haha.. same here gal.. even I have become soooo addicted to this.. 🙂


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