Thinking out Loud…

…and nothing more. Just some haphazard thoughts that were there in my mind, ricocheting about, where better than my own blog to give them a form. If you (the reader) are too incensed, or offended (trust me, You are the last thing on my mind) please don’t leave a comment or else your wrath may get through and burn my new slippers. 

So, most of us may have taken Biology (hey, don’t flinch, basic Biology) in school? I mean they might have taught us about brains and stuff. Of course, we remember the “stuff” more, but since I have read Biology closely and with a “maverick” mind (meaning on request or may be some other post), I have noticed one small fact: Generally, men have more neurones in their brain as compared to women. Grey matter content (neurones) in males is 55.4% and in females, 51% .

Right so what’s a neurone? It is simply defined as the structural and functional unit of brain. Without going into much of a Biology class, let me tell you, that you understand or perceive things (viz. the five senses, can you name them? Without Google-ing?) is transmitted as information to the brain and your reactions from the brain, all via neurones.

Now, to get back to the thing at hand, the number of neurones in an individual brain is not fixed. But this is more or less the average number. A female human brain is lighter and smaller too.

So essentially this is one reason why men claim to be smarter than women. Biological proof. 

So agree the boys too, in class. Just like you did. As soon as the statement is made, they sit up, look around, puff out their chests and give an “oh yeah, I am superior” look. (Otherwise they do doubt themselves, poor guys, still young)

So women have a million (or so) less neurones or brain cells. 

So are women less smart? YES.

Because if women had brain cells equal to that of a man then-

  • Women already compete with men in every sphere, what would have the men done?
  • Women, nowadays juggle career and home with ease. (Try asking a man to do it) What will be left if women started doing even more than this?
  • Women still want (or, is it need?) a man and of course, to change bulbs, lift the heavy objects, carry the bags (I personally can read maps very well so, I am leaving that out) and a few other things that a machine can’t do. Let’s not change that status-quo.
  • Even that dumb-est woman can leave a man mouth-hanging-open, so let’s not add extra brains (or grey matter) to that, and save the poor guy.
  • And the biggest reason of all: Women are already not understood by men, let’s not give them more headaches.

[A lot have been crammed already into the above sentences, let’s not do more.]

So, women need to be less smart, in order to be an equal partner of some semblance to men, otherwise, men would be intimidated by them, without exception this time.

And as for the biology, I think neurones (or grey matter) should be mentioned according to the number that are put to use. For men, I think the synapses (the connections between neurones) are very less.

Of course, I make allowance for the fact that even with less grey matter women are much more complex whereas men are all simple, a ton

N.B. I am a woman (or girl, whatever) who is in love with a wonderful man, who loves her back too (given my sunny disposition, it’s not that easy). So kindly understand, for a woman who thinks the sun rises and keeps rising in her man, I have nothing against any gender (read: men) but being an pursuer of science I’m just making an “detached” scientific observation.

This is just an observation, loopholes, if any, will be closed later. (Right now I am in a hurry, going out to save the world) 

I think everyone who read this post will be interested in the continustion, rather the next part to the post : There’s A Reason… 

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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56 Responses to Thinking out Loud…

  1. Shilpa says:

    Congrats for winning Blog-A-Ton!!!



  2. Guria says:

    Thanks so much, Shilpa! 🙂


  3. Hahahahahahahaha………Congratulations Sreya…….hahahahahahahaha

    You maybe surprised by this victory but i am NOT…….

    Because good things happen to good people.

    Thats the bottomline. Because IndianPundit said so.


  4. Actually your post was too awesome………too beautiful……..too good……too pure………just like you……



  5. CONGRATS girl!!! you really deserved it! I have become a fan of your writing style.. the way you use words and I love the fact that your post never said anything bad about India.. and you just emphasized on what is good!


  6. Neha says:

    u published tht comment? gal, kya hoga tera..:)))


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