There’s A Reason…

…for Thinking Out Loud… (read the post and the oppositions err.. comments beneath it)

Okay, I am a woman, happy to be one, and a believer in, as the statement goes, “If men are the enemy, I am in love with the enemy”. This is to make you understand (of course, that is only possible if there’s no buzzing going on in your head and you are really reading with an objective mind) that I do not believe in or condone the eternal “Man or Woman?” feud. This piece was actually a funny post, every one knows that. The haphazard thought was: Amount of grey cells alone cannot define a brain, any brain, whatever be the sex, but the observation should be done according to how much of those cells are actually working. (Even if you are not in research, you would understand the implications) 

But yes, I had a point to prove too. 

In this Blogosphere, I have come across authors, with disclaimers and all, who bitch (yes that’s the exact word, and don’t make it an issue) about women in general and in good fun, of course. But the readers and commentators they are the ones who make me laugh. The male commentators laugh a lot. And the women readers react. The male readers then laugh even harder. 

What I wanted to show you is that, when I tweaked (not even poke or scratch) the male ego, even indirectly, the men (most) reacted the same way (defensively or, got terribly serious to a funny post) as the women do. 

My point is we (men ‘n’ women) are different, no doubt about that, but we should respect and honour that, instead of, even jokingly, playing the “I’m-superior-you’re-inferior” game. Is it really necessary for either of the sex to be inferior to prove the other superior? It’s sad if you think this is true. Often what is done in fun, crosses that line, unaware. And I’m talking about women who bitch about men, too. I believe, not only man and woman are unique, every individual is unique. Kid, joke, but please do not belittle the other, in the process you end up belittling yourself, your gender, your species.

I am saying this to both the Men and the Women. Men and women will always need each other, whatever be the differences. 

And one more thing to all the men, a comment, however jokingly made, sometimes has the ability to make us, the women react (especially in a society where the shackles are just loosening where women are concerned), be grateful that you are not a woman fielding those snide remarks about your gender.

I just wanted to say that, men are awesome just as they are and we, women, are also good in the same yet different way. We love you the way you are, and why don’t you do the same, outside of your house, in front of others also? 🙂

I hope you got what I wanted to tell you before you got offended and irritated all over again! Please, I’m twisting my own ear! No more of this! Dear God, what had made me write this, even if this is my own damn blog! 

Lots of love, G. 🙂 

Alas, I had tried so hard to make it an scientific observation.

P.S. No one gave me the names of the five senses. Without Google-ing, mind you! You can fool me but not yourself! 😉 

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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27 Responses to There’s A Reason…

  1. Hehe.. now I understood the whole point of thinking out loud 😉 Good lesson taught for all the macho men!! I guess now they will stop making comments on us(women) 😀
    “I just wanted to say that, men are awesome just as they are and we, women, are also good in the same yet different way. ” -> too good a statement..


  2. Neha says:


    won't write anything else…but ah, couldn't stop myself from scribbling something 😉


  3. Guria says:

    I had disabled Comments at first. then I thought “what the hell, let all hell break loose”… So, I am ready… Shoot (without the gun)!


  4. “Make two unequal things equal is also an inequality “

    I read this quote somewhere…
    I think it is absolutely true.

    ….”we should respect and honour that, instead of, even jokingly, playing the “I'm-superior-you're-inferior” game”.

    I support your point. We should not become tools in the hands of isms.


  5. kasabiangirl says:

    Nice observation and quite an interesting post you have written


  6. pra says:

    I have not read the post I am in hurrey just now but I will read it afterwords and comment on it definately. But first I am here to congratulate you! CONGRATS!!!!
    YOU deserve it!”THE BLOG-A-TONIC of the month!!


  7. Sapphire says:

    Hey 🙂 🙂 Aah! Someone is trying to peacefully resolve the Battle Of The Sexes…
    I agree – men and women = two sides of the same coin….what's the point of quarreling that one is superior to the other – even if one is, so what? Can you get rid of that one group and manage on your own? OF COURSE NOT!!


  8. ARJuna says:

    Firstly I hope you got yourself a new pair of slippers.
    Ok, let me tell you when I read “Thinking Out Loud” I thought 'Here's another male blogger trying to ruffle up the gender debate by counting neurons'
    And I must say I was in for a surprise read that you were a lady yourself, that was when I realised that this was just a dose of good sarcastic humour.
    However let me tell you all the responses to your post that raced through my mind (before I realised you were one of the female species)
    Firstly – Size and Quantity in case of brain or brawn do not account for anything it all depends on utilising what you have efffectively.
    Secondly – Men are more logical in thinking and acting, while women have a emotional side to all of their thoughts opinions and actions.
    For effective and successful planning and decision making we need both practicality and emotion in equal amounts.
    Maybe thats why God has designed us in such a way that every man is incomplete without a woman and every woman is incomplete without a man.
    But now after reading this post of yours I must say you are the one who knows more than I do about the man-woman dynamics with you being in love and all!!!
    Thanks for coming by my blog. I appreciate that you felt my post deserved a vote. Yours was brilliant and deserved to be the BATOM. Congrats.


  9. soin says:

    i remember arguing something with u some time when i read ur last post i saw the net..ur job that??anyways its fun to infuriate the other sex.. i mean to a certain level.. and no both the sex should not understand each other.. they should fight. otherwise takes lot of fun our of this world..and there are some people called gays and lesbis who dont seem to need the xcuse length..


  10. BK Chowla says:

    This is my first visit here.
    I would like to read again and come back with reaction.


  11. Guria says:

    Firstly Girls, I am sorry I didn't want to publish your comments right away! Sorry about that! 🙂


    The whole objective of the two posts was to say it is NOT possible to do a who's-superior-and-who'-not. I think, man and woman with their mind sets are completely different for us to do an unbiased comparison. 🙂


  12. Guria says:

    Hey ARjuna

    That was funny, you thinking I am a guy n all! 😀
    But I don't know whether you realise that you indirectly proved the point of this post. 🙂
    Thanks for the input!
    And your Indian Dream honestly touched hearts (not only mine)… Kudos to that! 🙂
    I am glad you think mine was good too 😛
    But you didn't vote this time, did you? Why not?

    Thanks for dropping by. See you around… 🙂


  13. HaRy!! says:

    my my my..some one is trying to resolve the big battle :)!! yeah yeah and scientific observation? ha ha ha… if i start to comment then it ll appear like a small blog in here…so all is implicit i guess 🙂 cya around



  14. Guria says:

    Hi soin

    Good to see you! I was wondering where you were in the last post! 😀
    Yeah, I complete condone fighting of the good kind, but it often escalates into something not good. That's where one should take care. It should never become something hurtful. Right? Exactly as you said “to a certain level”
    And as for gays and lesbians, absolutely true… I'll drop you a line about a guest post I'm writing! 😀


  15. vEnKy says:

    Big deal i can tell you the 5 senses without googling, but you cant hear me because i can only feel the keys and type. U can see my pic but
    u cant smell my stinky t-shirt after an hour sport. I guess if one reads this comment they would lose all their senses 🙂


  16. Shruti says:

    Haan!! Now i understand the reason why you have written this post! I was curious of knowing the reason. That's why i didn't comment on your earlier post!
    Now am clear of the reason!!
    Where you get these ideas for writing such a damn cute post??
    May be i should ask your grey matter! Its a refreshing post! Made me look into the biology books of my 12th std!

    Sreya, you are a WRITER


  17. yeah..we do need each other..and that how the life makes u ..yet it is beautiful, may be i must say, becase of that it is beautiful..

    🙂 Have a nice day..


  18. resolving “battle of the sexes” …. thats a pretty hard thing u tried there…. Best of luck

    @ VEnky
    I think u missed out “taste”


  19. R S V says:

    first of all…
    congrats for the blog a ton…
    you deserved it…
    u are a “complete” writer….


  20. R S V says:

    I won't say anything about the post though…I think most of the things have been said..
    I agree with the points u put forward..
    scientifically we can say that man and woman are two poles of a magnet and unipolar magnets never exist…


  21. What I wanted to show you is that, when I tweaked (not even poke or scratch) the male ego, even indirectly, the men (most) reacted the same way (defensively or, got terribly serious to a funny post) as the women do.

    But some men DID NOT fall into ur “trap”……..hahahahahaha

    You know who those men are(or should i say ONE MAN?)…..dont u?



  22. On this topic i wanna say….KICK THE GENDER OUT…..lets treat each others as “individuals”.


  23. Yellow Tulip says:

    he he…this was fun reading!!….sorry yaar:)…but i jus enjoy this too much:)…better than ur last “i'm superior n noo ur not” errors:)!!… tu tu mai mai!!…he he


  24. vEnKy says:

    @ swami naveen thanks
    @ guria

    Ya i was eating Mirchi bajji while commenting and you pluck that from me. So that makes it 6 so one is a bonus.


  25. Tanmaya says:

    Good point!!
    Frankly speaking i find this gender talk very baseless… what does it matter who is superior as long as we both genders get together and work our way towards development…
    but our country has been very actively practicing gender bias… so it is a lil difficult to bring in normalcy….
    thumbs up for your post!!!
    thank you for visiting my blog earlier.. i appreciate it…


  26. Guria says:

    I am very sorry for not being able to reply to the comments, as I am held up in work… but I promise to do so whenever I get the time. Till then do keep visiting and reading, and leaving your invaluable words behind! 🙂


  27. Very well written and good points made.. I am a budding Neuroscientist and therefore all the brain stuff u talked about in your previous post made perfect sense to me.. I also read the posts on Sid-O-Scope and they are amazing too.
    Here is sumthing I wrote on the same lines.. maybe a lil bit serious note..


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