And a Wedding!

In the US of frickin’ A!!
I must have really looked pitiful that God could not not notice me any further, and sent a package of wonderful celebrations my way!
I had an invitation to the wedding of two very wonderful people I have the honor of knowing and being counted among their friends. A small, quiet wedding, limited by the fact both of them are still students, not unlike me (just a few years senior), it was in no way a small celebration of joy! Being a part of an unexpected occasion, and in arrangements, preparations and the final vows, looking at the wedding so closely made the elusive happiness reappear in my life with the promise of brightening up not only the weekend, but days afterwards. So far, it is staying up to its promise.
The bride and groom were seniors from home whom I had never met but heard of. The bride makes me feel like a younger sister that I never have been while the groom is the really a king of raunchy, witty quips, great company and timeless addas. They are two people who have made their home a haven for the bereft, the lost like me, in the US. So much so, that when I am with them (too less for my liking), I forget that I’m still in the other country!
Their families weren’t here but their friends from all other parts of the US were here, who had rushed to their side to share their happiness as they exchanged rings and vows. They were equally wonderful and the times we had, the fun, the laughter is something that I will always cherish. To think I didn’t know of them before, it is like we’ll never forget each other after. No one was family by blood but no one, witnesses to the wonderful union, was anything less than that.
We had a bachelorette party the evening before with hilarious outcomes. The bride-to-be had to clean, cook and work, which I found to be entirely wrong, a reason I chipped in to help. Indian brides, wherever in the world they may, shouldn’t work the day before they tie the knot! And as I said, she, to me, is the elder sister I never had and always yearned for. At the party, everything was simply fabulous. One of our another married friends had thrown an amazing bash for her, and by the bride’s explicit instruction it was not supposed to be dinner, but just high tea. We stayed at her place, on a weekday, with work calling the next day, till 3 am. And we (a friend and I) were the first to leave (since I had to go to lab the next morning and get out early to attend the wedding the next afternoon!). With great food, impromptu pasta dinner, edible chocolate body icing (don’t you want to know!), aborted attempts to watch blue films and settling for jab we Met (what a demotion and disappointment for us ‘kids’!!), dancing with (and like) Jeetendra to “O Taki, o taki…”, mehendi that the bride insisted on applying to everyone’s hands after hers had dried and loads of snaps, it was a perfect evening to set off the celebrations. While the guys decided to do something that they never do, since the women were not there anyway (and our hostess’ husband was prohibited from coming back home) – drink. Of course, give it to them to come up with something sooo original! But of course they can thank their stars that we didn’t follow up on our intial plans (and hopes?!) to go to a strip club! (The bride said that is the grossest thing she can think of, she’d rather watch a woman strip! ;))
The day after, I wore a saree!! A new one that my mom had given me before I had come for the Durga puja celebrations and one I had not worn. The bride not only looked resplendent but breath-taking. I’d never seen her look that beautiful. After a couple of hours of pampering at a salon, which was a lot for her, she was not only looking stunning but was glowing. As the hour approached for the Justice of Peace to arrive, the visits to the bathroom increased for the jumpy groom. (Men will be men will be men… and replace men with immature)
It was a wonderful ceremony! It was very moving, and almost brought tears to our eyes. The bride choked slightly on her vows, which was only when we realized amidst all the fun the gravity of the big step the two were committing too. It was awe-inspiring and humbling. Whilst the groom’s voice carried loud and clear when he repeated his vows clasping his bride’s hands firmly. It was really, really amazing. 
The fun, of course, didn’t stop there. It continued way after the ceremony with great Indian food, best since I have come to the States, unstoppable adda the way only Bengalis can, ribbing and taesing, unwrapping gifts, lots more photo sessions (must have clicked more than 1000 pics altgether) and sublime happiness for everyone. I had to leave early sadly, though my new friends wanted me to stay overnight, but I needed the weekend to start studying for the exam I had ignored until then.
It was a celebration – small yet unpretentious, significant and real. It was the best wedding ever!
It was a perfect picture of a perfect couple!
Of course, they are going to get married twice more in the coming year in India – a Bengali wedding and the nikaah, but this was, and will be, to them too, just special.
The groom will always remember asking his bride-to-be in the evening after work one ordinary day, chal, let’s get married (the way one asks out for coffee), and replying to her question (are you serious?), I am waiting for you by the car downstairs to go and apply for the license… And the bride shrugged, A’right , I’ll be down in a minute. 

Little did they know, my distraught state over missing all the weddings important to me and the pleas to God for letting me attend at least one wedding, would result in them being irreversibly tied them in wedlock, forever right now!

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