Two Years on the Trot

Maverick Misfit turns two today as do I in this enigmatic, surreal world that will always be a part of me, whether I be or not.
And it seems fitting in the history of Me, the Maverick and the Misfit girl, the history of joys and more joys, of friends and clashing swords, of winning and winning more, in a world where you can never lose, a world where I also could be fleeting celebrity, that the first birthday wishes, even the reminder, came from my (my blog and I) blog-twin, my soul-sister – the quintessential best friend across time and space – Neha. Of course.
This virtual world would be the last place a normal person would associate with love and lasting relationships. But that is exactly what we get out of being an invisible but breathing entity of this cherished space in our lives. I rediscovered my knack and love for writing, explored and learned, broadened my views, traveled my country, met people, found friends, read the myriad of gems of fertile minds, celebrated, laughed, wept and cried out in outrage – all sitting in front of a glowing screen with twenty-six alphabets at my fingertips.
I was tending to my creepy-crawly (right now, I am working with worms, my model organism to study aging – yes, this writer is actually a scientist by profession – don’t be too alarmed) when I received this post in my email (with an irritating post-script of explicit instruction saying ‘for your eyes only’), a post of celebrating love,  and a birthday.
“In every word I write, you write, being the smart and somewhat talented writers that we are, we can find each other some where between the quotes, among the sarcasm, sprinkled with love in every page of our blogs that we have traveled across… laid out in the open yet hidden from all but the one who knows”
Rephrasing what the best gift my blog ever gave me, wrote to me. the one who had written the hundredth post among others, for this blog when the blog had turned one.
In a more real world of struggling with moving ahead, balancing relationships with people you’ve seen and met, a chasm forms but in this world that is closer and more real for the honest beating hearts, there can never be distance, never be time lost. I pine for her, as I pine for the blog neglected in my pursuit to be the some body I envision myself as. But the love never recedes, but only deepens.
It is a virtual, surreal world but the people in it, real, more real than what they can dare to be.
So, it is my birthday today, one of a re-birth. For all people I have found, who have loved me a lot, sometimes not liked me so much (but rarely ignored me!), for the story in me, the words that now flow off my fingertips from the farthest, forgotten recesses of my mind, and to that person of my life who had literally compelled me to pick up the pen again, I live on.
And for all those who read me, for they want to, for whom I am the Misfit girl, known in spite of my forays away from this world, the ones who have kept me alive, loved me for who I am and not for what I couldn’t be, I thank you for being a support system and a wonder that sustains this writer and makes this amazing world (and birthday) even more beautiful!
Once I had called blogging an addiction, but today I call it passion of survival and this blog is my baby of that unbridled, uninhibited passion…. and here my baby completed two glorious years of the several more to come.
Happy Birthday to Me! 

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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10 Responses to Two Years on the Trot

  1. Debosmita says:

    Hey, Happy Birthday to your blog; hope it becomes more and more awesome day by day 🙂

    Its strange how a single activity called blogging has brought so many people closer, despite having never met in person. I am always amazed at the strong impact written words can have in one's life.

    Keep blogging and keep on being the maverick misfit girl that you are. You are an asset to the blogosphere 🙂


  2. wowwieee congrats a lot. 😀

    2 years eh… 😀



  3. D2 says:

    Congratulations. A blog doesn't turn two everyday and your post befits the mood. All the very best for the next year. 🙂


  4. Neha says:

    happy birthday to you..and us 🙂


  5. Roshmi Sinha says:

    Wow! Choooo chweet! How many teeth does the baby have now?


  6. A very happy bday to your bloggie girl! It is because of this blog that we met and became friends. I am so glad we met 🙂 Congrats for completing 2 yrs!!!


  7. Bikramjit says:

    Happy birthday to your blog.. it always been lovely to come to this blog and read what you write..
    right from the very first one i read about a leapord 🙂 i hope you remmeber he hehe e

    congrats and all the best


  8. Guria says:

    @Debosmita: Thank you! Being called an asset by you is an honour. 🙂

    @Sid: partyyy? maybe when MM turns 10! 😀

    @D2: Thank you. I did turn a bit sappy,

    @Neha: Yaaaayyy!! :))

    @Roshmi: Good question. But it has been snapping and biting from the very start, hasn;t it? 😀

    @Makk: Thanks! 🙂

    @Avada: I am so glad too that we met!! You guys are the real prize! 🙂

    @Bikram: I remember too! Glad you still find you way in here! 🙂


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