Tribute to the Misfit Friends

At the end of all trials and tribulations, tonight what really moves us the people we were, the friends we have been and the times we shared… this is a tribute from me to all those people and the two years that will be, despite its shortcomings, my true college days.
Till now, very conscientiously and meticulously have i refrained from naming names… but here in this tribute to those people whose faces i carry with me as all of us journey ahead i just have to tell them… thank you.
Subhodeep Ray and Suman Banerjee
I could not decide who to write about first, so i’m writing about you both together, as i realise it will be utterly wrong to choose between the two! I have known these two for five years now, and at the end of it they still remain to be two of the best people i have come across. And it is not because i owe it them big time, but because they made all our times spent worthwhile. Of course, i owe it big time to these people! I still haven’t returned Suman’s Zoology Practical Book, well my practical marks were actually his… and Subho, well, i not only managed to crack that SKG and MB’s parts in Physical Chemistry paper in our Honors but i actually managed to get highest in that paper (does it sound like i am showing off? when i’m supposed to show you people off!!)… Suman and Subho are those kinda’ people who’ll be there, once-a-friend-always-a-friend types. Both are crazy about women, one very subtly and the other blatantly, but are true gentlemen. My best conversations about sports were with these people. I love those fights about Indian Cricket Team and Sourav Ganguly/ Rahul Dravid, Suman and I siding against Subho… your side can never get more strong than having Suman with you, he’s enough to reduce the other side into tears in the most hilarious of ways… and Subho, well, all the fun is in going against his views, his expressions are priceless… and the best thing is neither gives up, or accept defeat, no matter who’s right or who’s not! Two of the most care-free people, but never callous… you’ll never hear them say a single word of gravity… the word “serious” scares the daylights out of them, they’ll always say they are the men of good times (spare us the tears)… and the hardearned oh-so-cool, don’t-give-a-damn attitude of theirs, they can and love to fool all. I was fooled too… till i saw them become so serious in the blink of an eye, be there when you need, and truly, really care. At times, guys, you were the ones who resurrected my belief in friendship… To say thank-you to you wouldn’t do justice to the kinds of friends you have been… but i hope it will suffice to say that you’ll be the first who i’ll cherish and take with me while i’ll travel down the road… Of all people these two deserve the best of what they can have, they do have their failings, several of them, but then all of us do… but rarely is it the case that the failings are way surpassed by the goodness. I do wish i can have you with me than just the stipulated five years,… but if that’s not done, i’m grateful for knowing you at all…
(By the way guys, whenever either of you have thought that i’ve left you out, believe me, you were not mentioned ’cause your presence was understood)
P.S. All this friendship-business with me was because i’m one of the nice guys in your books, nah??? and not because of any “soft corners”, right?? well i do know of at least one!!! 😉
And the order of the names is according to ‘visibility’… as in if had put Suman ahead of Subho, the latter wouldn’t be seen right! (I’m talkin’ about heights, buddy!)
Pradipta Chakraborty
Well, what can one say about a girl who is the most sellfless… Like i never knew that boys could be so complicated, i also never knew girls can be true and forthright. I have known her for the least amount of time, who turned out to be worth her weight in gold (a consolation if you gain weight again!) who thinks of everybody. The reason I know the time will not be the factor ’cause we share the same idea of right and wrong and aren’t cowards to own up when we are wrong, and this girl is strong enough to stand up to what is wrong, even for someone who is no one to her, and even then when all the cowards run for cover and there is no one to stand by her side. This girl is so special, that when she loves it completes you… she believes in the goodness of people. I only wish that she can love herself as completely and rediscover her uncrushable spirit that has gotten lost somewhere under the heavy burden of her breaking faith in people. But if someone can pick up the broken pieces and rebuild from a scratch, it is her… i just can’t wait to see her reincarnated…
You are a jewel… i cannot not say ‘thank you’… it has been a privilege being your friend!
Sourav Ghosh
What i like best about him is his name (after Sourav Ganguly yaar, and please no commments about this)…
Jokes apart, Sourav is one guy who smiles when everything around him is falling apart. All of us go beserk, when the order of our lives is disturbed only a bit and this guy moves through gales, smiling. He is one of the most honest, down-to-earth guys i have met… he does not hold out for popularity since he is not a “funny” guy and speaks stark, undiplomatic truths… but for me that’s wherein lies his charm. He is bold and brave enough to give a rat’s ass to what others think and not scared or ashamed of who he is, which cannot be said for a lot of others. He may not be ‘cool’ but he is genuine… and i’ve been lucky to be counted amongst one of his friends… thanks, bro’!
Ankan Banerjee
What can i say about Ankan… some gaps are too large to be filled. Ankan and I are kinda’ two of a type… emotional fools to begin with. He looks at life in blacks and whites and has a hard time keeping emotions out of his decisions not unlike me. But unlike me he tends to go overboard so often, swayed so much by what others say and misses out on the fine line between what’s offensive and what’s funny. But he is one good guy, a good friend at times… he has got a pure heart, he tries not to hurt people but he is childish in so many ways, he ends up doing what he does not want to. Knowing Ankan was mostly a fun-ride, he has the guts where others do not, he has the heart when others’ are made of stone… you are a wonderful human being!
You are the best of the lot whom i discovered in these two years, a true and honest man who is immensely fun to be with…. thanks for the good times!
Sreedeep Mukherjee
The only thing i knew about this person was that he was ‘the first boy in Physiology’ and immediately had him classified as a Nerd… i had spent time with a certain someone bitching about how much we didn’t like him and giving way to my dislike (well i can be forgiven for that ’cause the bitching and dislike was mutual!)… but then, like i said, i’m never scared of owning upto i’m wrong… i can say i was wrong, i admire him too for having the guts to own up too, when the others didn’t. We do not see eye to eye on a lot of things and our wavelengths simply do not match… but again with all his failings, he is good guy who’s motivated enough to motivate you back, helpful enough to not calculate the back-benefits in helping out, trustworthy and gallant enough to know to keep his word. It’s been a pleasure!

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5 Responses to Tribute to the Misfit Friends

  1. Tirtha says:

    I was here, nd i promise that I will be back for many more!


  2. Sreya says:

    You have to be, you know, back to read more you know… no one else reads my blog, after all and am not goin' to lose the only person who does… even if i have to keep buggin' you till you do ! 😉


  3. who sd dat no one else reads ur blog…i was waitin to see u write abt me….amader ta kobe likhbi reeeeeeee???????????


  4. Guria says:

    Hell, I had no idea, I don't know what to say….
    I AM SHOCKED !!!! :O
    I have a reader i didn't coerce into reading!!! 😀


  5. This is becoming like “ekta kapoor soaps”…..coming up and coming up….but nothing is actually coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡


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