Maverick speaks: That Other Life

Okay i have not stopped blogging… it’s just that i have been writing stuff that shouldn’t be posted, yet! I will definitely be posting them but now is not the time… i do love to stir a storm (metamorphically speaking, in light of Aila that just ‘breezed’ through!) and i want the right moment for it!

Right, i finished my exams… did just fine (i like saying that unlike the ones who keeping telling anyone and everyone how badly they did, just for the others to wonder how good their bad is when the grades come out… if their bad is this good, how good is their good??… actually their good is actually very bad as when they are good they will invariably say they were bad, so they never say they were good as it may become very bad… eh???) Where was i ? Yea, i did fine as all that went through my head that i have finished the last written exams of my life… Yaaaayyy!!! Am through with the loooong examination phase… whew! finally. Still have viva hanging over our heads but still orals don’t inspire a lot of us to study… so i’m cool.

I am going to miss the classes though. They were real fun even though at times we have had to try hard to stay awake! And the discussions… while we were in the middle of the exams, of course! And thanks to classes were we able to enjoy cutting classes and whoop with joy at that unexpected free period! Friends, fights, gossips, bitching… of course, they never leave you in any phase of your life, but i shall miss the harmlessness of it, the naivete, the artlessness over inane issues, wounded sentiments and bruised egos… i actually already miss it having made to sample what it is going to be like, in the last few days and i didn’t like it one bit! I’ll be missing our very own domain, our canteen and the round-table addas, we-are-the-king attitude in there, our impromptu forays into the outside world and yet returning back to our domain only, the only place in the world for us to be. We have been teaching ourselves the machinations of the big, bad, ugly world… by breaking trusts, backstabbing, hurting people for no reason, being steeped in lies and hypocrisies, forgetting all the values we learnt so painstakingly and being short-sighted enough to be unable to look beyond now and self… thinking it’s all in a Game!!! But still i will miss when friends were just that, friends… when thinking and planning and strategy-making weren’t a part of trusting or asking for help… when people were people and not the rats of the Rat-race…

Thinking about how i’ll miss that life, i wonder how i ever wanted it over and done with… goes to show how we don’t value what we have until we don’t have it any more. The linearity, the predictability, the hassle-free, responsibility-free life, the simple selfish life consisting of nothing but ‘how to have a good time’… surely we had to study, prepare and sit for tests but it’s only fraction of the time we spent doing nothing… i’m nostalgic and sad, it’s time to give all of this up and move to the next dimension!

Exams were not so bad after all…

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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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  1. Tirtha says:

    yeah! we all keep missin our academic years! but thanx to u for knitting the whole thing up nd puttin it down on pen nd paper(read blog) so tht we could always relive our good ol' days!


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