The Misfit Friends: The Tribute Continues

To find that I actually have a follower without nagging people to read my sparse blog is, i must say, very exhilarating… so here I am continuing what i started… reminiscing about fun, laughter, love, life and friends in the two post-graduate years (two GRADUATE years for y’all Americans out there!) in Biochemistry, Calcutta University. next in the line is, let’s see, hmmm, yup…
Arunika Das

We were the first to find each other (i think, i still like to believe) and some good times we did share.The fun I had with her in the first semester was incomparable. She taught me the best way she could that no one, nothing is more important than self. She is one strong character who cannot be strong enough. I never knew what was lacking in me that didn’t make me the kind of friend that she was to me… but from what she had once taught me, i will not ask for the reason and will believe that the misfortune wasn’t mine. I was so possessive and protective about her when she was the last person who needed it… there was a time when no one could or did ever dare to bad-mouth her in front of me, i cared for her in levels which no one else did, no one, whatever may others think, i admired her and championed her… and i made a complete fool of myself and i will never forgive myself for that. I was the one who set myself up for the fall and Runi (i started calling her by this name in college and the whole class followed suit) is blameless… she is what she is and to me, i believe she was the most honest as she could be… she even tried telling me, that i am like a kid trying to believe in the good of everybody and in reality, understanding nothing of the big, bad and selfish world. I guess she’ll be happy to know i’m a true cynic now. She is a real Brainy person, who knows explicitly what she wants in life and nothing gets in the way… she’s a person who thrives on excitement and intrigue (maybe like the novels we both love… maybe that’s the reason, there was nothing exciting about loyalty and friendship with me) and she is an achiever. She is one, i used to believe, who needs a lot of unconditional love her way… but i guess she forgets that one needs to give something in return for all that love and friendship and even if you cannot, at least don’t hurt it… some things are irreversible and cannot be undone how much ever one might wish. I don’t ever blame you, i cannot. You did whatever you had to and you must have had your reasons that i don’t want to know… but i wish, no, i had one wished, if only you had cared even a little for me… if only…

[Recent times, it might seem i don’t talk to you, ignore or avoid you, though that is exactly how it looks, it’s not true… it is actually me… i don’t know what to talk about with you, even how to talk with you… my emotions are still in bit of a tangle… and forgive me when i behave like this with you, it is my heart that i’m protecting… i don’t hold anything against you, i can’t… i only blame myself for not knowing where i was not wanted… ]

Arunava Ghosh

This is the rum-and-smoke guy!!!And no other description will get the smile (the one plastered on his face right now) faster than this! I share a pretty deplorable trait with him… most of the times, our thinking processes take the same wrong turn, landing up with similar, despicable meanings of the innocent comments made by anyone in the group, or we are usually adept in dredging up nonsense which others will never dream of, full of innuendos and double-meanings… all in good fun, of course… we are in the Leg-pulling Committee of the group (something like Russel Peters!!!) Arunava is a guy who knows how to have true fun, can keep the entertainment bar (not drinks bar!) high up, and keeps the people around him on their toes even though half of the time he doesn’t know his own mind! He is a great buddy… the best part being he is honest in his heart… he tries so hard to be a cynic but at times forgets to be so. He can make fun of others but can also stand the fun made of him, a quality not everybody has. Contrary, what the people who love to hate me (every one has had his own share of this breed) may circulate amongst friends, i do not have a crush on (i.e. line-marofy) him, i never did! I used to think of Arunava as my brother but i guess authenticity is not something people understand… since i had to have an ulterior motive to say so (that’s what people who are not used to being authentic have to think) i dropped the idea completely… Arunava is a great friend, one of the few persons i admired, our group owes a lot of the fun times to this ‘King of Good Times’… it was a great journey (even a greater one for his liver, if the poor thing still exists!)… we had our differences but then most do… but the best part is that we managed to stay friends inspite of everything and like he said, when we look back it’s only the good times that we remember. He drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney (that’s a direct quote from a movie) but has a heart of gold (umm… maybe not pure gold but say, almost 18 carats) who is actually has brains (if and when he remembers to use them), thinks he has the worst luck in the world (especially when it comes to girls) and really tries hard to keep from blushing when any girl has a crush on him or tells him he’s handsome (this is a point of debate, no point stirring up controversies so, i’ll rephrase and say “allegedly, he is good-looking”… :D). I’ll always remember him as the one who was the laziest of the lot till the smell of food wafted through the air, as the one who was more proud of his bald spot than his physical strength, as the one who looked as if he’s training for ballet while playing table-tennis and definitely as the one who had genuinely tried to put everything right and be there for everbody. Knowing you was a fun-ride!!! And oh yes, his bad luck with the girls can be attributed, in fact, to his indecision… he just can’t make up his mind, whether he is ready to give up yet… on Men! 😉

(Happy Reading???!!!! He follows my blog, had to dish up something special! ~Cheers~)

Nilanjan Pal Chaudhry

If anyone thinks that C.U. Biochemistry 52nd batch can ever be complete without the “Potol”, he needs to revisit his shrink! Nilanjon aka Potol makes up the final bit of the group without who “the group” is completely incomplete! He is one person who makes sure topics are never diverted off him, knows truly well how to handle all the attention and enacts stories the way that will bring tears of laughter to your eyes! He comes up with the most ridiculous ideas but will get serious so fast that one doesn’t when he has stopped joking! But the most distinctive feature about him, as anyone who even barely knows him will tell you, is his absolute no lack of impatience!

Agnik Dasgupta

I took my time getting to know this particular ‘brainy’ person. Particularly because he was too brainy and too serious for my liking but boy, was i wrong! His quips are unique and it’s true fun ragging him to bits… with his usual “arre yaar”! Even if its true that we are not one of the more close friends of the group, he’s one guy i admire for knowing what he wants and being able to go for it. He’s helpful when he wants to be and steadfast in what he believes to be done. He can be secretive but then he is entitled. There’s more to him that I don’t know than what i do. However, what i do know is that he is one who knows how to have fun (even though the general consensus says that his idea of a good time is to study… ;D) Knowing him has been fun and the best part was Agnik landing one squarely on Oli’s bottom! Smack! It was The Moment… i don’t think he’s ever going to live that down! Poor guy… to do him justice, he is totally untried around the other sex! All the other boys (all devils to the core) do wonder (aloud enough for him to hear) whether he has reached his puberty as yet!!! Hey buddy, you really given us few of the best memories to carry with us on our journey forward… thanks… it good knowing you was !

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