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দাঁড়িপাল্লায় ওজন করেও, পায়না খুঁজে কূল যেই নম্বর বলি না কেন, সবই বলে ভুল | বলছে ব্যাটা, হচ্ছি মোটা, দৌড়ে আয় বাইরে- আমিও জেদী, বলছি মেকি, তোর বাজে কথায় কাজ নাইরে! আমি রোগা, এক্কেবারে প্রায় শুঁয়াপোকা, দিবিনা নজর, খাওয়ার-পাতে; একটাই … Continue reading

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Conference song

It was an organized meeting of minds, a reflection of our finds- Of something that is intrinsic and inherent in design. Literally, it is to resist or gain freedom and/or exemption, (No, no, not from your little bad deeds’ prosecution) From funny little bugs and … Continue reading

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Catharsis XVIII: Rants, philosophically

Sometimes you come across someone, start a casual conversation, pass some idle time. Sometimes that meeting, that conversation is the end of it. Sometimes it just spirals out and forth into something new as certain pieces seem to fall into place … Continue reading

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I have dreamed of you every night that we have been apart… Tossing and turning in a fitful, restless sleep, jolting into tired wakefulness only to relive those unfathomable, treasured eyes looking at me, and beyond me, unsmiling and saying, “It … Continue reading

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My Nose and I: The Battle

Claritin is my new companion in this still-new country that I have been in for the last few years. It becomes Allegra, during my more trying times, but it’s only the name that changes. Anti-histamines remain my best friend, no … Continue reading

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হারানো চিঠি

হয়ত কেউ হয় না কারুর, হয়ত সকলই মায়াজাল,  কিছু বোধহয় শুরুর আগেই শেষ, জেনেশুনেই পাড়ি অন্য দেশ  সবই বোধহয় স্বপ্ন খালি, যেন অন্ধ চোখের দীপ্তমণি, কেই বা আছে, কেই বা নেই, হয়ত সারা বিশ্বে একা সকলেই;  তাই নাই বা হলে … Continue reading

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Love (and birthdays)

“There is this girl that I love…” Those were the first words that resonated in my mind as I looked at blinking cursor on the white screen, and I laughed even before I began typing… How many times have I … Continue reading

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