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That Dimpled Smile.

So, I went visiting yesterday, to all my favorite places and places that have been temporarily shut down, much like mine own, which have been prey to the predators called careers and fast life. To me blogs are places, homes … Continue reading

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The Anti-Marriage Force

That’s me. Or us. The ones who left the country just about six months ago constitute this huge task-force whose very presence in the city or even country was all that was required to keep away the marital bliss several … Continue reading

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I am The Most Popular Blogger

If you count the number of comments I get. Seriously. Don’t scroll down and check. I mean it. Nopes, still not lying. Of course, you have to count the spams and the mysterious, link-less anonymous comments that escape the spam … Continue reading

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Tired and Unimpressed

Well, I am impressed! I just found out a solution to all those fairness creams we advertise. Yes, you heard me right, I, indeed, have semi-discovered the secret to being fair- just travel West! After two flights across most oceans … Continue reading

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SAGS: My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

10 things I have done that my gender is not supposed to do….. I am not married even though I am on the wrong side of 21 (or is it 18?) I have pursued higher studies even after passing school … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday… Almost!

“It’s not a thing to be waited for , it’s a thing to be achieved” LESSON: If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. P.S. Thanks Soumya Smita, my sweet younger friend, for the pic. 🙂 P.P.S. Sorry for the error, … Continue reading

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65 Things

This is one To-Do-and-Have-Done List aka Tag that I have been seeing in many favourite blogs who have been tagging ‘anyone who reads it’ (thankfully!) and I found it soo interesting that I am actually doing a tag after eons! … Continue reading

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55 Fiction #4

If there is one thing I’m terribly awful at, that’s a 55-er… How much ever I enjoy them, for the life of me, I can’t write one. This is for none of those who enjoy 55-ers, but my own feeble … Continue reading

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Catharsis Part-VI: No, I am a Bangali!

Pathetic is all I can say! Loud and clear. I am upto my neck with work and I am loving it?!! Something must be wrong with me! The 90% humidity and 40ËšC temperature is not hindering my stride either… Well, that may … Continue reading

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His Best Man

There are two actually.  Meeting them, separately for the first time was almost as worse as meeting the in-laws. Oh, and I haven’t actually met the in-laws in the official capacity. That is probably because in our society, we meet officially … Continue reading

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