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Just sharing….

Been itching to write something, anything in here… when I got these emails from a couple of younger friends who send me nice ones regularly and I thought why not? I am sure many of you have read these firsthand … Continue reading

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Anonymous Me

I have been duly reprimanded. Call it a lovers’ tiff, but I have been justly punished by my lady love, Neha. (Can’t say I wasn’t warned!) But like an unsuspecting poor soul in love facing the gallows (even though it … Continue reading

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It starts somewhere in the deep pit of your stomach, the only natural place for the heaviness to accumulate. It accumulates so hard, so fast that you grope around blindly for that support. The feet give away and you really … Continue reading

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His Best Man

There are two actually.  Meeting them, separately for the first time was almost as worse as meeting the in-laws. Oh, and I haven’t actually met the in-laws in the official capacity. That is probably because in our society, we meet officially … Continue reading

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A Year and A Day….

I’m an obsessed, self-centered and self-serving individual in most of the moments in my life but there are times I even manage to surprise myself with golden moments of selflessness. And that’s not an easy feat, surprising myself in light … Continue reading

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I love My Name… I think!

This is a very strange thing to write about I know, but I felt compelled. Does anybody know how it feels to not only have a common first name but an equally common surname? In my school, there was a … Continue reading

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Blog-a-Ton, A Stepping Stone and A Guest Post

What a week it has been! Good wishes all around!! I am the Blog-a-Tonic of the Month, October 2009!! After the awesome and popular bloggers, Shilpa Garg (August 2009), Indian Pundit and Govind (September 2009)!! That I belong to the … Continue reading

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