SAGS: My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

10 things I have done that my gender is not supposed to do…..

  1. I am not married even though I am on the wrong side of 21 (or is it 18?)
  2. I have pursued higher studies even after passing school to be a professional in my chosen field.
  3. I have a job, that is, I earn.
  4. I wear jeans with shirts/t-shirts more than I wear sarees/salwar-kameezes.
  5. I don’t know how to sew.
  6. I don’t cook.
  7. My parents and relatives (well, a few) were genuinely happy when I was born
  8. I have and give opinions.
  9. I am independent.
  10. Me, as a child (read: daughter) to my parents, is enough.

Okay, I was being sarcastic here. If you didn’t get it, don’t bother.

Some things, I believe, were not ‘a man’s thing’ or ‘a woman’s thing specifically but were made to be such. Other things that come with the genetic and emotional make-up and we do… that’s a different story altogether.

And that’s what this tag is about (even though the faint line of distinction have disappeared in some places)….

So, here’s the original tag. I have been tagged by Neha and Harini.

So as Sinners Against Gender Stereotypes (SAGS), ten un-feminine, pro-masculine things about me:
1. I talk cars and bikes better than many guys. Gadgets, too. And since I am a female, I insist on the pronoun ‘He’ for cars and bikes as opposed to the ‘She’, the men are adamant on using.

2. I hate watching serials, but will even watch the repeats on the sports channels. I am a football fanatic. I love action movies best, also scary movies and lots of gore.

3. I love the concept of cooking but cannot cook. I treat cooking as an art. Hence, I can cook only gourmet dishes, and not regular ones. Like a typical male chef?

4. The most un-ladylike proclivity I have (I try not to) is to swear any one’s head off and start fist-fights when I get irritated or some one/thing really irks me. Nothing to be proud of… publicly. But privately, now that’s a different story.

5. Till a certain age I refused to be acknowledged as a girl, would wear only shorts and T-shirts, no earrings so that people would actually mistake me for a cute looking boy. Chalk it up to the fact that I was the first girl to be born in the family after a long time and all my older brothers’ influence.

6. I never played with dolls.The first time I was ever presented with one, (at that time the height of the doll was equal to mine) I broke of it’s leg and went to bat with it.

7. The thing is I still love to climb up poles and trees, and anything tall and sturdy enough. But that makes me more of a monkey than just the opposite gender.

8. I did play cricket but the point is included here as even today, I play that sport better than a lot of men. Football, I am not so good but I can still hold my own. Badminton, tennis, table-tennis, not thought so much to be a man’s sport is it? So, not included here.

9. I still belong to an all-boys group. Actually, most of the them forget half the time that I am a girl. I get along better with them, as I understand how they think better, thanks to my childhood spent with my brothers and their hoodlum friends. Of course, this is applicable only when there are no crushes involved.

10. I hate anything to do with fashion. I love to dress well, but not to shop or follow trends. I, literally hate shopping. A few, infalliable items in my wardrobe suffice. Oh, and I loathe the colour pink!

Now to tag 12 people.… I have chosen 12 people who, according to me, will have very interesting 10 (if not more) things to tell us – AD, Vipul, Karthik, Sammy, Nesquarx, Niveditha, Yellow Tulip, Vidhu, HaRy, Sree, Sid, The Fool.

And as it, you have to tag twelve people too after completing this… Or else you will be cursed to wear blue clothes pants if you are a woman and pink shirts, if you are a man – for next twelve years!!!

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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16 Responses to SAGS: My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

  1. Makk says:

    this is applicable only when there are no crushes involved.


    Its nice to know about you.

    Keep Smiling.


  2. Hahaha!
    I refer to vehicles and all non living things as IT!
    And girlll!!! How can you hate shopping?! :O


  3. Harini says:

    The way you started this most is great :). I loved it!


  4. Samadrita says:

    Well this is obviously an awesome tag.
    I'm especially looking forward to the men taking this up. 😛


  5. Guria you have no hope because I have and give opinions. 🙂

    Girls are not supposed to even have opinions. 🙂

    And you have crushes ?! That was sinful enough but you also play cricket and you did not play with dolls – so it seems you are a certified SAGS 🙂

    Sinners just like you have created a group here, SInners Against Gender Stereotypes (SAGS)

    It would be great if you joined too and shared the link to this post, so that other sinners can find some solace in your sinful love for cars, gadgets and climbing trees.


  6. Hahahahahaha……..thats really interesting and funny.
    Sreya didi you are more “manly” than many men….just look at points 4 ,6,7,8,9 and especially 10….woow….

    Take care….by the way , how are you doing??


  7. HaRy!! says:

    hey guria,,, for te record i think most the gals nowadays dont know to cook,sew :)..we are better i guess.. anyways just kidin…and thanks for taggin me… wil come up with my weirdooo ideas!


  8. BK Chowla, says:

    I am not surprised when you say you cant cook.Times have changed and girls have gone beyond cooking.


  9. Insignia says:

    🙂 I dont sew either. My husband sews really well..


  10. Insignia says:

    Oops, clicked publish too fast.

    Interesting stuffs about you. 🙂


  11. NesQuarX says:

    It's really scary for a guy to take up this tag, but, I guess that's the reason I will.

    And G, objects can be male or female, depending whether you treat them like a friend or partner. My camera is a he, while the guitar is a she…


  12. Deeps says:

    That was really fun to read. Loved what you said about cooking.

    Enjoyed the read thoroughly 🙂

    Glad to meet a fellow sinner 😉


  13. Yellow Tulip says:

    hmm cool dude!!… he eh..i cod not think of such sins though:(….except about cooking part..


  14. lolz… i cant cook too 🙂


  15. Cool list G 🙂 you definitely are a sinner! lol@#5 🙂


  16. Durga says:

    wow! This seems familiar and I did mention exactly the same to guys ( ahem- i have the dinners over there and not cook at home)
    “3. I love the concept of cooking but cannot cook. I treat cooking as an art. Hence, I can cook only gourmet dishes, and not regular ones. Like a typical male chef?”

    reason being -” Cooking for me is art – so don't expect me to cook everyday as art done everyday ruins its importance”


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