Am i good or am i good!!!

I really like being flattered. Well, who doesn’t… only people don’t own up to likin’ it, that’s what. More than flattery what works for me is earnin’ the admiration of people through anything that i do… sometimes it doesn’t even matter if it is false! Maybe this is a symptom of the underachievers who keep on tryin’ to achieve big. Take this blog, for instance, it is not solely the outlet of my ever-repressed brilliance and not-so -innnovative ideas that i present as my own, rather it is also a way to be told “Wow!”. Like my selected readers, who are either the ones who will never dare to criticize (i don’t think you can barely meet the girlfriend of your best friend and tell her, you are mental… well, not right away!) and should always say the good things whenever i want to hear them or will be entirely biased (have no idea that anything downwards from ‘good’ can ever be in the options)!!
I will never tell you to praise me, honest! On the contrary, i’ll be tellin’ you, “oh, come on, you don’t have to say stuffs like that” or “oh, you are lying’ or “don’t try to flatter me, please” or something along the same lines. But, i trust human psychology to take it as an incentive to try to convince me, “Nooooo, i’m being honest, really!”… an automatic way to earn more praise than you expected.
But sometimes even ideas concocted by my brilliant mind backfires. Like take the ‘selected’ readers of my blog only! One of them straight ahead and told me, your writing is good, period. ‘If you want to hear any more praises, spare me, i’m not your guy.’ Point blank, man!!! And another one who was supposed to be ‘biased’ went ahead and said, ‘this was good and that one was okay… i liked the other one, etc… but i thought that one was a bit scattered and the other one not so well-thought out…’ Think of the nerve, gosh! But the best bit was, the last one tellin’ me, ‘Was it good???? Errrrr…i’ll read it again and then tell you, okay… and when i have time, you know i’m swamped with work right now.’ Such candid, delightful people, aren’t they!
So, there went my plan washed down the drain. I guess, i don’t understand human psychology as well as i thought i did. So, i’m tryin’ here to really, truthfully be good, so people have no choice but to say that i’m good because that’s what is true. Tough job, but no harm in tryin’! I think (reassure, more likely), in one point or the other in life, one likes to know the truth at the end of the day. Guess i won’t have trouble findin’ the people to do that for me!
Then i went and realised, when these same people tell me that i’m good at least once (in a lifetime…uh,naah, i’m exaggeratin’!), it is more than equal to the hundreds of times other people have told me the same, not so honestly. To be admired by these people, there lies a world of difference. They make me a better person, letting me challenge myself and achieve more than i ever dreamed to achieve. And that is why i write (besides, lovin’ to write, that is!) here. So chastise away, guys! Here’s your licence to reprimand! But if you could manage an encouragin’ word now and then, please…. only a teeny-weeny bit, if i’m not askin’ for much… uuuhhh, it would really bolster my pride… not much, just a little?

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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6 Responses to Am i good or am i good!!!

  1. shibarjun says:

    the best one….till now

    no reverse psychology here.


  2. Tirtha says:

    i would recommmend something….
    try puttin up a new space out here..a space to put up all ur praises..frm here on i bet u'll need one!


  3. Sreya says:

    Yeah, no reverse psychology, that's true but it's ended up like “reverse reverse pshycology”, huh? 🙂

    Thanks Shibarjun!

    And Tirtha, do I need to say thanks???


  4. Girl, you are amazing!!


  5. Guria says:

    Ahh Rohini, you read this post! 😛
    This was written in a time when no one used to read this blog…

    Thanks Ro (I can call U that, can I?!


  6. Neha says:

    love ur wit…such an amazing write up…n i am not saying this cos U have asked ur readers to praise u, but really enjoyed this post of urs..


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