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যাকে ভালোবাসি, তাকে দূরে ঠেলে দিতে জানি পাছে সে আমায় পর বলে কোন দিন একা ছেড়ে যায়ে । যাকে পাই, কখনো রাখতে জানিনি তায়ে সে ফিরে ফিরে বলে, থাকব না তোর খাঁচায় । যে নেই, তার স্মৃতি চারণায় ঠাই থেকেও থাকেনি, জানিনি … Continue reading

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We are a strange breed of people as unique as our land. Strange as we are like no other race of the world. But what race are we? What is actually our ethnicity? Who knows that perfectly? Yet everyone knows … Continue reading

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It’s Just Another Day For You

How many times do we have just another day? Daily chores, old habits, monotonous tasks, forgotten jobs, procrastinated regrets, bitter minds, irritated mood, wake the mornings, sleep the nights, meals in between, for another tomorrow, another ‘just another day‘…. Whilst … Continue reading

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Do we always know what to wish for? He always told me I was one of the blessed few who had the power of wishful thinking. A few blissful years after our marriage, I found out how strong. There was a … Continue reading

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Just sharing….

Been itching to write something, anything in here… when I got these emails from a couple of younger friends who send me nice ones regularly and I thought why not? I am sure many of you have read these firsthand … Continue reading

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Would You?

Would you gloat if you knew I am susceptible, vulnerable?Would you hit knowing that I would never have the guts to hit back?Would you shout and wail, manipulate and ask straight to give up and surrender all that I collected … Continue reading

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Catharsis Part-VI: No, I am a Bangali!

Pathetic is all I can say! Loud and clear. I am upto my neck with work and I am loving it?!! Something must be wrong with me! The 90% humidity and 40˚C temperature is not hindering my stride either… Well, that may … Continue reading

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Cruel, cries the Mind As it struggles with the pain, Inflicted so mercilessly, Thinks the Mind, In its moment of respite In mindless bitter gain. The Body screams in protest, When the mind bends again Cruel, it cries in agony … Continue reading

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His Best Man

There are two actually.  Meeting them, separately for the first time was almost as worse as meeting the in-laws. Oh, and I haven’t actually met the in-laws in the official capacity. That is probably because in our society, we meet officially … Continue reading

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The gleaming, dark bottle-green Cadillac rolled to a regal, leisurely stop along the opposite curb. The polished, tinted glasses of the car would only succeed in arousing one’s curiosity but fail to abate it. But on that chilly Christmas Eve, … Continue reading

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