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Matters of Hate

I hated you into the night,Till the darkness shrouded me underAnd I could lie no more-All of me dissolved into tearsOf ache, and helpless despairImploring and begging,Asking why was it that,When I tried and tried again,But I couldn’t hate you … Continue reading

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Out of my Teens!

I was going through some old posts of mine, and thinking of the times and inspirations which had brought forth the words that I had penned down. This post is almost exactly five years old, that I had written for … Continue reading

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Image Courtesy Distance is a bitter pill to swallow, especially when time too refuses to co-operate. Gifts are too mundane and wishes, too commonplace but the love needs to transcend all. And words are all that I have… and then, … Continue reading

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Cast Aside

Lost in an ocean of miseryTravelers, dark and drearyFriends, who were friends no more-With only sailors,Sailing in the same boat.Of need and usefulness,That was of use no more;Cast aside and forgotten,A cheap shell, washed ashore.Told to get lost and never … Continue reading

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I know not, to want, I know not, to ask, Of dreams impossible And the heart taken to task.   I try not to think, Contemplate all the ways That I could have belonged, In another world, not so unreal. … Continue reading

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Watch me as I dieOf hunger, thirst and liesOf ignorance and indifferenceAnd of rotten, shallow minds.Watch me as I sufferFrom hurt, strong and bitter,From unwavering faith-That all turns out better.Watch me as I cry-For souls lost, and dryOf all who … Continue reading

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Murakami and Memories

I’d never thought of a life as chapters in a grand novel, till one fine day when I heard the crisp turning of a page and saw the beginning of a fresh new chapter. But I couldn’t write it down. … Continue reading

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