The Morning After

An imagination allowed to run wild about a woman’s perception (and descrption) of her Morning After…

The mist was clearing, the dawn breaking
A moment in a lifetime slipped through,
In the morning after, revealing a bliss, anew.
Turning over to face the remnants of ecstasy,
A feeling of deja vu and one of wonder
That all of it was real, that it did happen
The nuances of pain, mingled in pleasure-
A pleasure, unsurpassable by any in all worlds.
Content and sated, an unknown warmth crept over,
A feeling of wholeness, that I could live with forever.
I wondered and wondered, rapidly filled with elation,
I lay my head on his shoulder, saw the rising sun-
A small smile stole its way, with dawning comprehension
That Morning After I knew,
he was in me- our Son.
N.B. Do let me know what I need to know… 
Awaiting your views Reading After! 
G. 🙂

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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35 Responses to The Morning After

  1. Neha says:

    I dunno why and how, but I just got this instinct that u talking about a lady who has just known that she is pregnant…I swear i knew…and loved this…


  2. narendra says:

    if i am not wrong! it says the mother came to know that she is pregnant..and so on..her life changes forever…neatly put…although if my estimation of the poem is right..i have an objection….how does she know it is SON???

    but that is just because i am so used to using “daughters” in my work.. 😛 😛 ..

    why cant it be son?it can be son..a mother has a right!!(this is a soliloquy…i am convincing myself ):P

    ..nice poem.. 🙂 🙂 keep smiling…

    i feel the mist too…:) 🙂


  3. Ekam says:

    ” feeling of wholeness, that I could live with forever.”
    Beautiful lines.. Nice poem dear:)


  4. oh my…. this is marvelous…and splendid…

    even as a boy i felt nervous…ya u heard me right…nervous…:P


  5. Maverick says:

    Its beautiful! the way u have crafted the thoughts is marvellous wid a deft rhyme-scheme to it! luvd it!

    nd da thought's fresh and handled to perfection! 🙂


  6. sublime, serene and gracious……


  7. Mustaf says:

    I feel it is either a woman is blessed with a baby son this morning, she is just coming to her senses and realizing that she has indeed become a mother, but then this does not go in sync with the last line.

    Or, she has just come to know about her pregnancy this morning, but this does not have much supporting facts:(

    Anyway, waiting for your answer and also kind of nervous what if I am totally wrong here 😦


  8. Aditya says:

    Beautiful poem. You didnt attempt to rhyme it right? because only the last 5 lines are rhyming and I guess that was not a conscious attempt.

    Wonderfully written. You are multi talented 🙂


  9. Shruti says:

    Hey this is awesome..but Let me wait to hear some more explanations to check whether my thoughts are same 🙂


  10. RSV says:

    I think it is the morning after THE NIGHT..
    Am I correct..
    did u get what I mean?


  11. BK Chowla says:

    She is pregnant.


  12. hey guria..

    what a lovely ending u have given to this post..mesmerised by the way u have done the middle

    lines especially..

    keep it up..:)

    PS: Hey..will come back to ur previous post was interesting and didnt want to pass through it quickly..nice one..


  13. ηανєєη says:

    beautifully put …just loved it

    although …. why son? 😮 … some feminist might have gone bananas if it was some guy righting this 😀

    keep it up 🙂


  14. Guria says:

    Hey Neha 🙂

    I am happy that you like it 🙂
    You could say it was a Woman's Instinct working here 🙂

    Hi Narendra

    Thank you for your approval, Sir Poet… 😉
    Why “Son”?
    Hmm, the same way humans are called Man in general, an unborn child is thought in general to be a Son…
    Or, maybe the woman is remembering that profound Morning After in her life, i.e. a day in the past so, she now knows it was her Son. 😛
    And why are YOU feeling the mist?? 😀

    Hey Ekam

    I am always glad to find you here and yeah, as a woman those lines do mean something naa?
    Thanks 🙂

    Hi Maverick

    My Favourite Poet!! You said it's good, then it must be… 😀
    Thanks 🙂

    Hiya Sid

    LOL… LOL… LOL…
    Don't be so nervous yaar!! 😀
    I think the woman is happy!! No complications involved!! I think… 😉

    Hey Mahesh

    thank you… thank you… thank you 🙂


  15. Guria says:

    Hi Mustaf

    I gather that my poetry has completely puzzled you 😀
    Actually, Morning After is usually said after a night of passion, sometimes it's sticky, sometimes the opposite of all expectations and sometimes, just amazing. In this description, with “dawning comprehension”, on the morning after, the woman realises in her heart that the passion of the night before had resulted in a child in her womb. It is said a woman understands the moment she conceives, that what I used here.
    So now what do you think of piece? 🙂

    Hey Adi

    Thanks yaar! 🙂
    No I didn't purposefully rhyme it, as Narendra had told the effort should be more on the thoughts than rhyming.
    As for being multitalented. I have some talents, in others I just persevere till I become good enough! lol… 😀
    Thanks again 🙂

    Hi Shruti

    So, are your thoughts the same? I think they are, aren't they?
    By the way, read my previous post, I want Your take on it, okay, dear? 🙂

    Heyy RSV

    You are absolutely RIGHT!!! 🙂
    It is after THE NIGHT! 😀
    Talking about a woman's conviction in her heart… 🙂

    Hello Chowla-ji

    Yes Sir, you are right. She realises in her heart that she is pregnant. The way only a woman can. Am I right? 🙂

    Hi Pramoda

    Thank you dear! 🙂
    Those lines do mean a lot, don't they? And please, do read the previous post and tell me… I'll be waiting. 🙂

    Hiya Naveen

    Thanks yaar for thinking it's beautiful!
    Well, if I put “daughter”, what if the 'masculinists' cried out??? 😀
    Actually, it is just a poem, just a thought, no reason!
    Plus read my reply to Narendra… I actually had the woman remembering the Morning After when she had realised that she had conceived her Son… That's why I wrote capital 'S' in Son.
    Still I am glad you enjoyed the piece… 🙂


  16. Mustaf says:


    I agree I did not know the explanation of “morning after” :(. But I guessed the pregnancy part, only the “son” thing did confuse me.I had read your post on that “detached observation” from your scientific background :P, so did not expect you to be partial & write “her son”. Now I have read your explanation behind writing “son” and convinced 🙂


  17. Chetan says:

    beautiful poem
    and you have expressed that feeling in a very correct way, with beautiful lines


  18. Guria says:

    Hey again, Mustaf 🙂

    I am glad you are convinced 🙂
    I was NOT partial and wtote 'son', yaar! 🙂
    I wrote that as that's how the lines came to me. But not to make any gender discrimaination. 😛
    And if you read my “detached observation”, you should also read “There's A Reason…”, and you'll understand this is not an issure I believe in or think about! 🙂
    So, what about the poem itself? Liked it?? :~))


  19. Guria says:

    Hi Chetan

    Welcome to MM!! *all the bands playing* 🙂
    Expressing it in the 'correct way' was important, you are right. I am glad you enjoyed the piece… 🙂
    Thanks for the comment and the follow, buddy 🙂


  20. Shruti says:

    Hey My dear misfit girl,
    For the first time i decoded such a twisted poem… Hail Shruti 😛
    Guria, I really thought the same!

    U are a POETESS 🙂

    Thanks to my minute knowledge in Bio 🙂


  21. Guria says:

    Hey dear Shruti

    Aww, come on, don't call my poem “twisted” 😛
    I know I am bad but I still keep trying to write poetry…
    Gawd! when will I learn??!! 😀
    And I knew you had understood corretly, it is NOT possible that You of all people won't… 🙂


  22. Yellow Tulip says:

    lovely poem dear. 🙂 🙂 keep smiling..:)..wonderful:).


  23. Guria says:

    Ahh Yellow Tulip (Nan)

    Your words always make me feel better…
    You know half the time I want to write poetry like you and Kay! 😛
    Thanks so much dear! 🙂


  24. Makk says:

    Enchanting word reeling around her
    perforating feel kneeling to decipher
    mist is now cleared, but uncleared
    sprout is lying under her layer…


  25. Guria says:

    Wow Makk!!

    Don't do that! Now no one will read mine! 😛
    Your words are too good! 🙂
    But the feel and inspiration of what you wrote is a tad bit different from mine.
    Thanks for sharing… 🙂


  26. rocksea says:

    feeling of wholeness*

    lovely poem Gauria 🙂 Also fits like a continuation of my poem!


  27. Guria says:

    Heyy rocksea

    I am ECSTATIC that you read it! :~))
    And honestly, I am not much of a poet but it was yours that inspired it… 😛
    Thanks… 🙂


  28. HaRy!! says:

    Guess the woman had the bliss of her life when she realised that she is pregnant!! now is that right..and boy it was very expressive and the wholeness!! that line was awesome Guria…tak care…awesome emotions!


  29. Tanmaya says:

    hey a very pleasant poem…
    am sure all mothers to be would agree with you whole heartedly…
    P.S new poem on my blog plz let me know wat you think wen you have the time…


  30. Makk says:

    Ohh C'mon

    I am nothing…with yours.

    You just being nice with me.

    If what you have said would have been right…long list of followers you are having …must have been following me..instead..lolzzz

    I just shared..what came into me after dipping in your creation.

    Keep Smiling!!


  31. Guria says:

    Hiya Makk

    I really am not being nice! I hate being nice! 😛
    A long list followers is rarely a good measure, isn't it? lol…
    As for following you, let's see :D, but right now most blogs (including mine, sometimes) is inaccessible on the PC I am using. So when I get back my lappy, it will be different. 😛 😀
    And thanks for sharing! Really! I appreciate readers who truly read 🙂


  32. Guria says:

    Hey HaRy

    Everytime you leave a comment, I feel why didn't I write something hilarious… I am glad you enjoyed it. But you are being too nice, isn't it?? 😛 😀
    By the way, I am unable to drop a comment on your conversation with ur Boss till my lappy gets back from the hospital. 😛 Tho' I did read it on my Reader 😛 🙂

    Hi Tanmaya

    I am sorry, girl, I donot have proper access to most blogs on the comp I am using. But once I get back my lappy I will be a regular. Actually your blog was bookmarked in that lappy… could u plz leave the link of your blog, I'll add it in my Google reader for the time being 😛 🙂
    So, enjoyed the poem, huh? Thanks 🙂


  33. Guria says:

    Hey Tanmaya

    I do follow your blog… I got it on my Reader… I have read the poems actually but obiously couldn't comment 😛
    Really liked “Resurrection”, the optimism, the feel! 🙂


  34. You are so good at poetry too! I guessed it right the first time (though couldnt type so much using phone pad and hence restrained from commenting earlier).. I guessed to be a would-be mother 🙂 beautiful girl.. now let me attack you with comments on the latest post 😛


  35. Makk says:

    I would love to know what more do you love ..err….i mean hate..:)



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