The Maverick MisFit- Who Am I?

This is a personal view on life and I assure you, it has NO similarity to any one else’s views (if it has, I’ll be really glad to know) No one has to agree. It is meant to offend no one. If you are not broad-minded enough please do not proceed. 
Indian Pundit had asked me why I call myself a Misfit? (you fit very well everywhere, he said). At first I was surprised. Surprised that anyone will think to ask the question. The name of my blog is not at all just a name but is truly who I am. I didn’t expect another blogger (who obviously cannot know me a lot)  to ask that question. And I replied, I do not share the same view of life and things as others. And I do not think I am wrong.

I am an idealist. People do not belittle that, but they always retort by saying that they are (or prefer) practical and realists. I feel like smiling but I refrain. Have anyone thought, really thought what idealism entails? Does being an idealist refrain me from being attached to reality or having common sense? I can find idealism in reality too. These two words- realist and idealist- may be opposites of each other in English grammar, but do they have to be different?

[Scientists are trying to find the cure to AIDS, prevent Cancer, are they non-realists, just because they dream of that perfect drug or method or path?]

The difference between realist and idealist as I have seen today, is in believing. An idealist believes. 

I believe in God. I believe in Religion. I believe in the goodness of people.I believe in good deeds. I believe in happiness. I believe in all that happens is always for the best. I believe in me. 

How many of us really do that? Most will agree to the last, but honestly in their own hearts, do they? 

[But you have to understand God, Religion that I believe in is not the adulterated version of today. But what it is in its purest form, the form I have found. I will not go into that but save it for some other long post.]

Let me give you a stupid example but a profound one: Blogging 

No one knew my blog. Really no one. I also wanted people to read me. I didn’t know how to make people, and I didn’t bother. But I believed. I still don’t know how in one week, people I’d never even read came and followed my blog. My followers had gone up from three (my friends) to 20-odd.

Blog awards: I had done a tag and did it pretty honestly. I wrote “blog awards” in the things I look forward to and I got one immediately from a blogger in the US, so damned popular that I still don’t know how in her hundreds of fans she chose me, I hadn’t even known she read me. Now I get an award every other day. You’ll think it’s stupid but it isn’t.

Blog-a-Ton: I had written for the contest coming back home scant hours earlier. It is probably the worst written post I’ve done, technically speaking, but I wrote from my heart. And every one appreciated. It wasn’t because I wanted to win but be read. And that’s what happened. Tell me I didn’t get the recognition. and when I will want to win, I will.

I believe in the impossible. I believe in the best. I believe in perfection.

And these are not empty words, these are the facts of my life. No one has an easy life, every one thinks that he is worst off. But every one had their own share of losses and hardships. It is only in how you view life, live life, that you yourself determine what your life is. 

I have seen a mother lose her son;
I have seen a son carrying his dead mother, his shirt splattered with her blood;
I have seen a son whose mother hates him;
I have seen a mother being shoved down by the stairs by her son-
And I have seen them all reap what they had sowed.

I have had prayers answered;
I have hope resurrected;
I have faith, my faith in virtues, in life, in me has never wavered;
I have had ups and downs in life, I have lost many times- 
But I always have been a winner

“Always reach for the sky, even if you don’t get it, at least you will be with the stars”

I also had a hard time in my life. Very hard, if anyone knew the story. I learned from it and moved ahead, bits by bits, but I don’t attach importance to the time itself. As that is not the way I see life. Hardships are always there but the importance is in how you get out of it. It is only in how you view your life, is how your life will turn out. The saddest thing is people don’t believe in miracles that’s why they miss out on the reality of them.

[Does anyone know that your body (as a system) can go wrong in every step of any cycle (there are hundreds of cycles), but it rarely does. A disease, a disorder is the rarest thing to occur in a body (just imagine, in a person’s say, 50 years, he has a cholesterol problem, that’s a small one step in one cycle, the cycle that functions more than a hundred times a day in the body). Your body is the most efficient machine in the universe. Have you thought that your life is build up on lifeless molecules? What are these if not miracles? You’ll say it’s science, and I’ll say you cannot believe in science, if you don’t believe in the limitations of it. After all where science ends, philosophy begins.]

It had come very simply to me. Once I was thinking about how bad my life was, and looking at my friend and wishing, I wish my life was like hers. When she suddenly turned around and told me wistfully, I wish my life was like yours. 

Now wouldn’t you agree that I am a MisFit? 

And I call myself a Maverick because I am different but not wrong. 

The proof is my life.

Since you read this, let me tell you again, this is written solely about myself. You do not have to agree. These are truths of my life.  

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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