Does Crying Make You Weak?

Are there only black and white,
And never any shades of grey? 
Or is it just me who never can be right?
Or is it me, hard-headed and thick,
Who hurts the one who means everything?
Hurts the one who means the most?
And gets then hurt, wounded, bruised too.
I think I am no good-
Or may be just not enough…
Trying to be perfect and true
Losing it all, like the spin of a wheel
Am I pathetic or just undeserving?
Or is it just not meant to be me,
The harder I try, the deeper I fall
Into a crevice that’s all my fault?
I want the most, I want the best
But it never falls in with the rest…
I keep trying, and I keep trying
But at the end of the day, I wonder,
Am I not enough the way I am?

N.B. I had removed this previously, as I was writing about me and for myself, and was so off-base, a fact I understood when I mistakenly hit “publish” instead of “Save”, and read it on my blog page. But then i thought, why waste another piece of complex-conflict-made-more-complicated in Drafts. So here it is! Love, G. 😛

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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4 Responses to Does Crying Make You Weak?

  1. you are enough -you need to tell your thoughts that – they defnie you and how you feel about you is totally up to you!


  2. HaRy!! says:

    i tel my girl am not a cry baby…cos i cry to her all the time!


  3. Nethra says:

    We gotta be ourselves no matter what. Trying hard to be someone else or impress someone is what screws up everything.
    Anyway, nice poem. 🙂


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