#3 The Meeting

Another guest post (and MM is on a roll), the third in the Series comes from a very happy-go-lucky, always smiling, very patient (with the dumb me, at least), sweet and pretty blogger (fondly called) Raji of the blog, TAKE LIFE AS IT COMES, that speaks eloquently of her optimistic ways. One of my favourites for her simplicity, and yet intricacies in her beautiful thoughts, she’s got a winner for a guest post in here, making MM a third-time lucky? This one’s a thoughtful blogger and a smiling blogger and a beautiful blogger. Thank you, girlie. Love and Hugs, G.:)

Her long black hair blew wildly in the wind. She stood waiting, wanting and willing him to arrive. Her bright blue eyes stared across the water, looking at the tall trees which seemed so small in the distance. Her long waistcoat sat heavily on her shoulders and gently brushed against her knees. Her hands strained as she held the heavy briefcase which occasionally banged on her legs; making her wince with pain.

The everlasting sound of the water gave her chills as it washed to and fro constantly; every wave getting louder; every wave getting closer. The bare trees clinging onto the last of their leaves as the harsh wind ripped them bare. The sky seemed angry as dark, heavy clouds took over.

She shuffled her feet as the small pebbles made them ache. Taking deep breaths she glanced, again, at her surroundings. For what seemed like hours, she had stood in the exact spot he had asked her to meet him. Shutting her eyes tight she wished to be somewhere else; somewhere special to her.

Opening her eyes she found herself in the same place. Tears filled her eyes as she lost herself in the memories. This was the old lake where the sun shone and where she played as a child, but now it was a forgotten place where no-one went. She couldn’t understand how something so pure could become a forgotten memory, to be filled with misery and horror.

She thought of him and what he had become; with him, her life had turned dark.

Every second more she waited seemed a lifetime. The sky began turning darker and darker as night crept upon the unsuspecting day. The sudden ‘hoot’ of an owl made her jump. Taking a long deep breath she tried to calm her nerves. Her breathing slowed but her heart carried on beating rapidly in her chest and the nagging voice in her head telling her ‘it’s the end.’

A far off sound of a car began to approach, slowly and steadily, getting ever closer. Emotions rushed around her head. Doubt and fear took over, she glanced over her right shoulder, perhaps he hadn’t seen her. Maybe she could go and he wouldn’t find out.

For a matter of minutes she debated with herself. Making up her mind she began to turn around to make a quick exit; but suddenly jolted back as he was coming and he was almost there, the sound of the water had masked the sound of the approaching car, she couldn’t go now as he would see her and follow her. She couldn’t wait; within the next few hours she’ll be at home. Some where she felt safe, unlike her current surroundings which now she felt were built for fear.

As the engine turned off, the world around shushed; as if it was listening to them. The deadly silence made her hold her breath; it was as if the forest was holding its breath alongside her. This made her nerves escalate.

The door opened; the sudden chill of the outside air sent a shiver down his spine. He stepped out slowly waiting for her to turn and greet him. In wonder he shut the door behind him and leaving it unlocked he stepped slowly but always getting ever closer to her. The sound of the pebbles crunching under his feet echoed quietly around the trees. He held his head up high; unashamed he carried on.

She knew he was walking towards her; like she was his prey and he was getting hungry. The trees were each perfectly placed, to hide them from their many towns surrounding the forest. This intimidated her as no other living being was around; they were secluded away from everyone else; carefully hidden.

Felling his presence at the side of her, she daren’t turn to face him in fear of what he might do. She could hear him breathing heavily which made her fill with regret. She continued looking across the lake, waiting for him to speak. They both stood there not sure what to say to each other.

“H…H…” he stuttered. He cleared his throat and continued bravely “Hello. Thanks. No. Er… Thank you for meeting me.” Peeling his eyes from the view, he turned to look at her forcing a smile. When his glance reached her face, her troubled eyes still stared out not noticing the view but looking deep into thought. For the next few seconds they stood frozen to the spot.

All was still until she glanced down. He watched her long black hair fall down covering her face. Secretly she wept inside thinking of the past and of what could have been today, but now all she wanted to do is get rid of the briefcase. She pulled the briefcase up which caused her extensive pain in her arms due to the numbness caused from holding it; the pain showed in her face as she scrunched up her eyes and bit her teeth together.

He reached down and took hold of the briefcase. He could feel the cold leather touch his hand. She pushed it further towards him and dropped it into his hands. The sudden unsuspecting weight of the briefcase made him fall off balance as it pulled on his arms.

Her worries were over. She stepped away from him slowly as the cramp in her legs made her feel stiff. As she walked away she could see the trees clearer now and with every step she saw a different part she hadn’t noticed on the way here.

Upon reaching the opening of the forest she heard the sound of the car engine drown out the less quiet and less intimidating noises, which had previously engulfed her in horror. The pebbles below her feet soon began to thin down, revealing a mud track below. The track was wide making a clear cut through the forest; she noticed weeds growing through and the leaves and twigs littering the track. Occasionally the wind came and threw the leaves around like they were its toy, until it left suddenly leaving them slowly dancing to the ground. She kept to the side of the track where it was worn away and a deep indent was set. Walking down the track was difficult as it was uneven and big thorn bushes grew spreading onto the track. The sound of the car got louder as she moved herself around a large thorn bush, she glanced back.

The shine of the car made it stand out from its background. The black car seemed new, almost perfect, apart from the deep scratch running straight down the front from the front windscreen to the top of the number plate. The windows were slightly blacked out; making it hard to see him. Through the window she could see him; or rather just his shadowy outline. She looked at the shadow, unknown to her they were looking into each other’s eyes.

She turned around and continued walking. She wondered why he would bring his car down the smaller path; this was made for walking, the other path was terraced and had less overgrown bushes and trees.

The sound of the car was getting louder and this signaled to her it was getting closer. She turned around and gasped loudly. Pair of bloody red eyes were staring directly towards her. Turning, she ran. The pain in her legs disappeared within a split second. The speed of the car unnerved her. She looked left and right, looking for a way out. It was a cat and mouse chase and she was the mouse. She knew already it was at least a half an hour walk to the nearest bus stop to take her to the town. A sudden realization came over her. How could she out run a car? She stopped.

She gradually turned around; it was less than three seconds before it was almost upon her. She could see him more clearly now. Tears poured down her face and the world paused as she whispered “Bye”




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An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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22 Responses to #3 The Meeting

  1. Roshmi Sinha says:

    Hmmm. A sad, dark tale. Can we have some sunshine please… ???


  2. Miss_Nobody says:

    Very well written,I loved the flow of the story :)You would make a good short story writer 🙂 Would wait for a print version of this 😀


  3. @Guria: Thank you so much.. Thats very sweet and you are not dumb girlie.. :P:D:P


  4. Shilpa says:

    Wow!! That was such a live narration. Raji, you really got some great story telling skills. Thumbs up for you by my my side!!!


  5. Raji
    Vividly written transforming the readers into the misfortunate night….liked it Raji 🙂


  6. @Miss nobody: That is so sweet.. Thank you and i'm glad you like it.


  7. @Roshmi: Everybody move out so that she can finally get to see the “SUNSHINE”..


  8. @ Ali: Thank you. This enlightens me too!!:P


  9. @Shilpa: Thumbs up from my side too!! Because I took more than two days to get it perfect.. I hope it is.:P:D


  10. Guria says:

    I have said everything I should to you. And I am the one who needs to thank, not you 🙂
    As for the writing, the narration was fast and gripping. I pride myself on being a good narrator. But you girl have done better than ever. 🙂


  11. Guria says:

    Roshmi, I agree. 😀
    I am all about finding happiness. I am getting smiles of everyday life back in my next guest post… Watch the space! 🙂
    Love, G.:)


  12. @ Guria: Oh sreya.. that was very sweet!! you gave me goosebumps..


  13. Guria says:

    Raji;You are the sweet one, dearie! I love the way you react, you crazy girl! :~))
    Love ya, G.:)


  14. pRiYaN...! says:

    am spellbound with your narration and the last line ' she whispered bye' gave a great ending !!



  15. pra says:

    Very nice story! The mystery keeps you glued to it to the end!


  16. @ Priyan : I'll tell you a secre *That great ending was the ones you see in movies all the time* LOL.. Thank you


  17. @ Pra: I see that you were glued to the story..Thank you so much.. This means a lot to me!!:)


  18. Rajlakshmi says:

    wow what a story… emotional and the ending startled me… what a twist… well narrated.


  19. Hi Guria…

    AM reading u after manyy days I gues..sorry to have missed well written ones..have been away..

    And this one is soo respectful post of ur kind.. with an emotional ending ..:)

    Keep posting my dear..:)


  20. Full of suspense. Had read the post earlier but commenting late. A very nice post 🙂


  21. HaRy!! says:

    now thats tears indeed… I try to frame a story all the time but i always get freaky in the end!! need to get some lessons from yu guys…!
    cya around



  22. amazing narration !!


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