That Man She Met

He was with another woman when she saw him for the first time.
She was tentative and nervous from the very beginning. On entering the room, she knew she was right to be so. The room was full of beautiful ladies of various ages, sophisticated and completely at ease to be there and comparatively very few men. Compared to the women, she felt dowdy, unkempt and untried, even though she had as much right as them to be there.

She had known his name before she’d met him. She was asked to wait, “He’ll with you in a moment”, sing-songed the ever courteous staff. Well, business is business after all and public relations everything, she thought wryly.

She didn’t feel like talking much, trepidation of what was about to come had robbed her of polite conversation with the lady sitting next to her. Instead, she looked over the few men who were circulating, some laughing and talking with the women. She wondered which one of them was designated to her, with whom she had made the appointment without even the requisite introductions.

Suddenly, a tall, well-built and dark man dressed completely in black emerged from a room with a woman on his arm, laughing brilliantly. He was undoubtedly the best-looking man in the room. Every woman stopped to say hello to him. And, boy, was he a gentleman, greeting everyone.

She averted her eyes and looked around impatiently, wondering which one of the poor fellows had been allotted to her, and why didn’t he show up. Not in her wildest thoughts had she thought that he would be the one.

She was completely astounded to say the least, when he stopped in front of her, alone this time. She suddenly found herself the recipient of that dazzling smile she had been admiring moments ago. Her tongue got stuck in her throat. She couldn’t believe her fate that had brought that man in front of her.

Still smiling slightly, he motioned her to precede him as she stood up on shaky legs and went with him to his corner.

What followed was the singular most amazing experience of her life.

At first she had felt nothing but contempt about her friends’ advice to consult his services. She knew she was on rebound and still hurting from her boyfriend’s betrayal, that had made her feel so ugly and inferior inside and out. But that wasn’t reason enough to spend money on this, for god’s sake. But she finally had given in to her friends’ badgering and unwanted, continuous encouragement that he was the best, and booked herself for an evening with him.

He was expensive no doubt. But by the time he finished, she knew she was hooked.

He had the gentlest of hands, yet they were so strong, so sure and so able. He didn’t speak much, but his hands did their job. He was so protective, taking that extra care not to hurt her, going that extra measure to prolong her pleasure. He knew where she was ticklish and smiled at her uncontrolled reactions when he touched those sensitive spots. He instinctively knew just what she liked.

She had done it before, numerous number of times but she learned what it really felt like for the first time in her whole life. She had never felt so pampered in her life. When it was over, it was too soon for her. Her feet were still tingling and she was feeling all fuzzy inside. She had wanted it go on forever.

She didn’t hate to admit that her friends’ had been right. He was worth all the money he charged. She knew she would back again, no matter what it cost her. And any doubts and embarrassment she had before coming here was gone.

She felt beautiful after a long time, that single hour had got her lost radiance back. It was an extravagance she knew she could ill-afford but she had to come back. She knew she was addicted.

After she had paid to the woman-in-charge, she clasped his hand and whispered a hoarse ‘thank you’. He smiled as he looked deeply into her eyes.

As she walked down the road towards her home, her head in the clouds thinking about the wonderful time she had had, she wondered, how come all the pedicurists and foot-masseurs in all the salons of the world were not men.



N.B. Inspired from a recent trip to the parlour for a long-needed and pretty expensive pedicure and a brilliant brainwave! And with the lesson to all the women, the best way to get over depressions of any kind is to pamper yourself, girls! Go on a shopping spree or to a beauty salon… it works every time! 😛

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13 Responses to That Man She Met

  1. SiMbA tAgO says:

    oh my my my….excellent piece of write re.. seriously loved the way u explained it…. so was it a story or u really had a pedicure???? wtever… i appreciate the way u framed it…. kudos…..




  2. haila….full palti…ok liked the write up very much!!!!
    Sorry nasty thoughts had build up in d beginning…but then…it turned out hilarous…:D


  3. Thats great girl.
    i am glad that u re-posted it.


  4. Good for you girl!

    Now sit back and enjoy the accolades..


  5. pra says:

    Ha..Ha..Ha.. very good one! I liked it!!


  6. Neha says:

    hahahaha, damn hilarious…loved it…I could not have predicted this climax in my wildest dream…devil at work I must say…too good.. 😀


  7. Harini says:

    Hahahha…. I could have never predicted this!

    yeah! best way to feel good is pamper yourself 😉


  8. Jaunty anima says:

    Hehe…good one!!
    Had guessed the end halfway…but was fun reading anyway!!
    Keep writing gal!!


  9. though predictable.. it was a pleasure to read ! 🙂


  10. SiD says:

    This was the post…I first read on your blog and became a fan…:P


  11. Guria says:

    Jaunty anima

    Thanks, actually this is kind of an edited version of the original story.

    PS the Pratsie

    Thank you! Predictable that it will be something hilarious, I understand, but how also? 😀

    Hey Sid

    Hmm, I remnember! 🙂 🙂
    Thank you!! :))


  12. Amazing.. great one.. surprising and hilarious!!


  13. Miss_Nobody says:

    oooo I came to know you reposted this.How come its not showing on my updates?Great one!You let it build,whoa!:P


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