Getting Over

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I didn’t know what to make of her. I was not her best friend but her only friend amongst all of us. All of us had been strangers to the other whereas she and I had a history. We had known each other, if not intimately but for three long years. And that time had meant something if we hadn’t a lot to each other.

That’s why I was irritated and that’s why I was sad.
She had never gotten over the fact that she had been dumped and that the circle of friends while never denounced her, or even condemn her, they’d never condoned her actions. The respect the guys, and even certain girls in the know, had for her had slipped several notches.
It is difficult to respect a girl who’d use the state of intoxication and the physical craving of any male to play her game with her rules.
However, the state of intoxication never lasts, sometimes even the memory doesn’t. Guilt and rebellion follow each other. And it has only one culmination. If otherwise the farce continues, it is a pity for all involved, not to mention the misery bound to crop up.
But this was ancient history.
Today, she is happy. We think. I think. There were so many guys. In between. Or at least the efforts to lasso. One did accept without coercion, we joked. Not in good taste but we did. We had drifted apart after the falling out. Because others were uncomfortable and so was she. It happened as a result of everyone knowing what the real story was and the other protagonist being stubborn enough not to let go an inch! But the protagonist was the one wronged, so no one could go up and say, “Dude, give her a break!”
Today she is not single. Obviously. All her life she has tried to hook herself up with every single, eligible guy she met. But that’s not our problem. Never was.
My problem was when I was missing my friends and the friends were missing us back… when we were talking about things being “not the same anymore”… about being scattered all over the world and not being in touch, not seeing each other through days, through things where we were always together… Suddenly this disappeared chapter comes back to poke and quip out of the blue, “It’s about time you realized that.”
My pissed reaction was, “Girl, get over it! It’s way past the time!” It happened a long time ago, and you are licking your age-old wounds even today! Accept your wrong and get over the rejection (and which was not even by us!). Coming from a person who never understood the friendship, and only understood machinations to keep every person close to her and separated from the other, all her statement exposed was as if she was happy at even the inkling that we had drifted apart. It was that ridiculous! She was that hung up with what had happened. She had never moved on. And she was still looking back and cursing us because we had! She was as bitter as she always had been.
At first I was irritated. And then I was sad. Love for this girl was only the fact that she wasn’t single! And that was it. I did wonder if even she herself understood that. I felt bad for our other friend, the guy she is now with. And I wondered, what stories had she fed him? Has she deluded him the way she has deluded herself? Or is it him who is the only one ignorant and innocent in the equation. None of my business, but I still can’t help wonder…

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5 Responses to Getting Over

  1. Raj says:

    strange that. and just yesterday i talked to a girl who complained that noone loved here when she herself avoids intimacy.


  2. Aditya says:

    Thats a sign of lack of self respect. She tries to find that in the guys she tries to be with.
    I know its a sad feeling but you are better of without the company of people who dont respect themselves.


  3. “change is only constant thing in life”
    people change and so do we… i guess we should accept it and move on.


  4. Harini says:

    I know someone like that :).


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