#2 A Loser

I am supposed to write something about the next guest blogger of the Series of Guest Posts, and I don’t know what to say. My sweet ‘little’ friend, just like a sister and an enchantingly thoughtful writer, she surpasses herself everyday. I give you, Shruti of Hits and Misses, she writes to move you, completely and totally… Gave me a guest post in less than 24 hours of knocking at her Facebook door! If you don’t read her, from now on you always will. This one’s a beautiful blogger and a thoughtful blogger and a ‘tall’ blogger and a honey-sweet friend! Love you dearie! G 🙂

Hi Mom,
This is your elder son Aaryan. I hope you remember me. You may wonder what am doing. Mom, do you know anything about me? My friends tell me that ‘Mother is the only human being in this universe who nurses, pampers and supports you both in good and bad times. She is the one who showers you with unconditional love, care and affection’. I have experienced them till you gave birth to Nithin. It has been 24 years since I have experienced love, motherly love. Nithin was brilliant, fair unlike me. But he is not compassionate like me. I have been longing for your love. Dad speaks with me occasionally. But you care for Nithin always. Why mom? I have been a loser all through my life. But mom, till you showed your love, am first in everything. from sport to academics. When your love diminished my performance lessened. I faced failures. WHO WILL LIKE A LOSER?

I studied hard for all my exams and went to exam. But through my window i saw both you and dad waving to Nithin. I forgot everything I studied and wanted to hug you like Nithin. But you avoided me. Gradually Nithin studied well and got your attention. But me, on the other hand literally failed in all the subjects and became a dumb-head. WHO WILL LIKE A LOSER?

Once, I went to music classes that you organized. But later I learnt that the fees was paid only for Nithin. When I came home and asked you the reason. Mom, do you remember the reason? You said Nithin LIKED music. But you never knew, I LOVED music. Later when Nithin won a music competition, I was the no-hoper again. WHO WILL LIKE A LOSER?

Have you ever sat beside me and asked me the reasons for my worst performance in academics? I still remember the night when my XII result came. I got 74%. When dad was discussing about my higher studies, you told, “Honey, he is a loser. How much ever we spend on him, we will get disappointed. Instead if we make Nithin study MBBS he will study well and make us proud.”. Still dad persisted, “Lakshmi, we have to make Aaryan study too. We are his parents too”. A fight broke between you two and finally dad asked me to do BA in economics. I wanted to study Engineering. But I was afraid of losing the string of love you had on me. I wanted to finish the degree without arrears. But things had never fallen in its place for me. I failed again. WHO WILL LIKE A LOSER?

I was completely lost when you spoke with me face-to-face on my 22nd birthday. You told me that am a black mark to our family. You further added fuel to the fire that You are ASHAMED of being the MOTHER OF A LOSER. You finally asked me, “Aaryan, I don’t know why you are living and why God created you!”. If you had stayed there you would have heard the shattering sound of my heart. That day I decided to make you proud. I wanted to get back your love. Mom, though you love Nithin, you failed to understand that I LOVE YOU! I left house without informing you. But later learnt from my friends that you never bothered about that. Again I faced failure, this worse than everything. WHO WILL CARE FOR A LOSER?

That was the day, which turned my life upside down. I wanted to prove You, Nithin and everyone that I am not a Loser like you people think. I joined Indian Army as a Commando and rose to the post of Major. Now am Major. Major. Aaryan Bharadwaj. I am posted in, sorry, I was posted in Siachen Glaciers. You may wonder about the change of tense. Yes mom, you will be receiving this letter, the day I sacrifice my life for our country. Mom, in a few hours, they will bring in my body for performing final rites. I’ve one final wish that can be granted only by you. Mom, I don’t know whether you will cry for this LOSER, but give me a kiss in my cheek like the one you gave me before giving birth to Nithin. Mom please mom…
With hugs and Kisses to my dearest Mom,
Aaryan Bharadwaj.
Lakshmi’s hand trembled on reading this letter handed over by Commando Rajanth Singh (Aaryan’s best friend in Indian Army). When she saw her son’s body covered with the Tricolor Flag, she broke down completely. She cried so much and wanted her son to comeback alive – she realized her mistakes and understood her son’s love. But it was too late. He became a Hero for the entire country and they felt his loss. She caressed his soul-less body, kissed him and hugged him. The missed hugs and kisses were there, but Aaryan wasn’t there to embellish the moment.
With Love,

About Guria

An Artist in Science: A Misfit 'cause I choose to be one. "Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" And a Maverick, because, I'm... umm... brilliant?
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39 Responses to #2 A Loser

  1. Neha says:

    oh my, I dunno what to say Shruti…this was one amazing post… loved it..I don't think I will say anything else here, as it is going to be an understatement…



  2. Ekam says:

    I am speechless. Very touching. A tear just rolled down from my eyes. I hope no child in this world feels isolated ,devoid of his/her parents love.. That was very very good Shruti:)


  3. vEnKy says:

    A bit cliched story i should say


  4. To the you the truth, shruthi, I cried after reading it. I cannot really explain how I felt because I see my hands trembling while typing this comment. How we get lost in love? Any kind of love for that matter.

    Hats off to you and Jai hind!!!


  5. Guria says:

    Hey Venky

    Everything seems clichéd (especially if you are a reader, that too in the Blogosphere, for quite some time) till it really happens in life.

    Cheers ^_^
    G. 🙂


  6. Harini says:

    Wow! I really cant add anything further. This Aaryan reminds me so much of someone I know.


  7. How did the mom go from showing lots love and affection to her son to zero when she had another one, I didn't understand.
    Couldn't connect at all and found it hard to digest this post.


  8. RSV says:

    cudn't resist from commenting here…
    too good…
    rest u know..


  9. pRiYaN...! says:

    spellbound article…you have portrayed aaryan's thirst for mother's love in a elegant but powerful way…i love your choice of words !


  10. pra says:

    Loved the story Shruti! Wonderful!
    Good two guest posts Guria…They are both somehow related! have you decided that or it just happened?


  11. A very touching post Shruthi. Reminded me of Lakshya — love everything about that movie sans Zinta's hairdo 🙂


  12. Roshmi Sinha says:

    A very poignant story. Very heart touching indeed.

    PS: But… I'm not sure if the Indian army recruits anyone with poor academic grades esp. in the officer cadre. And BA grads too are not taken in. They recruit folks who have a good grasp in Maths/Physics. FYI.

    But… these does not take away anything from the story. I assure you.


  13. Guria, Shruti was a wonderful choice and your description about her writings are apt.

    Shruti! has proved that motherly love is imperative for the success story of her child (even when it lacks)…Good read


  14. aativas says:

    Could not understand the reason for mother not loving Aryan.. I am aware people just behave without logic in real life.. but there is always a deeper reasons…


  15. Bharathi says:

    very nice and touching story. You made me feel for a neglected soul. Good work Shruti. And thanks to Shreya (how do you like me to call, Shreya or Guria?) for posting it here.


  16. Neha says:

    @ Pra, nothing was decided…if i am not wrong, Shruti has not read my story as she is facing some problem with her net connection..good na, that way she could come up with an excellent story..:))


  17. Neha says:

    @ People, this is a fiction…the writer is at liberty to write whatever he/she feels like…enjoy the emotions and narration, why bother to look for real stuff in a fictional story…and if the fiction has to be real too, then all of us will hate Harry potter, twilight, LOTR etc., right? so chill and enjoy the journey..:)))


  18. Shruti says:

    Guria gave the answer I suppose 🙂


  19. Shruti says:

    Thanks a lot!! After posting it only I saw your story and was spellbound!! U are an awesome writer.. Great going girl! I really felt a lump in my throat after reading yours!

    Wish no child is neglected.. To be frank, growing up without mothers love is something which we really cannot imagine!


  20. Makk says:

    Emotionally flooded!

    I told you …some thing …some time back i you remember.


  21. Shruti says:

    Migh!! I was moved completely after reading your post and re-read my work!! Ty raji 🙂

    P.S : Guria, thanks for giving me this opportunity re!!


  22. Shruti says:

    Ahem ahem!
    Ty re 🙂


  23. Shruti says:

    Be happy that you haven't come across such Love-deprived kids. Cos, I really have seen such cases. THIS WORK IS NO EXAGGERATION! I think I should have gone in detail about the reason behind this entire thing.. But this being a one-sided explanation I left it for readers empathizing!


  24. Shruti says:

    “”This Aaryan reminds me so much of someone I know””
    Really!! But when we such people in real life, we cant even empathize them!


  25. Shruti says:

    Guria, he addressed this comment for you! Reply promptly 😛


  26. Shruti says:

    Thank you!

    For your P.S Read Neha's comment!


  27. Shruti says:

    Many thanks to you!!


  28. Shruti says:

    Thank you so much yaar!! Even I don't like zinta's hairdo in that film..


  29. Shruti says:

    Oye, thank you! And we didn't plan anything before… its a sheer coincidence!


  30. Shruti says:

    As I told harsha, I wrote just a one-sided letter and left the remaining for readers empathizing!


  31. Shruti says:

    That's a true compliment! Thank you so much


  32. Shruti says:

    Thanks for coming as a saviour! Cos I was blinking like anything for certain comments!


  33. Shruti says:

    Thank you!

    Sometime back to me or guria!!??


  34. Miss_Nobody says:

    That was a hit,really!


  35. Aditya says:

    Amazing. I aint got enough balls to comment on such an intense story written with so much heart :). Great work seriously 🙂


  36. Guria says:

    Hey Mohammed

    I am usually very late in replying to comments… I am sorry for that… Neha calls me 'a lazy bum' 'cause of that 😛 😀
    But, in every intro I have written for each blogger, I have tried being unbiased yet true to what I feel, without embellishments. So, thank you for noticing that. 🙂

    Cheers, G.:)


  37. Guria says:

    Aditya, hows work? It's a huge pleasure seeing your words on my blog, every time, buddy! Take care….
    Smiles, G.:)


  38. debosmita says:

    I totally loved this story.. Its very similar to one that I wrote; check it out at http://debosmita.wordpress.com/2009/11/07/if-i-were-a-baby-again/


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